How To Be Rich At A Young Age

– I think it doesn’t matter
what you do to earn money, even you earn money as an employee, you earn money as a self-employ, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner. I think we all need to be in one business, you and I, we need to be in one business and that is the money management business. (energetic electronic music) Doesn’t matter how you earn your money, you must treat your business,
what you do, like a business. How do you manage your money? Because most people, when we go to school we
learn how to get a job or as an entrepreneur we
learn how to build business, we learn to make money, but very few us know how
to manage money well. How do you actually manage money? You see, I believe there are two types of people you need to study. The first type is the people who have, become successful, and
they have stayed successful for a long period of time. Don’t go study people that only have, they have succeeded, but only
last a short period of time instead of like say, Warren
Buffett or Bill Gates or some of those successful people where they have succeeded, but
they have stayed successful. And the second type of
people that you want to study depends on what your goal is, is to study people who have
succeeded at a young age. So, yes, it’s perfectly fine, you can learn something from everybody, where if they succeeded when they are, let’s say, 60 years old,
65 years old, 70 years old, that’s nice, we can all learn something from those examples and stories, but it would be nice to
study what did people do to study at the age of 30 years old? 35 years old? It didn’t take them 30 years, it took them maybe
three years, five years, or maybe only seven years or eight years. What did they do? Because I could tell you that they way that they think about money, they way they think about wealth or success is a different perspective. So in order for you to manage your money and when it comes to financial planning, I believe there are four
stages that you go through. I talk about this in
another one of my videos, about that in life you
go through four stages and when it comes to these four stages, you also need a financial
plan for all these stages. So number one: and that is a
financial plan for survival. And most of time, people at
a survival stage financially, they have no fucking financial plan. Their plan is: spend
whatever I earn, that’s it. That’s their financial plan. And if they’re lucky, they’re not in debt, but most of them, they are in debt, right? The financial plan for survival, what you focus on is
simply making enough money that your income exceeds your expense instead of your expense
exceeds your income, which actually, believe it or not, it’s a big part of the population. That most people, they actually, they spend more than what
they earn every single month and that’s why they rack
up their credit card debts and all these things,
especially in the United States, very, very common. So, financial plan for survival. Earn more than what you spend. That’s all you need. Let’s just get to that point first and then you get to the second stage, which is you need financial
plan for security. For security. I’m talking about putting away, depends on what your situation is, three months or six months of cash away. Right? For the rainy day emergency fund. The way you budget, the way you, how you maybe are saving and
investing 10% of your money, just putting some money aside. At this stage, you’re focused
more on the saving aspect. Not only now, you are earning
more than what you spend, but now you’re actually
saving some of that money. That’s a financial plan for security. Now, then the next stage, you need financial planning for success. This is different. Now you are setting yourself
up for comfort, for abundance. Now, at this stage, most people, Now you’re thinking
about, as an entrepreneur, let me give you an example, as entrepreneur now, it’s your
profit, your tax planning, or your insurance policy, right? Maybe you will have one or even
multiple insurance policies or now you are what I
call a passive investor, meaning you’re putting money aside, you’re putting into, for some people, it could be a retirement plan account, it could also be your stock portfolio, your mutual fund porfolio, which I’m not an advocate of that, but for most people, it
is better than nothing. It’s better than nothing. Some plan is better than no plan. And they’re putting some money aside, you’re setting yourself up for, hopefully, a comfortable
retirement, right? That’s a financial planning for success and there are different
levels when it comes to that. At a higher level, where in
the beginning of my career, I had, of course, like, nothing, right? Then I make a little bit of money, I put some money aside,
go through this stage, financial planning for
comfort, for security. Put some money aside,
put some savings aside and then once you’ve
accumulate enough money then you can put into some
kind of, you would say, more modest or conservative
kind of investments and then once you do enough of that, once you have more money
coming in, the game changes because when you become
an accredit investor, when you become a more
sophisticated investor, the investment world opens up to you where now you’re not investing in things that most people invest in. You have access to investments that most people don’t
have access to, right? So, if I am having, and then you also would
start putting together a team, which evolves into
more now the fourth stage which is financial
planning for significance. That’s legacy, that’s when
you have so much money that, how are you gonna allocate
some of that to charity? How are you gonna allocate
that to pass on to your, the next generation, right? A legacy. How are you gonna make sure
that after you pass away, how are you going to minimize
the tax that you pay? It gets more complex because, example, personally, in my life,
for financial planning, where it’s not so much just
I talk to my accountant, so I have my financial planner, now your financial
planner, most of the time, they are experts in their own field, they can give you a
lot of technical advice but most of the time,
they’re not wealthy, right? So you can take their advice but you still need to
process it and filter out, does that make sense? Just because they tell
you: do A, B, C, and D doesn’t mean you have
to do A, B, B, and D. Maybe just do B or maybe just
do A, that’s perfectly fine. But as you are the CEO of your
money management business, you have to know how your money works and how you want to allocate your money, resources and capital. So, in my case, I could have
a meeting with a group of them where I have the accountant,
I have the bookkeeper, but then I also have my
tax strategist and expert and then maybe talk to
my real estate broker about what investments
to make next, right? How the money will flow through. At the same time, with
my financial planner, with my insurance person,
how that would work, maybe I need to buy more insurance to have revenue flow through
that to minimize my tax. Everything is much more complex because everything has
to kind of work together, it’s not so linear about this. They need to talk to each other, that’s a very different
level of financial planning, you may not be there yet, but I would say start somewhere. Depends on which stage you’re at. Maybe you’re just at a survival stage, make more money, develop
your high income skill. You’re now making more money? Well, save some money. You’ve gotta save some
money so you can invest. Not saving money just for
the sake of saving it, right? You save the money and then you can invest and move on to stage three. So you have some kind of financial plan. Now, one of the things I don’t like to do is to give you certain tips about, oh, you should invest in this
and shouldn’t invest in that because what you invest in
depends on your risk tolerance also depends on what you like, also depends on what’s your expertise. Most importantly, it also
depends on what’s your goal. What kind of return are you looking for? How much more capital
are you going to have or this is all the money that you have or are you, like, an entrepreneur,
you’re a successful CEO that you have money coming in constantly, then you need to think
about how the revenue or how the income would flow. Does that make sense? That’s the answer. That’s financial planning and that’s how you can retire comfortably, how you can retire young and retire rich. Any other questions, comment below. Until next time, I’ll
see you in my Bentley.

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