How to Do an Ollie | Fingerboarding

Hi. My name is Taylor Rosenbauer. I’ve been traveling all over the United States
to fingerboard competitions, demos, and I’ve appeared on MTV and just having a great time
with this really fun hobby. I’m taking a trip to Germany, competing at
the world championships for fingerboarding. Today I will be demonstrating fingerboarding. Now this is one of the first tricks that people
wanna learn on a fingerboard when they first start doing it because it essentially gets
you jumping over objects and it also helps you learn how to do slides and grinds. To do an ollie, you wanna place your hand
on the fingerboard with your front finger right behind the front 4 bolts and your back
finger right behind the back 4 bolts. To get the board into the air, you wanna pop
down on the tail while sliding your front finger up towards the front of the board. This motion together will get your board up
into the air. Its popping your tail on the ground that lifts
the board into the air and when you slide up, that levels it out, and then bring it
back down to the ground. Problems most people have with the ollie is
not getting it into the air and this is caused by not popping the tail hard enough on the
ground. Instead, you want to do a much more fluid
movement rather than a quick choppy one. When you first learn the ollie, its helpful
if you have an object to jump over, so you can actually visualize something in your way
and so you want to pop the board over that object. Like a fingerboard for example. Once you feel comfortable with the ollie,
there’s a few variations you can do with it. The first is learning how to 180 ollie. So instead of ollieing straight, you actually
ollie and turn the board 180 degrees with your hand. Once you learn to ollie in the regular stance,
then you can learn in 3 other stances. Nollie, switch, and fakey. They’re all done the same way as an ollie
is, you’re just moving in a different direction and popping off a different tail. For nollie, your popping off the front of
your board as you’re moving forward. For fakey, your moving backwards and popping
off the front of the board as well, and for switch, you’re popping off the tail of the
bored as you’re going backwards. And that is the ollie.

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100 thoughts on “How to Do an Ollie | Fingerboarding

  1. I injured my finger boarding hand (my left) 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I would probably have a better chance if I didn’t injure it

  2. Fuck his bullshit it didn’t help for shit fucking dick 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Guys I'll tell you how to do an Ollie.

    Just put your front finger in the middle and the middle finger in the back. Hit it from the back, turn your whole wrist, push your hand forward, and remember to keep your hand relaxed.

  4. This is how you Ollie. so your back finger on the edge of the tail, your front finger on the middle, you use your wrist to push down the tail really fast then quickly use your back finger to scoop the tail forward and up then use your front finger to slide it and push the board down. If you still can’t do it then you should get a smaller tech deck

  5. 3 years later and I’m still trying to figure out how to do this it’s impossible when u have the F***ing grip tape keeping your fingers down sliding it and I’m tired it’s 3 in the morning FUCK

  6. I have this problem where EVERY time I pop, no matter how perfect my finger placement is, no matter how I twist my wrist, and no matter how I slide my index finger forward, my tech deck just flips out of control and flies off the table. Every. Damn. Time. It’ll just do this crazy Rodney Mullen crap and flip out of control, and I just want to pop a nice clean practical Ollie. I’ve been trying to nail this for years (I mean YEARS). Somebody please help!

  7. When I Ollie my fingers don’t stay on and the finger board does a back flip and then I can’t grind and I can only Ollie like that and go only and inch in the air

  8. I know how to do it,its easy but…
    The way they show it in videos is as if its flying for a second..
    All i have to say is its possible and its faster in reality..
    Listen guys heres a tip.
    What they say in the video isnt actually THAT true,when you ollie you have to move your hand in a back in forth type of way,like lets say your rolling your board along with your fingers,and then you do a quick stop backwards and THEN try to pop the tail and blah blah blah what he said. It worked for me.

  9. My problem is that I don’t have a fingerboard and don’t know nothing about so this vid is useless for me

  10. i did it for a couple of hours with a circuit board then i quit just bought a tech deck and nailed it first try wtf

  11. I have a Question Guys!!☺️Pls answer it NICELY😊😊😊IS IT OK THAT YOU LOVE SKATEBOARDING BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE FINGERBOARDING???cause I see People Like Skateboard and fingerboard but is IT ok you Luke SKATEBOARDING but you dont have to LIKE FINGERBOARDING????😊

  12. Wow your so good at ollys my 4 pack of tech decks arrive tomorrow and I am really exited because I can do a small olly on my bad fingerboard that I lost a wheel on 😂

  13. I learned how to Ollie it was easy it took ME 3 HOURS ! By the way I used a lego finger board I don’t have a finger board yet

  14. ok for everyone that can’t get here is some steps
    1: practice with ur back finger standing on the tail
    2:once u have done that out ur fingers in the right position
    3:put a object as ur goal to get over
    4:stand on ur tail and put pressure on both fingers (pointer and middle)
    5:once u have pressure let go of the tail and slowly slide ur pointer finger to the top
    6 do it faster and faster
    7; just believe

  15. I managed to get it off the ground… i then proceeded to lose control and hit my eye and now i think i have to go to the hospital

  16. Practice by trying to move onto a book or something without getting the trucks caught on it. Gradually pop into it and move ur hand forward

  17. Maybe my fingers are just to short or fucking what ever…But I can NOT do this no matter how hard I try to slam the tail into the ground. It just goes flying.

  18. I used to kill ollies on tech decks back in the day.
    Keep tryin folks for goodness sakes it ain't that hard.
    It's kick flips that are freaking hard lol.
    Man got my first world industry's tech in 1999 just yeaterday lol.
    I actually have one still and it's cool caise cause it's an actual wooden deck and a world industry.

  19. so what your doing is making it look easy and not teaching us a damn thing.
    if you try to pop it in the air it just slams it down more what the fucc.

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