How to find good-quality deal flow in LATAM [English Subtitles]

When I started I was a complete outsider of the startup ecosystem (In Latam) and I had to start from scratch, zero. In my experience, you have to build your deal flow I hear from many people that they want to invest in startups but they want the deal flow to come to them to have founders knocking on their door but the truth is, founders might never come knocking on your door or you might only get those startups that are not that good and in this industry you have to go out and look for the best Personally, I put a lot of time into this and I try to see every startup I mean, all those I can humanly possible see If anyone introduces me to a founder I mean if it’s a total stranger I’ll probably meet them but especially if a founder has references from other founders or people I know from a fund I’ll see them because I really try to see everything and the upside of doing that is it becomes slightly easier. When you see more deals it’s easier to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones Of course, you’ll be wrong sometimes There are tons of people who passed on Uber, Airbnb you never know but the more companies you see you can do a better benchmark

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