How To Get DARK MODE on iOS 13 | New Instagram Updates 2019

I’m going to teach you guys how to activate
dark mode on iOS if you’re an Android user you know don’t feel like
discriminated because I don’t have an Android device so I can’t really show
you the tutorial I believe there is so many incredible tutorials out there
let’s dive into first of the ways that you can do is to go on to your settings
to display and brightness when it pops up it shows you the light and dark
selections so you can switch it either to dark and light and the best thing about
this which timing that you want to show up for dark mode or the light mode I
prefer my phone to stay dark the entire time so I just activate the dark mode
without setting up the (schedule) method number two what you can do is to go to your
control center in the settings once again as you can customize by adding
dark mode to your control center in the home screen when you tap on your home
screen there is a dark mode shortcut right there tap on that to toggle on and
off for the dark mode method number three which is even more exciting go on
to your control center in the home screen long press yes hold it up for the
brightness bar there you go there you got the dark mode and night shift at the
bottom of the bar switch it up for dark and light so these are the three most
efficient ways to do on the iOS oh by the way you need to download and update
your device to iOS 13 or above in order to get those dark mode updates
unfortunately, those are not the built-in feature for Instagram I mean this is a
feature for iOS and Android devices so perhaps that we will get it for Facebook
so thank you for watching today’s vid… wait, I forget to tell you guys
something this is not the end of the video this is just the beginning well
that’s just part of the session if you are first timer right here this channel
is all about social media news update 99% Instagram and Mike The Dope Toast
these are the two latest updates that you must actually know about Instagram
in October 2019 first update is the following tab I
believe you guys have heard about it Instagram actually removed the following tab
so nobody can actually see what activity you possessed on Instagram to be the most iconic stalk feature on Instagram but
apparently, lots of people said they didn’t even know it exists in the first
place I felt like if people are using Instagram to stalk the others… actually
isn’t it this is what we are doing every single day maybe that’s the reason
Instagram trying to get rid of it but here’s the thing
Instagram actually give you one solution and this solution it’s quite… they suggested
to go to their Explore topical channels which was introduced last year where
nobody was really using that topic channels on explore page and they’re
trying to make you discover more people hashtags post right there moving on to
update number two which is the most popular on the earth it sounds cliche
Instagram Threads is a new standalone app so do you guys remember that we have direct
which get axed for like a long time already and then we have IGTV
launched last year it’s like a separate version of Instagram DM combining with
Story less than 0.1% like yes you heard it right using Instagram Threads
well not using it just download for its first week of launch and I was one of
those fellas who downloaded this app and I didn’t really use it
keywords about Threads is that close friends means that you need to add
people to close friends in order to send snap yes snap so what if if I don’t
have close friends what if if you don’t have close friends what if she or he or
they don’t have close friends what if we don’t have close friends why not just
incorporate everybody else in the Instagram Threads the only thing that
excites me is the fancy dark mode they got the fancy dark mode is basically that
you can switch it up to different types of dark mode there is a dark mode which
is slightly different tone you know getting closer to sunset sunrise kind of
dark mode I hope that they will incorporate that to Instagram main app
I don’t know but that’s my favorite part about Threads well it sounds good
right? what do you guys think about the latest update about Instagram the Threads
and the following tab It’s October it’s Ink October season and I did not participate
in the challenge because I don’t have the time to draw well I’m just lazy
I’m just another YouTuber doing my stuff and I like to draw see you guys
the next one peace

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