How to Make Money on YouTube and Quit Your Job — 5 Tips

– Online video and YouTube have disrupted the global economy, and
people around the world are quitting their jobs,
building their brands online, and creating a full-time
income with YouTube. So how do they do it? Well, in this video, I’m gonna
be revealing their secrets, plus sharing five tips on how to make money on YouTube, coming up. Hey, what’s up, Sean
here with Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video, and on this channel, we do
a lot of tech gear reviews as well as tips and strategy
videos, just like this one. So if you’re new here
consider subscribing. So, right now we are in the middle of an online video revolution. You’ve probably noticed it,
that video is blowing up on every social media platform. Social Media Examiner said that video is people’s preferred content
format of choice online, and YouTube recently
announced that there’s over 1.5 billion monthly
active users logged in watching content on YouTube. And, more and more people everyday are making a full-time
living with YouTube. In fact, they recently announced that the number of channels
earning over six figures is increasing over 40%, year after year. That is crazy, and so this
online video revolution is honestly creating new career paths that didn’t even exist a few years ago, and here at Think Media, we like to call these new school of
creators, videopreneurs. Because they are entrepreneurs that are using online video
to build lifestyle businesses and turn their creativity into a career. But, of course, people are curious. How do you become a videopreneur? Well, in a recent training, we broke down the five paths
of creating a full-time living with online video, and
so, let’s actually jump into that training right now, and then I’ll see you
right after the content. I kinda wanna go over, you know, what are the paths to
creating a full-time income with online video? And that’s where we wanna get you, and, you know, the reason
we wanna go through this is because, ultimately,
the online video space is pretty new, right? It’s not like being a doctor, where you know that you go to college, you get the degree, you check the boxes. It takes the time, but the
path has been set, right? But, talk about this
online video space like, whose defined it? You know, how do you define the path of really being a video influencer, or a term that we are
kinda talking about now, called a videopreneur, and I wanna talk about five different
paths of a videopreneur, and my question for
you would be, you know, which one are you on? And I think this will bring a lot of clarity as to, maybe,
what you’re already building, or possibly what you would want to build. So, you know, the five different paths. Number one, the YouTuber,
the social media influencer, and these, of course, are
like standard YouTubers. PewDiePie is the big,
most-subscribed channel, he’s a gamer. You see Liza Koshy on there. Koshy, she’s a comedian, or my friend, ItsJudyTime, does beauty. You know, social media influencers, these are personal brands, entertainers, and ultimately, people who
make a full-time living off of creating content,
if you go full-time. This is one of the paths
of a videopreneur, right? Well, there’s another path, and it’s the video producer/freelancer. So we’re talking about people and even people in our community, we’ve helped about 25 people go full-time, doing what they love with video already. And we’re on that mission
to help many more, and you on this call and on this training. This is Jaben, he’s been part of some of our other trainings now. So, he’s a video producer/freelancer. He does videos for real estate agents, even helps other influencers with videos. So he makes a living from video production while he also has his YouTube channel, he’s also building his side-hustle and he wants to do that more, but he’s doing video production right now. Jessie, she is from Unicorn
Film Factory, friend of mine. Again, doing video production, and that is how she is a
full-time videopreneur. Omar, part of our team here, also has a YouTube channel. He’s got a photography YouTube channel, he’s growing it, starting
to affiliate marketing, making side income,
but his full-time thing is photography and videography. So, one of the paths is, like, doing video production, maybe
starting a video agency, and one of the reasons I say this is because I believe you
could go full-time sooner by maybe adding some of these things to your skillset, to your wheelhouse. Like, if you’re already
creating YouTube videos and you level up your
skill of creating videos, why couldn’t you do some
videos for local businesses to maybe go full-time or
make some extra income? Why couldn’t you add some of these other disciplines to what you’re doing? Number three, these are the five paths of a videopreneur, is a business leader. Many of you probably
know of Gary Vaynerchuk. Originally, he was running
his dad’s liquor store and wine store, and he grew it from three million a year to 60 million a year, just doing mostly-free social media stuff. And what he did was, he started a show called Wine Library TV,
where he would sit down and taste wine, and it was
different than other shows, and he got really big in the
social media space for it. Today, he runs an agency,
but he’s not really a YouTuber he’s a business leader that leverages video
to grow his influence. Steve Penate, part of our
community, a real estate agent. He’s doing The Steve
Talks Real Estate Show, but his main business is real estate. This is kinda interesting,
Slyfox Family, friends of mine. They actually had an apparel line, Slyfox Threads, they employ their family. These cool shirts, like,
that are kinda for kids and families and moms, and they
started a vlog channel that, since then, has blown up,
but the reason they started it was actually to initially kind of help their apparel
business, and it did. So, it served both sides as they did that. Tulin, she does Beachbody
network marketing, fitness, and so it’s using video to grow an existing business. Number four, video and
social media marketer. So Heather, she’s here, she’s
gonna be training today. She has also got a YouTube channel, right, and what you’ll notice is
that you can be multiple, you can be on multiple paths. She’s got a homeschool channel, it’s growing, but that’s
not her full-time thing. Her full-time thing is
being on Team Kaenel, but as a video and social media marketer. So doing, you know, Facebook ads, doing social media, she
does a lot more than that. You know Billy Gene, again,
he’s not really a YouTuber, but he’s gotten millions of views because of paid traffic, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and he helps clients and local businesses do that. My friend, Jeremy Vest same
thing, he runs an agency. So this is like a content strategist, paid traffic, marketing freelancer, marketing agency, and you can work in the online video industry. So, again, one of the things
I’m so passionate about is that maybe the path you think you’re gonna go down, maybe it will be that, maybe it’ll be a hybrid of
that, maybe it’ll be different. But you can go down different paths and there’s so many opportunities
to work in the space. Like, maybe you’re never even on camera. Maybe you learn skills or
you go through our trainings, our programs, you learn
how to rank videos. You learn how to do
these different things, and then you start doing
it for other people. But if you love online
video, there’s so many different ways to get involved with it. And then, the fifth path
is, like, the expert. Maybe an author, coach, or speaker. Friend and mentor, Chalene
Johnson is on that path, of course, Tony Robbins. T.D. Jakes, pastor,
author of over 33 books. You know, these really aren’t,
like, he is definitely not a YouTuber, but he’s got his
YouTube channel, he’s got social media content, he’s
using online video to reach more people with his message, right? And Kimber Luna she was famous
’cause at 29 her businesss did a million dollars in one year, her first year in business. And she helps and does
coaching and online programs her own personal branding
and online business, what’s the point. The point is these are
people that are in the expert industry and their doing
video marketing, content marketing to grow book
sales, coaching live events and digital product sales. So I’d love to hear from
you, in the comments what type of videopreneur are you? What path are you on or
path do you want to be on. And maybe for some context
here’s just a quick overview of my path ’cause
ultimately one of the reason why I’m so excited
about grow with video and you being a part of our community. Is we banded all these different paths. We’ve actually been on all
of them over a long time by the way, you don’t
do all of this at once. But over the last really
decade we’ve been on the different paths so no
matter which path you’re on I’m convinced we can help
you get results and grow with video faster because we’ve been there we’ve done it, right? And so originally I started
video in 2003 at my local church just volunteering
but by 2009 I started a business and I was doing video
producer freelancer though. Then in 2010 like many of
you I started a side hustle YouTuber but it wasn’t
full time off of YouTube and there were YouTube ads
and affiliate marketing but I started generating side income. Started building it on the side. 2011 I moved into the
video and social media marketer path working
for a church at the time. And doing Facebook video’s
and the YouTube channel and all those things,
so I was learning those different skill sets and that’s
what I was doing full-time. Then by 2015 full-time
YouTuber and then as we grew moved kind of into the
business leader as we designed products and the
expert industries were speaking and coaching, consulting. We have a book coming out next year and a lot of cool things. And so again have been at different times on different paths and one
of the power points here is that the disciplines you
kinda of learn in each of them. Because the best practices
are sort of the same in all five paths, however certain
paths know different things like mastering Facebook marketing. An learning the nuances of
social to get more views. Sometimes an entertaining
YouTuber might not even know that stuff, they
rest on just the skill set of their charisma and their personality. But if you add those
other things, you could take things to a whole other level. The skill sets the discipline
of all the different areas will ultimately help
you go further faster. So make it a goal to master
the skills, disciplines and best practices of all
five videopreneur types. All right so I hope that you
found that training helpful and I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below. And actually if you would like more training like that coming
up soon I’m doing a free one hour master class teaching
the best strategies and new tactics for crushing it on YouTube today. This master class is going
to be covering principles that I’ve learned from
interviewing over 100 of today’s most successful videopreneurs. As well as the lessons I
learned from a business around my lifestyle
personally with online videos. So again if you’re interested
in that free masterclass just go to
and we’ll also post the link in the YouTucbe
description below. Question of the day
what do you think about the five paths that we talked
about for videopreneurs and which path are you on? Let me know in the comments section below. So thanks for checking
out this video, subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you wanna register
for the free one hour YouTube master class just
click or tap on the screen right there for another
video from think media just click or tap the screen right there. Until next time think media
is bringing you the best tips and tools for building
your influence with online video keep crushing
it and we will talk soon.

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