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Hi. My name is Taylor Rosenbauer. I’ve been traveling all over the United States
to fingerboard competitions, demos, and I’ve appeared on MTV and just having a great time
with this really fun hobby. I’m taking a trip to Germany, competing at
the world championships for fingerboarding. Today I will be demonstrating finger-boarding. One very important thing when you first begin
finger boarding, is finding a Tech-Deck, or any fingerboard, thats right for you. The best place to start with that is with
Tech-Decks, because they’re relatively inexpensive and they have basically the main types of
fingerboards that you would get anywhere, just to get a feel for the different kinds. This is a wooden fingerboard, as you can see,
with soft grip tape on the top, its foam grip tape offered by Tech-Deck. And then this one, on the other hand, is plastic,
as you can see, with rough grip tape. And this wood one has a lot more shape, theres
a more concave and the kicks go up a lot more than the plastic one. Really, you can combine the two, um, you can
have a wooden fingerboard with rough grip tape or vise versa. And really just try out different types and
find out whats best for you, because in the end it really all comes down to personal preference. Tech-Deck usually makes skinnier boards around
28 to 30 mm, while other companies can even go up to 32-33 mm. As for the price of fingerboard, Tech-Decks
can go from, anywhere from $4 up to, I believe, $12, while other fingerboards, especially
ones made out in Germany can go up to $150 for even a complete.

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100 thoughts on “How to Pick a Tech Deck | Fingerboarding

  1. My son bought that fingerboards stuff:) and it has a good rubber bushing on each trucks. But it seems, the bushings on hs tech deck isn't a rubber is it?

  2. @PEZSkateVideos According to me this sport is popular amongst skateboarders. For example, I originally started skateboarding and then had an urge to fingerboard. So that is most likely the reason that people starte fingerboarding. Hope I answered your question!

  3. 150$ just for a fingerboard I'm a fingerboarder and now I'm sort of glad that I don't live in Germany seriously 150$

  4. Guys in dubai, in mirdif city center then fing the toy syore hamleys (it's a grand american toy store in us they ship some of their toys there) and ask to the helper fingerboard then the old one shoukd cause DHS 29 and the new ones are 39 dirhams the pack ones i dont know

  5. Im sorry but $150 for a wooden fingerboard? I can buy lots of stuff with that money rather than a piece of wood with wheels. (Not hating on fingerboards)

  6. Fingerboarding is not a hobby, is a sport… It's a challenge and a way to feel free…
    I love fingerboarding and I've spent more than 900 dollars buying set ups and I don't consider it a waste…

  7. And like she said I is not a wast paying that type of mony when you got bank like me but I spend 45,023 on some ramps from flat face an d black river and fingerboard and wheels and trucks and bearing I can spend a mother 45,023 rollers because I am richer than you suckers

  8. Actually he said it CAN go up to 150$ there are ones for things like 45$ if that's any better to you. besides i use real fingerboards not tech decks.

  9. $150 for a fingerboard dam nigga I can just buy myself a real whole complete board with that

  10. guys just check out the link for better fingerboard for 13 bucks! [ its made out of wood ]

  11. wait….what!!4dollars?!?! at philippines its worth 1-5dollars 1 tech deck well i bought a custom one..different size only other for 1 dollar with adrenlaine design and onther gor 3-4dollars and btw phl currency for php to dollar is 48php=1 dollar

  12. Love the kids saying "omg buy a real fingerboard" don't know when the rules changed but as far as I know, it's my fucking money and I can buy what I want. But I mean what's the point? 13 year olds nowadays ant accept the fact that people have hobbys and enjoy them.

  13. I recommend tech deck for beginners or people that can’t afford to spend 150 odd pounds on finger boards I hope this helps!!!!

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