How To Create Your Cannabis Startup

Cannabis is the fastest growing industry
in the world Welcome everyone I’m very happy and
honored to be here for this first Cannabis startup Meetup
my name is Antonin and I’m the founder of a company called Harmony. My
presentation is going to be a review of what is cannabis and what is the
cannabis industry. Then I will let two talented entrepreneurs present
their own startups. The industry is just beginning in Europe, there is still a lot
of work to do and we make this event so people can meet like-minded
entrepreneurs, connect, collaborate and create. Cannabis is very versatile plant
you have so many different usages and particularly in the usage of
well-being. And it’s been a bit forgotten because of the recreational usage of
cannabis. When you look at the growth it’s actually insane because it’s going to
grow to $31billion in 2021 and these type of numbers are quite unique
today. If you look at industries, cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the
world. That’s our job as well to democratize the usage of cannabis beyond
the recreational usage and educate people about it. That’s why at Harmony, we
try to make products which are not just targeting the hardcore cannabis user but
also the whole family. There was a lot of cliche around cannabis, 3 years ago the
image of cannabis was not the same than today. It’s been evolving very very very
quickly but we still seem we are really just at the beginning. My name is Laure Bouguen I’m the founder
and CEO of Ho Karan. At Ho Karan we do cannabis sativa care so it’s skincare products made with cannabis sativa oil. between the moment when I have the idea to
launch some products and the moment when the product is on market, it happens at least
a year so you have a real cash issue It’s not impossible. I’m 26 I started Ho Karan
when I was 23, I was a student so I didn’t have money,
I didn’t have any way but I think that money shouldn’t be an excuse not to make
something, it’s just a meaning It’s not an end. And I just wanted to give a
big thanks to Antonin who organized with The Family all this event because it’s
really difficult to be precursor in the field. So thank you for being so strong
and thank you for fighting for those who don’t have the strength. So my name is
Joe I’m the founder and CEO of Ceden. Ceden is a homegrow furniture. We’ve
been growing plants for over thousands of years but when cities were built we got
more industrialized and then we put the process of growing into the hands of
others and by doing that we’ve lost transparency over what we are consuming
and that’s an issue because we are what we are consuming. I was founding
five companies actually last year all of them regarding cannabis and I am happy
to see that more people are thinking of doing something in cannabis because we
need more people and we need more good ideas in the market this is so big and
also from investor side there is a lot of interest on their side to go in
this market so what I want to say is if somebody has idea just go for it
do your homework keep on doing it and then you will find also investors for
that because the market right now is very open to it.

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