How To Deal With Stress – 3 Ways How To Deal With Stress

Mandee :Hey everybody, I’m Mandee Lee and on this week’s video we’re going to talk about how to stop yourself from feeling overworked and exhausted at the end of your days. So, one of the most common questions we get asked by our tribe and entrepreneurs is: How do you get it all done without feeling so overworked and exhausted all the time? They’re feeling things like, I can never get it all done and I’m never far enough along. The list just keeps growing and growing and never ends. So today, I’m going to give you three easy techniques that you can immediately apply to shift the energy and perspective around this so that instead, when you go to work you feel passionate and driven and rejuvenated for the work that you’re doing in the world. So tip #1 is to focus on what your successes are. So, each day we go to work and we’re so quick to go, go, go and get everything done on our list. Since end of the day, we usually feel not so great because there’s still a long list of the things that didn’t get done. So instead, get into the practice of daily keeping track of, “what’s everything I’ve got done today? What are all my successes and when?” And when you do this, you’ll be so surprised at how much you’ve actually accomplished. And even though you didn’t get your entire list done, you’ll feel really great because you’ll be like, wow I still got all of these things done, which is a lot for most people. And at the end of your week, make sure to go back and look at your successes for the whole week and be blown away by how powerful you’re showing up the world. Tip #2 is to make sure that you transition at the end of your day. And so what that means is typically when we go to work, we’re in this high masculine energy of “get things done.” What’s the problem? How can I fix it? How can I be strategic? And if we take that energy into our night without shifting it to show up in this new space of being open and loving and giving and receiving, usually we’re not fully present with those who we are hanging out with. We’re constantly still thinking about all the things that didn’t get done or the things that we have to do or the fires we still need to put out and we’re not able to let ourselves really relax and really receive everything the universe is trying to give us so that we could rejuvenate and come back to work the next day feeling alive and ready to hit the ground running. One of the best ways that we found to rejuvenate yourself is to take a 5-minute shower at the end of your day. So you can find 5 minutes no matter how busy you are. You go and jump in the shower with the intention of ” I am going to wash off and cleanse all of my energy from the day”. Any open loops, anything that’s still lingering and letting it go into the water and then bring in the intention of how you want to show up for your night. So if you’re just hanging out with yourself, maybe it’s, “I want to make sure I really make myself relax and rejuvenate”. Or if you’re going to be with friends and family, maybe it’s “I really want to make sure that I’m present with them and I really give and let them feel my love, or I really receive their love.” And Tip #3 is to reward yourself. You know, all day long and all week long you’re constantly giving to everybody else and it’s so important to practice the art of receiving. So, on every Monday I want you to pick out a way that you’re going to reward yourself on Friday or that weekend. So it could look like I have friends who watch what they eat and they have this thing called “FRYday” and so every Friday they go out and they order lots for fries, which they think are unhealthy, and they toast to their fries and it’s a celebration. I have other friends who love to buy things and shop and they’re on a budget; and so, they pick out maybe twice a month this new shirt, or new dress and they buy it and they put it on to take a picture of themselves in it and they make a big deal about it. So, whatever it is for you, it could be carving out the time when you’re really busy to go to some hike that you’re really wanting to do, make sure that you reward yourself and make it a big deal. Don’t make it a little thing; put it on the calendar just as if you’re going out on a date. Practice the art of receiving. So, what I want you to do is write down on the comments below, what’s one thing from this video that you’re going to do this week so that you don’t feel overworked and exhausted. And as always for the best training, head on over to Check out all of our free trainings for you and if you’re not a member of our tribe, make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. And I know that you have friends out there who are feeling overworked and exhausted. Be a good friend, help them out and send them the link to this video, share it with them and let them get some insights on how they can shift this for themselves as well. Hope you enjoy this video, looking forward to seeing you on more. Much love…

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