How to Boost Your Business with Augmented Reality?

Hi everyone! Another day and another video from the Cleveroad
studio. Today, we are going to look beyond reality. The topic for today is augmented reality and
the ways it can boost your business productivity. I’d like to start with the impressive AR
forecasts to demonstrate the relevance of this topic. Trusted sources like Woodside Capital say
that by 2022, the most attractive markets for augmented reality expansion will be video
gaming, healthcare, engineering, live events, retail, and real estate. According to Statista, profits are expected
to exceed $162 billion, and the number of users will reach 200 million. These facts are more than encouraging. So, let’s find out how exactly you can apply
augmented reality in different business areas and consider the most successful examples. Naturally, we start with Video gaming. Famous Niantic games like Pokémon Go and
Ingress prove the efficiency of AR technology. People are obsessed with the interaction of
fictional characters in a real environment. Children’s games also make a good use of it. For instance, Meet the Animals and Quiver
bring static pictures to life on device screens and impress kids with cool graphics. Medical apps using augmented reality serve
not only doctors but also people with non-medical professions. For example, AED4EU pinpoints the location
of the nearest automated external defibrillators, and Amplified Robot Lab demonstrates how to
administer medicines and vaccines in the right way. Dedicated specialists may use healthcare apps
for professional purposes. For instance, AccuVein produced an app for
fast and accurate vein detection. Medsights tech has developed a technology
that allows surgeons to find the location and size of a tumour without using X-rays. AR is a real boon for engineers. Regardless of the type of machine you are
working on, you can see how it is going to look from different sides and angles. eDrawings Standard and eDrawings Pro are good
examples of using AR in CAD modeling and industrial engineering. Retail vendors are increasing sales, thanks
to the ability to show any product to their customers. Global giants like Coca-Cola and IKEA have
developed exclusive apps to demonstrate their products, both in supermarkets and at home. Experts of style and beauty, Converse and
L’Oreal have revealed apps that allow you to try on shoes or put on makeup, without
actually having access to the product. In real estate, augmented reality serves architects,
realtors, and consumers. The ARHouse app shows several alternatives
of a future house and explains how they differ. It’s hard to overestimate the role of AR
with live events. Participants of trade shows and exhibitions
don’t need to produce large mockups to demonstrate their products. Holding a phone or tablet, they can show every
detail of their projects. Well, we have looked through the main business
areas where AR is currently being used. And now, I’d like to say a few words about
the technical aspect of the subject and look into the development process of augmented
reality. There are two ways to implement AR in an app. The first one is a Marker-based approach. It uses a hard-coded object that is recognized
by the app for building augmented reality. Usually, such object is represented by QR
code since it has a particular structure – three distinctive squares and one smaller square. It helps to accurately define the size of
AR model and its position in space. The markerless approach is the second way
to implement AR in an app. It is a more complex solution since your app
needs to analyze the data and decide when and where the AR image should appear. It has no strict identifiers in the database. Instead, it knows what signs indicate its
presence. If you decide to build an app with AR, there’s
no need to reinvent the wheel. Existing AR frameworks and libraries can help
you. Some of them are really good; others, not. In our opinion, tools such as Vuforia, ARToolKit,
WikiTude, LayAR, and Kudan AR offer the best solutions for building an AR application. You can find out more about them and AR in
general by reading the full article on our site. To reach it, follow the link below. Well, that’s all for today. We hope that today’s information was helpful. Stay healthy and follow us on YouTube, Twitter,
and Facebook. Bye for now.

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