what is one on YouTube steep day here
today and today I’m going to be doing a video on 14 steps on how you can afford
or how you can get to your dream vehicle by the age of 20 I’m kind of what I did
and kind of the goals I said and the tasks I sent to get there so I’m gonna
do a 14 second is the most important in the process of kind of getting your
dream vehicle and we’re gonna go over all those steps in just a moment but
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get to the video Oh step number one are you in college so
the reason why I start with this is because when you’re you know when you’re
starting to kind of realize what you want to do you’re I mean nobody really
ever figures out what they want to do some people do and God bless you if you
do but let’s just start with are you planning on going to college are you in
college right now and the reason why this is step number one is because it’s
kind of the most important when we’re talking at you know this age and
typically most of the people who are gonna be watching this video are
probably gonna be around you know 18 to 20 years old maybe 21 years old and
that’s the age of where you’re in college so either whether you’re getting
a diploma degree whatever it may be or whatever kind of program you’re in it
varies so that’s a huge thing and the reason why it’s a huge thing is because
college is not cheap huge financial like draw like you can piss a lot of money
into college and it’s not a bad thing don’t get me wrong but it’s gonna play a
factor in these steps and I’m gonna also explain kind of two different paths
throughout the steps on whether or not you know this video can be also could be
people are on college I’m in college I was able to get my dream vehicle so I
mean please do watch the video and don’t be
discouraged just because you are in college that’s why I started with this
first step because it works if you’re not in college and maybe easier for you
depending on the kind of job you’re in or situation that you’re in right now so
that’s step number one step number two do you have a job this is the most
probably important step because you need money to pay for the car if you don’t
have the money to pay for the car then I mean you can’t afford the dream vehicle
the reason why it’s called a dream vehicle is probably because it’s quite
an expensive vehicle and that’s where step three comes in so we’re gonna hop
right into step three step two and step three kind of playing together and
reason why step three plays into this is because what is your dream vehicle step
three is what is your dream vehicle and why is it your dream vehicle and when I
say you know I know there’s gonna be a person who’s watching this video and
it’s not just one person there’s gonna be several and I know this because it’s
not just anyone’s dream just one person’s dream car it’s everyone’s
everybody wants a Lamborghini everybody wants a Ferrari it’s all of
our dream vehicles I understand that I’ve been in that situation you know I
want to but the thing is is is it really your dream vehicle or is it just because
of the name that you’re jumping at it and the reason why I’m gonna kind of say
you know if you’re one of those people want some Eclair and/or her you know a
Bentley or something like that where it’s gonna be high up there in price
I recommend maybe you know stepping back a bit and really really value a ting
your goals and the reason why I say that is because it’s tough it’s not easy on
now am i saying is it unrealistic not really it’s realistic it’s a great goal
to have I’m not saying don’t have that as your goal but is it truly your dream
vehicle like most of the people who watch my videos are truly car people a
lot of people when you’re a car person you like something like this right 68
Dodge Monica that’s a cool car to me right I mean I’m a car guy I love I love
classic cars that’s kind of my dream vehicles we’re always classic cars so I
mean you might be different you might be into the high-end stuff I don’t know
I’ve unfortunately though a lot of people say that you know these
name-brand vehicles is what is implanted into your head and you know is it really
a realistic goal could you live with just having you know
something like zo6 Corvette or a Grand Sport Corvette or a zl1 Camaro right
could you live with something like that moving on to the next step step 4 do you
live on your own this is another huge financial draw from your bank account
because now if you’re living on your own and what I mean by living on your own do
you just live separate from your parents now the most people – at this age live
with their parents and that’s why it can be sky Navis earr for you if you do
because you don’t have to pay for a mortgage you don’t have to pay for rent
now if you’re in college you may be paying for let’s say you know resonance
or you may be paying you know a landlord for rent when sharing a place with a
bunch of people maybe an apartment who knows so there’s different situations
and I understand that there’s this different situations that people are in
again if you’re in college and you’re also staying there at campus or
somewhere nearby there because it’s too far from your home to commute that is
money again being pulled from your account
are you commuting how much does your commute cost are you planning on using
your dream vehicle as your commuter if you are you’re gonna have the factory
and a few other things which we’re gonna get into down in the steps later on and
that’s why step number four is pretty important – right because your parents
can play a huge role into this in helping you out eventually um if you do
live with them like I said you have less expenses and that’s where number five
comes in is do you have credit and because you do live with your parents
you may have never needed to really pull out a loan for anything now do you have
you know student loans do you have credit cards I know I you know that this
age you know that I’m at I have a lot of friends you know that they have a lot of
debt because they’re in school they don’t have a job like how much debt have
you piled up and if you’ve piled up a lot of debt and you haven’t been paying
your credit cards it’s gonna be very hard for you to get approved on a
financial long or on a lease so if you’re in that situation you may have to
pay for this vehicle in cash right so there’s a lot of factors that are going
to play into that so if you’re you know not in university yet in your you know
just 17 or 18 and you’ve just gotten a credit card make sure you pay it in full
make sure you’re you know only using maybe a hundred to two
bucks at a time whatever you can afford to pay off in full still be financially
reasonable just because the bank approves you of a thousand dollar credit
limit on your credit card doesn’t mean you go use the entire thousand bucks
it’s not really your money to use you have to pay it back to them and that’s
where I think a lot of young people make the mistake unfortunately so that’s kind
of my thing on you know credit and student loans I understand you know some
people unfortunately don’t have the time with schooling and everything to have a
job and that’s why you know do you have a job with step number two because you
have to make sure that you have a job in order to afford this vehicle if you’re
just piling up on loans it’s gonna be very hard for you to achieve a goal like
this to have your dream car at 20 and you’ll probably have to you know start
figuring out how you can pay off your loans first and then you can start
focusing on what I’m gonna talk about in the next few steps so a credit huge
thing have you put a lot of money you know to paying off your loans and stuff
and you’re in good financial situation or have you just let your credit pile up
and now you’re pretty in that that’s a huge thing so make sure you you know you
do realize that and you talk about that with a few banks and stuff and figure
out your credit score going we have Credit Karma here in Canada and I think
you guys do too in the u.s. that’s pretty popular to use it’s free i think
i think Equifax gives you a free membership as well for like a year or a
month I can’t remember there’s a few different credit bureaus that you can
get a free check without it hurting your credit score so that’s step number five
step number six and this is why this one’s gonna fall right out there step
number six are you leasing financing or paying for the vehicle in cash when I
say in cash I don’t mean like physically you have to go to the dealer or to the
private seller and give them cash I’m saying like can you pay for it with the
money that is in your bank account and direct deposit it to the wire the money
to them give it write a check for that vehicle that vehicle is $80,000 all-in
can you write a check for $80,000 all-in and that’s the hardest thing to do at
this age is to save a baby thousand dollars that’s a lot of money so that’s
why as well you know when you’re thinking about your dream vehicle you’re
probably gonna end up having to finance at or lease it and I mean I’ve done my
pain on finding I’m gonna do another video probably more in-depth
Leon finance and Leasing at this age I mean if it’s your dream vehicle and
you really like you’re probably gonna want to keep it for a while so you
probably be finance better which I’m going to get to in the steps next so now
after that step number seven can your parents help I don’t know there’s gonna
be a lot of slack for this part because there’s a lot of kids well that I grew
up with when I was in high school who you know as soon as they could drive on
their own or even before they can drive on their own the parents already had a
car bought for them I went to school with a girl who her parents bought her a
brand new Rubicon Wrangler I had a nother friend of mine who had a
brain on three of those parents bottom this gets you nowhere personally in life
and as probably most of people watching this video you unfortunate you don’t
have a parent like that was gonna – oh you know thousands of dollars for you to
have a brand-new vehicle and when I say brand-new vehicle I’m not talking about
a Mazda 3 or a Honda Civic unfortunately I’m talking about cars that are pretty
up there like BMWs Mercedes and that are high up there in price we’re talking
like $40,000 plus and that’d be hard for you to swallow as you know understanding
data you know some kids are very privileged it’s got Iceland but
personally it gets you nowhere in life you know just being spoiled I guess all
the time it won’t get you anywhere in life and you know doing that on your own
and getting your dream vehicle on your own will means so much more to you and
you’ll appreciate the car so much more um you know like if you pull up with
this next to the light out with the kid with them three I guarantee you you know
you’re gonna appreciate this car way more than appreciate or a sorry way more
than he appreciates his car it’s just it’s just my opinion I’m sure a lot of
people agree with me on this part it’s now and that’s why when I say can your
parents help I’m not saying can they buy the whole vehicle for you can you guys
go 50/50 on it can they give you maybe a thousand bucks 500 bucks anything you
know can they help you out can they help you find a job things like that right
that’s the thing about parents and reason why I mention them so much in
this too in this part is because you’re probably living at home or you know
you’re still after college after you’re done residency or whatever you
go in the back home and leave me with time so again if you have a place to
live with your parents at home and you have no mortgage paid for you have no
rent to pay for and really your only bills would be a car then you know this
helps you a lot and that’s where parents come in into huge play and like I said
some people aren’t fortunate enough where their parents can’t help them out
but at least if you know you do have your statement with that and not at
school residency or not paying rent somewhere you know helps you out a lot
so that’s step number seven step number eight after you have a job and
everything this is huge is I tell people all the time and I and I learnt it from
someone he’s a teacher he’s a very successful teacher he makes quite a bit
of money as a teacher but he told me he said no matter what you can’t settle and
be satisfied with what you have you may have your dream job you may like what
you have but here’s the thing is you can’t settle for it and the reason why
is because you never know what could happen unfortunately you know there are
recessions there are things that happen with governments where you may lose your
job where the business might go out of business you never know
so side hustles that’s number eight side hustles are extremely crucial in this
business and in the world in general is it’s really business because it can
generate you maybe just an extra $500 a month
a thousand bucks extra a month if you’re you know that could be just what covers
your car payments you know that side hustle and everything else is just your
spending is your spending money you know and that’s the great part about having a
side hustle and I always tell people if you can have a job and a side hustle
that can pay for your vehicle then you’ve done it the right way and that’s
why I side hustle is kind of really key here don’t get me wrong you can afford
your dream car with just one job it’s a good paying job especially if you’re not
in college you may have found a good job right off the bat and that’s why you
didn’t go to college it’s very popular I have people that are very successful
that just went straight into it but they don’t have a side hustle I have a friend
he drive he didn’t he’s 21 years old he bought a 2ss a 20-18
brand-new now and you know he works construction he’s very successful he
makes over $30 an hour there’s very well he dropped he drives his dream vehicle
you know he drives a Camaro 2ss that’s awesome you know what I mean and and
that’s a totally fine path to go down there’s nothing wrong with that but a
side hustle can give you that reassurance where it’s like you know
what if something does happen listen at least my car payments are paid for by my
side hustle and I’m not now gonna you know fall behind on my payments or not
be able to pay for the vehicle it’s a great thing to have and it could end up
being your only financial income and you may even leave your job for your side
hustle it happens very often and you don’t need to have just one side hustle
I mean you know a lot of people get discouraged because their side hustles
making them only 5 bucks a month I know I’ve been there I’ve done it and I know
it’s discouraging a lot but the thing is is that you know what get another two
three side hustles maybe between all you know four side hustles you’re gonna be
making 200 bucks a month that’s a start you’re not gonna start making huge money
from a side hustle right off the bat but eventually those three four side hustles
could make you $1,000 a month and if you keep up with them then that’s great
especially in college there’s a lot of things for side hustles you can do you
can do tutoring I know a guy who actually you know he works part-time as
a Supercuts and then he cuts students hair
for cash and he charge them a lot less you know it’s a smart idea because you
know some students don’t have the money to afford wanting to pay for a thirty
twenty dollar haircut so he charges them who knows like ten bucks fifteen bucks
it’s worth it for him to be doing that it’s a side hustle it’s something you
know there’s a lot of ways to make money online and that’s where number nine
comes in investing huge thing to do online there’s so many ways you can
invest your money online now when people think of investing everyone thinks of
stocks and now cryptocurrencies Ping’s stay away from from that getting
caught up into that because you can really get caught up into it and it’s
just overwhelming and a lot of people give up right away this is step 9 it’s
kind of the point we’re in this all of these steps a lot of people will give up
and I’ll tell you why because I’m sure that everyone’s watch this video has
looked into investing as I given up or it’s too worried about the risks this
and that so when I say that invest in yourself invest in something
that you can do invest in your side hustles invest in things that aren’t the
typical thing that everyone’s investing into and there’s so many things you can
do ecommerce websites that literally cost you nothing to do and again that’s
why I having a job you know it can pay for having these investments and they
can pay off and gain either make a side hustle for you or if you are there’s
nothing wrong with investing and saw in stocks and currencies and things like
that but typically it’s it’s a lot harder to make a quick profit like that
on a quick turnover unless if you’re taking high risk don’t mehron there is
ways again it may overwhelm you though so my opinion you know do your research
on what you can invest in for yourself and what can help you get to that point
of what can help you afford this vehicle and now that’s what I mean now step 10
is what how much is it gonna cost for you to afford this vehicle are you gonna
need a down payment are you going to be leasing it how long do you want to
finance it for how long do you want to lease afford do you think you’re gonna
be able to pay for the car and cash are you gonna be buying you know a classic
car like this and restoring it or doing work to the car how much is the work to
the car gonna cost that’s what you got to figure out now this is a huge crucial
step because this is where it’s can help figure most of you are gonna be
financing the vehicle I’m gonna tell you why because it’s gonna be the hard to
get the cash together I understand that and Leasing usually requires a pretty
big downpayment people I’m telling you right now don’t get caught up into them
so the great part about finance is most time you can do zero down most of the
time you can find especially on the cartegena be looking at depends again
what kind of car with time in a month it really it varies are you gonna be able
to do the payments with the amount of income you’re getting in monthly and
this is where side hustles are crucial a side hustle that I did for myself was I
started an e-commerce website I and it was all e-commerce websites of stuff
that I’m into I started just selling products that I know about so you know I
I’m into cars so that was one thing that I did I have three side hustles I guess
you say YouTube was one I love cars I’m in the car business we’ll start doing
YouTube videos worked out good you know make a little bit of money there that
kind of covers the insurance and some of the car payments now
sorry about that guys for some reason the cam my GoPro died yesterday so I
apologize for that you’re figuring out your payments now at this point more the
cost of the vehicle and again what I’m trying to tell you is if you can get
your side hustles to cover whatever you know the payment amounts you’re starting
to see that you’re starting get from your research then you’ve really got it
set the right way in my opinion and now as well insurance and gas is a huge part
and that step 11 I can’t expect I can’t explain how much or how important this
part is and a lot of people overlook this when they’re looking at a vehicle a
lot of people go it’s only you know 300 bi-weekly I can afford that that’s not a
problem but don’t forget what if your insurance is $300 a month that’s a lot
of money that’s a huge chunk of money and especially when we’re talking at
this age you know when you’re 18 to 20 years old or 21 years old probably until
you’re about like 23 24 your insurance is pretty expensive compared to let’s
say the average person so you know you do have to do a lot of research in this
as well shaf insurance companies huge I’m sure you know your first quote won’t
be your best one in might but it very rarely is just because maybe your
parents are with a certain insurance company doesn’t mean you have to go with
that insurance company shop around and see what there is out there and now gas
another thing most people you know are you gonna be like I you can’t care about
gas when you’re you know buy your dream car having said that if you know you are
on a budget and it’s gonna be your only vehicle you have to factor this in
especially if you are using it for commuting to work or to school how far
is your commute are you stuck in traffic a lot if you are you’re probably gonna
waste more gas being stuck in traffic things like that factoring hugely and
your daily route is a huge thing when you’re talking about your dream
car and not only that I mean how much wear and tear you’re gonna be putting on
this car is this car D gonna be reliable enough to be driving daily is it going
to be a all-wheel drive car rear-wheel drive car this is all stuff you have to
factor in at this point when you’re getting into it but most Keeley is
usually insurance in gas because that’s what’s gonna be costing you and most of
the majority of the money when you’re buying this vehicle this is the hardest
step from in my opinion for most people step 12 is hard because it’s to stay
motivated after the last 11 steps now you have to all of a sudden stay
motivated throughout all of that and figure out a way to keep you know to
keep making money to keep trying to hustle and make my enough money to get
your dream vehicle and you know that’s not that easy to do and I understand
that and it’s very hard you know like I said to find things to stay motivated I
was talking about it when investing your money especially when you’re looking at
you know trading stocks or you know doing currencies and things like that
you’re it’s hard to stay motivated throughout those things it’s hard to
stay motivated if you’re only making a couple bucks here and there from a side
hustle it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re seeing the price of the vehicle
that you want right and again that’s those are all all of
those stats coming to play with this one because this is the most key part if you
can stay motivated throughout all of that and still look and only see your
dream you’re gonna get to the next step and that’s step 13 is make sure you love
the car and this is why it’s so key if you love this vehicle you are not going
to be able to stop staying motivated if you all the sudden give up and this is
not maybe you’re just not that in love with that vehicle if you truly love the
vehicle I know you watch if you watch all the youtubers who you watch and they
have their dream vehicle at a young age or at any age and they explain to you
you know how they got it it’s probably been their dream vehicle for a long time
I know there’s tons of people out there you know who they talk about Oh
I’ll use an example oh there’s a challenger right let’s say in 2008 when
the Challenger came back out probably everybody wanted an srt8 maybe that
person all the way now 10 years later can finally afford a challenger and
guess what he can afford a Hellcat how much more excited is he about getting
this Hellcat probably now and how much more happy is he that he’s getting a
Hellcat and not an SRT 8 from you know back from back in 2008 so it it works
out sometimes too to be a lot happier and to figure out and it’s hard because
you won’t realize things like that right off the bat but you have to love this
vehicle if you truly do you will get it and you’ll get there somehow that that I
can say for sure if you love the vehicle it’s such a crucial part to this and a
lot of people that’s why they give up is they just don’t love the vehicle enough
or they don’t appreciate the car enough to to get it unfortunately so you love
the vehicle you’ve stayed motivated you figured it out how you can get there now
you’re ready to buy the vehicle you love this car you’re doing all of this for
this vehicle I guarantee you if you’re doing it all for the card you’re going
to get there and that’s the beauty of all of this is you know Congrats you if
you’ve made it through all that and you can keep motivated like I said it’s a
huge part staying motivated by the vehicle you’re gonna love it
your dream car how can you not love it right and that’s that’s my steps and my
guide of how I did it how I fell in love with you know I am my stories I fell in
love with challenges and chargers more you know the classic ones from the late
60s to and the early 70s for the challengers especially and when the
Challenger came back out and the charger came back out in oh six the charger came
out on oh eight the Challenger did I didn’t want a charger at the time
because I didn’t like the way I looked in no.6 and I was always in love with
the Challenger still AM because that retro look it’s totally
like almost like tentacle to how they had it in the 70s and I love that so mmm
my my thing was is I was like you know what I want the Challenger on with the
Challenger that in 2015 when they redesigned the charger I was in love
with both and it was hard for me to choose and I still wanted a challenge or
more but I knew that my dream vehicle was one of those two and I ended up
getting the charger and you know I had a Scott Pak charger I loved it and I’d
miss it every day I recently just got rid of it but I mean I have other
vehicles like this one I have a new truck new Ram 1500 that I just bought an
old 12 valve and these are all things though that were all my dream vehicles I
always wanted a 12 valve I got one I always wanted an old Mopar I got one
and now the RAM 1500 is just a good daily driver for me
in a situation that I’m in and that’s something to you’ll start to realize is
eventually to you know what is the best situation for me throughout all these
steps and you know I find that the situation that I’m in right now this is
the best way for me and I’m happy with what I’ve done and I’m 20 years old so
if I can do it you guys can do it please make sure to LIKE the video guys
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