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What’s going on everyone you’re watching the Iron Gordon Channel thank you for being here Today I’m going to show you how to make a fairly inexpensive skateboard and then while doing so I’m gonna show you recreate Bart Simpson skateboard Let’s get in the project Okay. So first things first we got to do a little bit research on my man Bart here. Okay, Google. How tall is Bart Simpson? Those are blue. Okay, Google what size skateboard for someone who’s 4 feet tall? Come on Google I can’t be reading all day All right So I read half an article which makes me an expert now And it looks like maybe someone that’s about 4 feet tall should be riding a skateboard That’s somewhere in the ballpark of 24 to 28 inches long with Bart’s skateboard It looks like it’s kind of more reminiscent of an old school skateboard, maybe from the 80s or early 90s So we’re gonna go definitely with that style his skateboards got more of a rounded nose and a squared off tail So now that I got my pattern drawn out, let’s go cut it with a jigsaw. I Wish there was an easy way to flip it student well that was easy I went ahead and rounded over all the edges with a belt sander to get it nice and smooth That leads us into our next step which is gonna be removing the grip tape now I found that the easiest way to do this is if you can clamp the board down to something solid and Take something round like a big dowel or a broom handle and start rolling the grip tape off backwards It comes up pretty easy You can always warm it up with a hairdryer or heat gun first and that will help soften things up as well after the grip tape we’re gonna turn our attention to those out of the board and start scraping up all these old stickers and taking Off the old graphic now since I’m making more of an art piece hers as a functional skateboard I’m gonna strip this down to bare wood so that I can paint it have to come out to be a smooth finish if you’re Just making a writable board and you don’t care about it being that stuff and no big deal. You can skip this step Now once that smooth I’m going to use a little bit of filler primer to help fill in any of the remaining divots Now I think Bart’s board was green in the older seasons versus the newer seasons where it tends to be just a wood tone I’m gonna go with Green I think that looks to be a little bit more fun than just blank wood plus later on I do want to put a graphic on this board. So Green is gonna be a nicer background color than nothing once that’s dry I’m going to turn my attention over the grip tape now Bart’s board always has a stripe running down the middle of it I went with orange and green so what I’m gonna do now is take this orange a sheet of grip tape cut about a two inch strip out of it and That’s all I’m going to use. So that was money well spent then I’m gonna take this sheet of green Cut it right down the center and now I have 3 pieces of grip tape that I’m working with Now grip tape works. Just like a big uncomfortable sticker You start peeling off the backing paper and patting it down with your hand trying to not get any air bubbles underneath it and Then I’m using the orange strip to run down the middle width and then I’m gonna but my two green pieces up on either side Of it and give myself one consistent piece of grip tape across the entire deck Now the grip tapes laid down you’re gonna want to score the edge with something flat and metal like this screwdriver and then run along your new traced edge with a razor blade and Trim it to shape So, I went ahead and picked these generic trucks off of an Amazon for pretty cheap, but I know I wanted to paint them So I dismantled them scuff them up with a scotch brite pad and then clean them off with some alcohol. I Assembled this little paint station for myself then looking at some video clips of Bart It looks like he has teal trucks and a lot of the clips so I went ahead and doused these things with some of this rust-oleum satin vintage teal and Then once they were dry, I reassemble them with some yellow bushings and they came out looking great And for the next step you’re gonna need something thin and tokey and what we’re gonna do We’re gonna come through the bottom side of the board stab the grip tape and that’ll provide a hole for us to slip our hardware through Then we’ll be able to attach the truck to the board itself Remember that you want your kingpins facing each other on the inside of the board It looks like Bart uses the bigger old school style wheels, so I went with these fifty nine millimeter pink wheels I’m gonna pair those wheels up with some bearings to help press the bearing to the wheel I use a 5/8 inch socket because it matches the outside diameter of the bearing and it helps press the bearing into the wheel just a little bit easier Once the bearings are all pressed in you can then bolt them up to the trucks and you know what? I think it’s Okay, I absolutely love the way this thing looks but I do want to paint a graphic on the bottom of it and I’m gonna Save that for my next video. So if that’s something that interests you don’t forget to subscribe hit that Bell icon So you notified every time I upload a video leave me a thumbs up. Let me know what you think in the comments below Thanks so much for hanging out with me today Originally because that’s good English and I’ll try better next time

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34 thoughts on “How to make the Bart Simpson skateboard – DIY skateboard

  1. Skateboarding, the Simpsons, making stuff, and making YouTube videos. 4 of my favorite things rolled into one video.
    After you watch this here's skateboard themed painting I did

  2. jeez now I cant wait to see the graphics on the nxt video! it came out so great and so true , you did an amazing job man and I enjoyed the first part humor you too. Blue eyes… pfff 😁

  3. So I recently ordered the parts cause I would like to make my own, may I ask how long you made your board? I know you said 24”-28”

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