How To Lay Deck Tiles Fast! (DISCONTINUED)

How to install Cali Bamboo’s composite
deck tiles. Bamdeck™ composite deck tiles are so simple to install you can snap them
together in just a few minutes with no tools required however if you do need to
make a custom cut to fit an irregular space it’s best to have a circular saw a
chop saw or a jig saw a tape measure and pencil and safety equipment like gloves
a dust mask eye protection and earplugs. Before you start, make sure you’re
working on a hard surface that’s clean and flat with no more than a 2% grade.
Measure the area to ensure the last row of tiles will be at least 3 inches wide
and check to make sure all gates and doors will have enough clearance over
your tiles. Start laying the tiles in rows and make sure they fully snap together
on all four sides. If you’re creating a pattern, is a good idea to take a step
back from time to time and check your progress. If you have to remove a tile,
simply grip it near the locking mechanism and lift up while holding down
the surrounding tiles. If for any reason one of the panels detaches from the
black base, do not try to force it back together as this can damage the prongs
of base. Instead carefully insert a flat headed screwdriver into the locking
mechanism on the underside of the detached panel and bend the prong gently
inward on both sides while simultaneously applying pressure until
it snaps back into place. You can use a handsaw as a tile needs to be trimmed, but a
motorized circular, chop or jigsaw with a carbide tipped blade works best. When
cutting remember the tiles cannot be less than three inches wide. For curved
or shaped cuts it’s a good idea to cut a piece of cardboard to use as a guide. And
you’re done! Remember to hold on to any extra tiles you didn’t use just in case
you ever need a replacement. It’s a good idea in general to try and keep your
tiles free of debris and not drag heavy objects across them. For other care and
maintenance, follow the same tips recommended for BamDeck™ composite
decking found at We’d love to see your work! Send in at least
four nice photos of your deck tile installation, and you may be entered to win
some awesome prizes in our project of the month contest.

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5 thoughts on “How To Lay Deck Tiles Fast! (DISCONTINUED)

  1. I have a deck that is structurally sound but looks awful. Could I install this product on top of the deck I already have?

  2. I want to lay deck tiles over my concrete balcony. Will these stay put when the wind blows? How are they anchored?

  3. I want to put some of these down, but I need a flat surface first, rather than just dirt. And I need to do it quick, not necessarily a quality job lol. I'm thinking of getting 2 x 2 concrete pavers and just laying those out level, then putting these tiles on top. Or, maybe I'll do a wood deck after all, with these on top, I just don't know LOL.

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