How to make a pair of jeans

Don´t forget to copy the waistband too. You can draw the pockets on the final pattern and use your hand to look if it fits. Make sure that the measurements of the pattern are the same(or 1-2cm bigger) than yours. Control the thigh width, the crotch(has to be even) and the waist! Usually the seam allowance is 1,5-2cm, add the overlap to the front part(just for the left) Make a sample first to try out how the denim works with the underlining you chose neaten the sides and the front pockets Close the pocket pouch Making the underlap, usually 13-14cm Sorry, forgot to film the first part. Basically you sew the Zipper on the overlap(exact on the seam and the waist at the top) Then attach the underlap, exact on the seam you just made neaten This part is for pining the overlap and fix the little hole that emerge when you close the crotch area(The hole should be between the zipper and the seam) Iron the seam allowance on one side a make a seam(or two if you like) This part sew carefully, because the layers are very thick The best option here is to measure your original jeans and place the back pockets exactly like them Make an additional seam to make the pockets more solid Iron the waistband first, it is easier to attach to the waist Do not forget to measure the button before sewing the button hole πŸ˜‰ Try not to cut the hole or just a little, instead use a pen to stretch it out Sew with a zigzag stitch! Gloves are a must!

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