Have you ever wondered how to get featured on major publications ever thought that guy did it Why can’t I if the answer is yes, that’s what we’re gonna go over on today’s video. It’s really simple. I’ll show you So now you’re probably wondering Laura, how do I get featured on major publications or like blogs shit Maybe even just get a retweet on Twitter So first things first, okay, you have to identify the perfect publication for you to pitch And of course not every publication is the same. Okay, like getting featured on Forbes – getting featured on Social media marketing world is not the same thing So what I recommend is if you’re just starting out instead of shooting for the stars and hitting all the eight players first focus on the B C and D players because the more people write about you the more leverage you’ll have when you reach out to the big play if you don’t know what Publications to check out first definitely go check out buzz sumo comm they’re one of my favorite resources and you should get them too So what you’ll find out with buzzsumo is? Like what? Publications are posting about what blog posts are getting the most engagement and who the people writing them are so that’s super valuable So the only way to really get featured is if you’re a contributor, okay? So like major publications give contributors access to post about whatever they want to post about It’s really important that you have at least three to five relevant pieces to pitch people with or to pitch editors with To see if they’ll take you on and put you on their publication personally I’m a horrible writer people just like know me because of my brand and they want Me to talk to them and it’s really more like a really just like interview questions. That’s how I do it But there’s there’s a lot of people out there that are contributors and they write out like awesome content for these big publications so another thing you can do is follow the editors and the contributors on all social media and Engage with them and show them like how much you appreciate their content now, I don’t mean like kissing their ass or anything I mean like genuinely just like read their content and give them feedback on it and like how awesome it is and Build that relationship. This is all about building relationships guys Always whatever publications you choose you need to go in see their requirements for contributors and make sure you meet those requirements So that you can get approved. So after you’ve done all that you got an email the right people fam You reach out to them and contact them about becoming a writer and you can easily find the writers emails on the actual publications themselves and once they accept you All you have to do is regularly pitch them and submit articles and then it’s a numbers game from there I hope that hope so I’ve been asked to be interviewed by full set talent and they’re an amazing Company in the Tampa Bay area and I’m gonna go to their headquarters and get interviewed by their marketing director and it’s gonna be late I hope you guys enjoy it What’s going on guys? So I’m here with the amazing With that talent. Yeah, and so she’s actually like gonna interview me for a blog piece that they’re doing and Yeah, you guys are just gonna watch the experience So we’ve been kind of doing the interview series with tech leaders slash marketing leaders and companies and you are amazing Some not the only one saying it anymore Yeah, let’s go right in so I person that you and startup week where you deliver an amazing talk on digital marketing to completely packed House, I’d like to know what got you involved and certainly so it was actually like through Instagram. Yeah Yeah, so Ally hit me up. Like she started following me like probably like six months before Startup week and she just like loved my content and she was like, hey, I’m one of the organizers it sort of Yeah, love for you to give a talk it’s like okay cool and Like my life just like kept going on and then like I saw That Gary Vaynerchuk was gonna be there so I followed up with her and I was like, hey Are we still like wanting to do this? Like, can I still give a talk? She’s like hell, yeah, so that’s what led to that Yeah, I think so I hope so No, they just kind of yeah Well, you seem to be super passionate about a entrepreneurial space in Tampa. Can you speak to your involvement in the community? And you meet up certain that you want any meetups or events that you regularly attend. Yeah, I’m regularly Not really, but I host them so I’m partnered with an ethical startup space So our mission is to unite the world’s entrepreneurs with resources at a local to global Scale so that we can all revolutionize So like we host like meetups like for example Like two weeks ago into a meet-up on like how to grow a wildly profitable Instagram. That was cool We did at the ECC right here anymore. And Before that I did talk an SPC that was also on meetups and it was like what is digital marketing? So that’s how I’m contributing to the community. I feel like Actually did have a question about startup space because you just started that project few weeks ago, right? Tell us a little bit more like what it is your full involvement with it Um, yes, so I’m pretty much like a digital marketing partner. I’m like, whatever the advisors right now Um, so pretty much we’re like in a growth hack app. Like that’s we’re in the process of doing by reaching out to influencers Having them done by the app and sharing it with our audience. We’re gonna be a Web Summit and Lisbon Portugal When is that? That’s the first week of November. So I have an actual I have an event in Puerto Rico I have to go to all the 24 for the 23rd, which is called disrupt week Which is super cool cryptocurrency all like tech stuff and like my boy James, Anthony, Delgado He is like big in the tech scene in New York, and he’s Puerto Ricans So I think decided to move out in like and like bring more value to this into the island and like empower their people Especially since like the whole hurricane thing happened like it was crazy but anyway So I’m doing that and then from there I’m going straight to Italy to spend some time with my mom for like a week and then I’m going to Portugal and then back to Italy and then I probably won’t be back until January When we have to go to CES

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