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Hi. My name is Taylor Rosenbauer. I’ve been traveling all over the United States
to fingerboard competitions, demos, and I’ve appeared on MTV and just having a great time
with this really fun hobby. I’m taking a trip to Germany, competing at
the world championships for fingerboarding. Today I will be demonstrating fingerboarding. Grinds are tricks where you ollie onto an
obstacle, or you can do a flip trick onto an obstacle, and land on either one of your
two trucks on the obstacle. There’s many different types of grinds, they
all depend on how you land on the obstacle, so I’m going to go over some of the basic
grinds. First is a 50-50; it’s definitely the most
basic grind you can learn. That’s where you ollie up and land with both
of your trucks on the rail. The next grind you can learn is a 5-0 where
, instead of landing on both trucks, you just land on your back truck and slide the obstacle. After doing a 5-0, you can learn to do a nosegrind,
where you ollie up and land on your front truck. Some other grinds you can learn are Smith
grinds and feeble grinds. Now, a Smith grind is where you approach the
obstacle, ollie up, and land with just you back truck on and your front truck hanging
off to the side. Now, a feeble is where your front truck lands
on the other side of the obstacle like that. That’s a Smith. That’s a feeble. Now, just like in skateboarding, with fingerboarding
there’s front side and back side. So if you approach an obstacle from this side
of the rail and do a grind, that’s called a front side 50-50. If you approach the obstacle from other side
and do the same trick, that’s called a back side 50-50. So depending on what side you start at, that
determines whether or not the trick is front side or back side. And that’s how you do grinds on a fingerboard.

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64 thoughts on “How to Do Basic Grinds | Fingerboarding

  1. Funny how the title is "-TECH DECK- Tricks: Basic Grinds" and he has tech decks at the bottom of the ramp-
    —–buuut he doesn't use a tech deck

    Still awesome vid though thnx 😀

  2. @MrKiwi27 Yes, he DOES use a tech deck, it's a wooden tech deck with tech deck foam grip tape, that's why it doesn't looks like a regular tech deck…

  3. @TheTaylorBoyz345 well, tech deck are not the only fingerboard brand. infact they are quite crappy cheap ones, some companys that are good if you are beginner/intermediate, are aphlikshun fingerboards, 4corner,no-comply etc. but the high end ones are berlinwoods,flatface,radramps etc. just google them :)))))

  4. this crap is hard, not grinding but kickflips and stuff this guy needs to explain further step by step and repeat in slow-mo

  5. this instructional video helped me:
    "Nailing the Ollie on a FINGERBOARD"
    …it didn't let me add the link.

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