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Hey guys so I am in ZARA right now and I want
to give you just one part that’s a must-have in a man’s wardrobe and that is a suit. Especially in Asian man’s wardrobe. Because something about suit especially because
we’re very career-oriented, we need to wear suits. Most of the time we do wear suits and we always
have events where we have to be formal and one thing about suits, it is very, you could
use it for a night out. But also use it for a special private event
with your family and all that stuff. Okay, so the first must have suit is a black
suit. So, come with me guys really quick. So, as you can see come over here, one thing
I love about the ZARA brand is they already have a pocket square. One thing about a pocket square is that it
always makes the suit look a little better. Look how classy this is right? It’s just a normal black suit, it’s very interchangeable. You know you can wear blue tie, use your black
tie whatever. But a black suit is a must-have and thing
with ZARA is it’s actually very fitted. So, try it on. Usually I’m a 38. Some of you if you’re a little bigger you
could wear 40. But you could always get it tailored. Tailor [01:05 inaudible] is really cheap. So just get it tailored. But it’s a nice black suit very easy to interchange
with. So, you could even wear this black suit with
this right here’s going out, after the white shirt, blue tie and nice pair of jeans okay. So, a black suit is a must-have alright. So, the next big suit that you must have and
it’s a requirement in every Asian man’s wardrobe is right here. A blue suit is just a must-have okay. This is just so classy right. You can wear this with against with jeans,
but blue pants. A nice white collared shirt. You can just buy one white collared shirt
like right here right and wear this with a blue suit and a black suit okay. I do want to talk about shoes really quickly. Shoes are the most important thing. With a blue suit you must have brown shoes
okay. Like this one, it’s not even that expensive. It’s only $70 guys. $70 you get a full outfit right here. So blue suit, brown shoes. There’s no black shoes right here, but right
here. Black shoes are perfect with a black suit
okay. Black shoes, black suit okay and forgot to
mention right, so you really could wear just a white dress shirt with both of these. So, you just buy one shirt and interchange
it with this and the black suit. Very simple and the last one. What’s the must-have last one, right? I would actually see, okay just come over
here guys. You already have a blue suit and a black suit,
I would go maybe with a grey. So, this grey is more patterned? So, if you want to try something new you could
go with this kind of grey. But here’s a really good nice grey suit that
ZARA has. Watch this right here. Look at that, look how clean that looks with
a white shirt. Really the pocket square for you, the materials
really good. So, a grey, blue and black very simple students
that you could just have, and you could wear it and change it. A gray suit actually looks very good with
a blue pant. So, let’s say you get that blue suit, look
how easy the pants would mix, right their guys look at this. This is an alpha right here. You guys can mix, and match look at that,
perfect, right? So gray suit is very interchangeable and when
you get a grey suit, look what else you can do it right here. You have another outfit where you can go like
this boom! Black and gray look at that. You see that? So, having these three suits guys, it’s so
easy to interchange. Black suit by the way I mean a blazer and
the pants, get all three. Because then you get to interchange. You can wear for events and especially for
work in a very professional job. You have now nice three suits and you’ll be
the best dressed guy at your job. So that’s what I recommend and with this,
with a gray suit you could actually wear brown shoes and black shoes, very flexible. It’s you could wear a lot of different outfits
with this. But once you have those three down, those
are your foundation suits and then you can mix and match with like a nice blue shirt. You could try different shirts out, try different
pockets. One thing that people don’t know about ZARA
too is you can actually cut off this pocket square and take it out. You could just literally pull it and pull
the white pocket square out and put it in another pocket square. Like I said guys a black suit, a blue suit
and a grey suit is a must-have foundation for all three. All right guys so I’m going to actually pick
the outfits that I just showed you guys and I’m going to show you how it looks on me. My gosh as you can see I got the blue blazer,
not wearing the blue pants. You guys can tell if I got the blue blazer
and the blue pants you could just match yourself. I want to see how interchangeable this is. Look blue blazer, grey pants, brown shoes,
I wear a belt. Nice white dresser where I can wear with multiple
outfits. Check out the back, it’s pretty much tailored,
right? Maybe I’ll get a little bit tailored to
make my back more V shape. But fits perfectly, check it out guys. What’s up so yeah just came from ZARA and
I want to summarize what I talked about today. Three must have outfits, must have suits for
Asian men or their wardrobe is one, a black suit. Black blazer, black pants. Two, blue suit, navy blue. Blazer and bottom. Third is grey top and bottom. The reason why you get all three suits is
you can always mix and change. Remember black shoes with black suit or gray
suit. Brown shoes with gray suit or blue suit. But in the end guys you want to look stylish. You could do professional or when you go out
you can wear these Blazers and pants and interchange it and always look good. These are three tips that you can use right
now and put it in your wardrobe and keep hunting. Captain Daniel Hyun out. Thanks for watching our video. I hope you liked it and make sure you guys
subscribe to this channel and watch all our other videos. Great news too, every Monday we’ll be putting
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4 thoughts on “How To Be More Attractive To Women: 3 GQ Suits All Asian Men Should Wear | Fashion & Style Advice

  1. The hair standing in the back tho…lol xD! But thanks for the the tips man. You got any tips for how suits should fit and how to get suits tailored to your body?

  2. I thought that AMWF isn’t very common in the America and Western Europe, but is very common in Eastern Europe. I, myself, am an Eurasian Caucasian Russian-Mongol-Chinese. During the Mongol Yoke, it was very influential in intermarriages/interactions and politics and geopolitics. After that…came a Russian Empire and then Soviet Union…and then Russian Federation. The Westerners like to stereotype Asian people, just like they do to Eastern Europeans, negatively. In Russia and Eastern European countries, we are so accustomed, because we all live in a one nation together with our Mongol Brothers from the beginning of 13th century. America, British and Western European don’t really understand Eastern European’s lifestyles and traditions, so they stereotype them. We aren’t biased, unlike the Westerners. Have you noticed that Eastern Europeans contain Mongol DNA, so they are more likely to share similar mentality and behavior as Asian people (not so same, but similar). It is more likely why Eastern Europeans are reasonable to intermix with Asian people, Turkic people, Caucasian people, and Slavic people. I really don’t know if they Western people are really interested in Asian people. I don’t really know if it’s barely possible or not? We aren’t Western, we aren’t Eastern, we are of Eurasian.

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