How To Choose The Right Composite Deck Board

Hi I’m Ben There’s a lot to think about when building or replacing your existing deck. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is choosing the right deck board for you. Today, more and more homeowners are choosing Fiberon composite decking over wood. The reason? Fiberon offers the same natural warmth and beauty of wood but easier and less expensive to maintain. How do you decide which deck board is best for you? To make this process easier, we’ve organized our boards in a GOOD, BETTER and BEST categories. Now all of our boards offer a low maintenance, lasting durability, and warranty coverage. It really comes down to a few simple differences. The aesthetics, price point and capping. Good Life decking is a great example of how you can achieve wood like aesthetics, low maintenance composites on a modest budget. Price closer to wood Good Life is offered in two solid colors that closely resemble a natural stained or painted treated deck. One difference you’ll notice is the bottom. It’s scalloped, not flat like our other boards. This means during the manufacturing process we use less material and can pass along those cost savings to you. Good life decking installs the same as our other boards Framed 16” on center or 12” on center for angles. We also recommend using hidden fastener to secure the boards down. Good Life is capped on 3 sides with a durable, protective finish And comes with a 25 year warranty. Bottom line, if you’re looking for an attractive, affordable, composite deck board. Good Life is a great choice. ProTect Advantage is in our BETTER category. What separates ProTect Advantage from Good Life is the cap stock and color palette. ProTect Advantage features permatec technology A patented cap layer that is bonded to our composite core during the manufacturing process. This cap layer contain proprietary mix of ingredients that helps the decking surface resist stains and fading. All 3 sides of ProTect Advantage are capped with Permatec technology with an uncapped, finished bottom. The finish is multi-tonal so you’ll see color variations throughout the board. The streaking technology is less dramatic than the boards in our BEST category but still resembles a natural hardwood. ProTect Advantage is offered in 3 colors each with matching fascia and risers. ProTect Advantage is also available in flame resistant board, ProTect Advantage FR. This product is approved for use in the wildland-urban interface zones and tested by the office of the California State Fire Marshall. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, you should give ProTect Advantage FR a serious consideration. In our best category we offer 2 capped composites. Symmetry decking and Horizon decking. Both decks boards are capped on all 4 sides with Permatec Technology. Other companies offer a capped board but its not Permatec And it’s not always on 4 sides With Symmetry and Horizon you’ll see a grain pattern and color variation on both sides of the boards. And that can make a big difference if you’re building a raised deck and want a polished look on the under side of the boards Plus the fourth sided finished means you can flip the board over and used the reversed side if needed. Whether you’re building your deck or paying a contractor to do it 4 sided capping saves on potential down time no more trips to the dealer to buy replacement boards or worse, wait for a special order because a board was damaged in transit or on the job site. Another reason our PermaTec cap layer beats the competition it still enables that rich, natural look of wood with varied wood grains and multi-tonal streaking. Price and performance wise, Symmetry and Horizon are on par. The only difference comes down to aesthetics. Symmetry decking has a matte finish that is less shiny than many other composites. and offers a look that resembles natural hardwood. Symmetry decking is offered in 4 colors Each with subtle, multi-tonal streaking If you look closely, you will see color variations swirling throughout the board. The grain patterns are random so when you install the decking you will see no visible repeats throughout the board We launched Symmetry in 2016 and it has been a big hit ever since. Horizon decking was introduced a few years ago and has been a consistent best seller the surface is not quite as matte as Symmetry however, the big difference is in the multi-tonal streaking it is much more dramatic and resembles a premium, exotic hardwood You’ll notice the streaking is very pronounced and eye catching on a full sized deck because the light and dark tones vary throughout the board I always recommend laying out the decking before hand like you would with an indoor, hardwood floor This way you can ensure you have a blended color mix throughout the deck Horizon, like Symmetry, has two usable sides great for second story decks and is available in grooved and square edge material There are 4 color options each with matching fascia and risers Paramount decking is in the BEST category as well. Unlike Symmetry and Horizon, Paramount is a cellular, PVC board. With a capped layer, that is engineered from a polymer alloy material If you’re looking for a tough board that can withstand almost anything Paramount decking is a great option Paramount decking is mold resistant and approved for use in the wildland-urban interface zones The boards are naturally lighter than capped composites so they’re easier to carry and work with. Because Paramount is a PVC board, it has no organic material This makes it a great option if you’re building a dock or other waterside structure. Paramount decking is slip resistant and carries a limited, lifetime warranty These boards are available in square or grooved edge However, we do recommend special fastener brands and installation tips So there you have it 4 different capped composites and 1 PVC option with multiple colors and plenty of great benefits. If you need some inspiration You can check out our deck ideas or deck design tools for fun, free access to create your outdoor living space. We’ll even help you locate a Fiberon contractor Or local Fiberon dealer

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