How to Maximize Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S III | Pocketnow

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100 thoughts on “How to Maximize Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy S III | Pocketnow

  1. hey…!! i dont know whats wrong with my s3,when i lock my phone still my battery gets drain…soo if you can please help me out…

  2. When I charge my phone it takes forever for it to charge. And even if I turn off wi fi and all the app history it even drains my battery when I charge and I can't get full battery. Is this a phone problem or a charger problem?

  3. Awesome video …. very informative. Ty. I was looking for ways to conserve battery life using stock. Keep the videos coming.

  4. maybe someone here can help me, i usually only use my s3 for texting yet my battery drains ridiculously quickly. i do have a live wallpaper but my phone is normally in sleep mode. i only use it occasionally to check texts yet by the end of a school day (7 hours) my phone is down to 20%. yet my iphone 4 would be at around 40%. ive only had my s3 for not even a week yet so i dont think i need a new battery. somebody help!

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  6. Airplane mode uh?! everyone think this will defenetlly save battery, well it will… but not with the "sync" enabled… this night my battery drained 50%+ using location/google services while in airplane mode…well GPS was on, when I go out with GPS on and located all the time it doesn't consume that much battery… so for sure the "sync" feature drains alot!!

  7. @dcaipto rafael sounds like a battery problem might wanna get it checked at at your carriers store and see if they can check they battery life

  8. Dcaipito rafael or whatever your name is my phone used to take like 3 hrs to charge and it would only last like 4 hrs and it would upset me so what I did was I kept charging my phone when it was like at 80 percent and I would keep doing that and then now when my phone dies completely it now takes like 30 mins to fully charge and it lasts longer (: hopefully that will help u you it did help me a lot so try that

  9. Iphone blows s3 fuck apple it drains faster than galaxy at least the galaxy has HD I had a iphone 5s recently it was brand new it only lasted for 4hrs with the everthing off it sucked ass so iswitched to samsung amd I'm sastisfied fuck apple peace

  10. The best way to get better battery life is ALWAYS going to be to GET A BETTER BATTERY!!!!!!!!! I have a 7000mah battery in my S3 and it lasts a week!!!!!!!!! People might say that you have to sacrifice a case for an extended battery but that is wrong. If you go with a brand like zerolemon, you can get a otterbox like case with an extended battery!!!!!!!

  11. You forgot something….. turning it off saves battery too. I'm just kidding you, but thanks for the video it was helpful. I knew everything except for S-Voice. I hate that feature anyway. Thank you. Like added. 

  12. Trist dosent help me D-:. Because for some reason my operating system uses a lot more battery then my screen!!! Help me!

  13. The battery life on this phone absolutely sucks it's almost like buying a BMW with an escort engine inside of it we need battery life don't you understand what you're up against Apple is going to kill you guys

  14. My battery life was 65% I left my samsung S3 about 7 hours and I didn't even use the phone I just came back and saw my battery life was 2%

  15. when im at work i never us my phone only time i use it is on break and by 3 its at %40 i always turn off the data bluetooth etc still loses battery

  16. I find that clearing cache in manage apps setting, saves battery life aswell. Thanks for the vid..awesome tips.

  17. Mr Fisher, I love this phone and since I do many weather related things with my phone, I have done most of this but also bought another Samsung battery as a back up.

  18. I charge my s3 then take it out go to sleep, over night it went from 100% to about 40% plus everything is off brightness is on low i barely use it plus i have custom kernel and its down clocked any help

  19. Try Greenify excelent!!!!! And Green Power premium!! Best two apps. Whith the first you can hibernate the apps you aren´t use and whith the 2nd you can allways have on the wi-fi and the gps on cause the app torn of the wi-fi and the gps untill you unlock again you phone!!! Very very good try it.

  20. heloo i find your reviews amazing and helpful,i have an issue with my s3 brings a "callback error" message every time i open the camera phone,please help on how i can solve this

  21. My phone keeps turn off and I don't know why? And when I try to turn it back on, it said the power saving mode is enabled.I checked everything into my setting and i cant figure it out whats the problem with my phone and i need help!!

  22. Hello brother… i have been using galaxyvs3 since laat two months… But after the update of 4.3 its slows down my phone… I have also tried all your tricks and disabled some apps but still its lagy…. help me plzzz…… Thanx un advance 🙂

  23. One question that I wonder when I was using this phone for more than a year. If I turn off the WiFi in certain points will it cost my mobile data plan when I pay my bill money of Sprint or it's the apps I download that is costing the money for it even with WiFi on or off?

  24. Hopefully this video helps me save battery while I am using DU Battery Saver and the constant phone temperature being so shitty when I am trying to record a video perfectly without any buzzing noises.

  25. Thanks for your tips. I thought I would have to buy a new battery and if that didnt solve my Samsung S 3 issues, I would not choose a Samsung again – So thanks, I will use your tips and see what happens. Happy New Year.

  26. my phone charging was 74% when i was going to sleep at night. but when i get up at morning it drains to 4% so what is the reason behind it.plzz help me guys its a serious issue

  27. i bought a new battery and its still fucking draining fast and its pissing me off i have an ipod that can last 12hours but my samsung phone sucks

  28. I bought an extra battery and battery charger. i always have a battery plugged in charging. in the amount of time it takes the battery in my phone to drain the one on the charger charges full..basically i never have to have my phone plugged in on a charger

  29. Thanks so much for your video. We had massive problems with battery loss but following your tutorial fixed the problem straight away after reboot. Awesome work.
    Thank you

  30. When my phone boots up it says Galaxy S Relay 4G, whatever that means. I couldn't find some of the things you mentioned. Still, I have turned off everything I could find, but my battery has dropped from 100 to 75% in less than an hour. The worst offender (besides Screen) is Facebook, which is not installed as an App but as an Account. I have Sync set to "Off" overall, but I don't think that's helping. Yahoo Mail is syncing constantly and I can find nowhere to stop it.

  31. I have a theory, what if we disable the stock weather app, because weather app uses GPS and Internet all the time, what do you think?

  32. This might have been helpful if you went through these steps where a person could follow what you were doing. As fast as you blitzed through those screens and menus, this was a total waste of time.

  33. after a factory reset I turned everything onto disabled or uninstalled, I didnt need most of it. I have it like it was before the reset; but now on a 100% charge I get an hour and a half…. 🙁

  34. WTF is MrMobile doing here? I was trying to put some life back into an old Samsung and you appear. Looking slick as always.

  35. My Galaxy tab s3 has 3000MaH battery and with location on it still last Soo long but this vid is great for my cherry mobile flare s6 lite because it has 2000MaH battery!.

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