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– Welcome back my woke friends. I am Jaron Lukasiewicz and
today we’re talking about how to move on from any situation. We’ll also have a meditation
at the end of this video to help you with that, so keep watching. (tv static) Moving on is not easy. There are a lot of negative emotions we have to deal with that make it hard and the situation might
be on our mind constantly. – Sometimes I just go
nut, like now (laughs) – But here’s the thing,
we always get through it. And the negative things in our lives always blossom into
something positive later on. – I’ll have to ask my
accountant about that. – So the goal now, which we’ll talk about, is to find ways to forgive, to change what we’re thinking about, and to be at peace. Now it’s tough, but in
order for us to move on we have to forgive. Forgiveness means giving up the hope that your past could be any different. It’s accepting that
whatever happened, happened. Not accepting that whatever
took place was okay, just that it happened. We’re giving up hoping,
holding on, wishing that the situation could
have been any other way than it actually was, even if it wasn’t the outcome we wanted. The past is done, and it
can’t be any different and the faster we can
accept that, the better. This is the time to feel your sadness so you can get over it and let it go. Cry if you need to. Talk to your friends about your feelings. Talk to me in the comments. Eat ice cream. And at the same time, go
to the gym and get outside. Definitely get off of
YouTube sometime today. – (screams) No! – And if you happen to be
getting out of a relationship, listen to breakup music and
cut off contact with your ex. And no matter what your situation is, do little things that make you feel good. I recommend face masks and candles. Check the comments. I’ll put a link to what I
have in my happiness kit. Bottom line, find ways to
make yourself feel good because that will put you
in a mindset for recovery. That’s where meditation comes in. Let’s recap real quick. In order to move on, we need to one, forgive and accept the situation. Two, do little things
that make us feel good. Three, meditate Now, for those of you who
regularly watch my channel you know that I’m a huge
believer in meditation and it’s literally made
for situations like this. A core takeaway from it is that we are just an observer of our thoughts, a separate object from
them, if that makes sense. All of these thoughts appear
outside of our control and we have the ability
to choose which ones we let stick around. So, if you’re thinking
about your situation over and over again, meditation
is the key to letting go of your negative thoughts
and feelings of depression. You should be practicing it daily, this ability of separating
yourself from your thoughts. So to get you started, I
wanted to introduce you to one of my meditations that
has helped a lot of people get over depression. Even if you don’t have
clinical depression, this is going to be
really helpful for you. Let’s begin by closing our eyes and just begin to breath and relax. (inhales and exhales breath) (crickets) There’s nothing else to
think about right now just place your full, undistracted
attention on the breath. (soft music) Even though our eyes are
closed as we sit here, notice that you can still see something. Try to let your mind
expand into this space. See if you can feel a
connection to the oneness that is everything in this
space and the universe. (soft music) I want you to repeat the
following words, after me. I am thankful. I am thankful to have a life. My focus is on helping people. Something amazing is about to happen. I am back to positive thoughts. For this last part of the meditation, turn your awareness on itself, to the object that is observing. (soft music) Giving this meditation has been healing. When depression creeps up, return your focus back to open awareness. And turn depression into an object. Then, let it fade away. (upbeat music) How do you feel? Let me know in the comments
if you have any questions about meditation and if
you want to go way deeper, I’ll put a link to the full meditation you just listened to in
the comments as well. Alright, remember the
three things you need to do from here in order to move on are one, forgive and accept your situation. Two, do little things
that make you feel good. And three, meditate daily. Thanks for joining and I hope
you feel better really soon! Don’t forget to subscribe because we’re covering topics
that will help you build a fulfilling life through
light worker principals. Learn more about that, and
our mission to help others on my website. Until next week, take care, and get woke! (upbeat music)

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8 thoughts on “How To Move On and Forgive Yourself 🌷 Law of Attraction Coaching

  1. Was unwillingly dragged into one sided relationship for around a year. Tried to make everything normal. More I tried, it get worser as other person was not ready to coperate. I was not ready to bear the pain of separation as the time was critical for me. But, everything ended with a bang. As he was inhuman. After realising it, I had to move on. I did. It was inevitable. But, same thought pattern disturb me on daily basis. I have to focus. It’s been three months. I stopped crying. But, still I can’t study with full concentration and for longer hour. No matter how badly I try.

  2. For some people they suffer daily… not for a week or once a month…. how can a person handle every single day the same torture mentally or physically? πŸ˜”

  3. Wish me good luck for my new Start …. i have faced too much struggles in my life . .&.bro m just 19…. Hope this new beginning will bright my present and future too….!!( Sry for my bad english i have to improve it ) Hoping for the best… ur videos are really helpful…..!πŸ™ŒπŸ™

  4. Today I am here just to make a commitment that from today just now I will have no negative emotions and will let it go all ………… a new start a new second begins let's start123 go

  5. I am married and so is he now. I am dealing with a past karmic relationship. We had 2 lives together, the last one was beautiful. Two month ago we both met accidentally and felt atracted like a magnet towards his soul. After he left I felt heartbroken without a reason. I felt in love with the Soul of a stranger. This is toxic and really want to let him go

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