How to make a Toy Insect Robot

Hello there. This video is about how to make a very simple insect robot. You need a mobile phone’s vibration motor. one LR44 battery holder, one LR44 1.5 volt battery one general purpose PCB, and his
pins that is jumper pins. if you apply 1.5 volts across this vibrator, it starts vibrating. Like this. now we are going to connect this
vibrator the switch and the battery in series we are going to solder that in this PCB you fast solder the holder, the battery holder then will solder the vibration motor, then we will connect the wires in series with the battery and the jumper now we will put the battery, and once we put the jumper, it will starts vibrating and that will create a random motion and the PCB starts jumping here and there. now we are going to add 4 resistors to make the legs. We will solder 4 corners , 4 resistors. that’s all. The moment you put the jumper in the current will flow as the circuit is completed. and it will move around randomly. Just like a small insect now we solder two more resistors. So there are total 6 resistors. Now you can see how smoothly its moving like an insect, the
motion is random it’s a cool easy robo toy of you enjoyed. Try is your self.

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100 thoughts on “How to make a Toy Insect Robot

  1. If you add a R/C balance distributer that will put weight on different sides of the robot and tilt it towards the specified direction of the controller.

  2. hi, can you please tell me if we solder the vibration motor wire to jumper too or not? is it jumper pin is the same as jumper wire>? sorry im new to technology

  3. and one more thing, when we solder the wire with the veroboard, we just solder anywhere on board or we have to know where to solder in? thank you

  4. ……How about dressing up the robot, like stretching a rubber spider body over the robot? A soft rubber one at that. Or paper Masha or any other material. Just a wild thought…lol.

  5. Cool little toy. But Is this really a robot? I mean. It has no reaction to the environment on any level.

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  7. sir can you told me why we need to add resistance in a mosfet or speaker to active the circuit. please give me this valuable explanation


  9. nice one…. pls include subtitles for this video. you know we had different accent in speaking English… thnx

  10. Is it compulsory to use resistors as legs. Can we use wires instead or anything else? Plzzz reply want for school exhibition

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  12. please show us how to add sensor for it so that it does not fall from top of the table andit detects the objects or obstacles

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