How to Clean Your Deck

How to Clean Your Deck. Cleaning your deck is essential to keeping
it looking good and lasting a long time. You will need Protective clothing Safety glasses
Rubber gloves Drop cloths Sandpaper Broom Wood stripper Paintbrush or pump sprayer Garden
hose with a nozzle Wood brightener Pressure washer Cleaning brush and pole sander (optional). Step 1. Be safe by dressing accordingly, covering
your arms, legs, and feet. Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses. Step 2. Remove your deck furniture and cover shrubs
and flowers in the area with drop cloths. Repair damaged boards, sand rough edges, and
sweep away debris. Use a pole sander for large areas that need
to be smoothed down. Step 3. Apply the wood stripper liberally over your
deck with either a paintbrush or a pump sprayer. Let it stand for at least 15 minutes. Do not let the wood stripper sit too long
and dry up. If it does dry, lightly spray it with a garden
hose. Step 4. Rinse the deck lightly with a garden hose
after the wood stripper has set. Apply the wood brightener the same way you
applied the stripper. You may need to mix the brightener with water. Be sure to read the directions on the package. Step 5. Scrub areas that have mold or buildup from
spills with the cleaning brush. Rinse the deck with the garden hose or a pressure
washer on a medium setting. Step 6. Let the deck dry thoroughly for 48 hours. Admire your clean deck and throw a party to
show it off. Just don’t let anyone walk on it. Did you know Every person in the United States
uses about 74 cubic feet of wood each year in one form or another.

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8 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Deck

  1. What I had use to clean the deck is have a big bucket filled with hot water, crud cutter, and tsb. we used this all ove the deck with heavy duty scrubbers and it turned out deck completey back to normal. and we dont have to use all that protective gear, just trashy clothes and bare feet

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