How to ATTRACT customers and sales πŸš€ Even better than law of attraction

– Do you know the difference
between convincing, attracting, and receiving
when it comes to sales? (cash register dings) In this business focus episode, I’m going to be sharing
a physiological body hack you can make to drastically
change and transform your sales. So if you’re an entrepreneur or in sales, this is going to be really
important information for you. Stay tuned. (mellow music) So I have a question for you. Have you ever been trying to
convince someone of something, to buy your product,
invest in your company, it really could be anything, and you just felt like you were pushing? You were using a lot of energy. It’s like a stage just before begging. I know I have definitely been
there earlier in my career, and as an entrepreneur which
I’ve been for about 10 years after leaving my investment banking job, everything is sales for us. And so as I entered that
space as an entrepreneur and started my first company, I did not know what I was doing. I had a lot of drive and I
would call people, cold email, and it was just push, push, push, and at the time, to be honest, there was very little thought
of what was in it for them. It was more me just
trying to sell a product. Over time, I’ve learned quite
a few lessons along the way, and the one I wanna share today is actually a physiological
body hack that I’ve discovered. (chill music) Let’s first talk about
what pushing feels like. And so if you’re pushing or convincing, you are spending a lot of energy. A lot of it is probably coming from your upper back and your chest, and it’s a stressful situation because you’re trying to convince someone. Do what I say, do what I say, and they might not want
to do what you say. They care about what’s in it for them, and so when we’re in that mode of trying to convince someone, we’re at our weakest sales state. Most sales do not happen from that state. So what we wanna do is try
to progress into attraction and then even receiving
which I’ve discovered is a state beyond attraction. Attraction is a feeling where you feel like you are causing things
to gravitate towards you. So when you’re attracting
sales, you have this sensation that there’s an energy field
that’s pulling into you. What I want you to do is
open your body posture, and as you do this, just
start to feel a gravitation that’s pulling into you. I want you to think about a dollar amount that we’re going to add to this. So one practice that I do is
just taking any dollar amount, and for simplicity, I’m gonna
use $10,000 for this video. Just imagine attracting $10,000 to you, and you can feel it actually
enter inside your body, and you can even mentally visualize it entering your bank account. That’s the feeling of attraction, and one exercise I
recommend is to practice receiving money every month. So just say this month I receive. Next month I receive. The following month I receive. What I want you to now look
at is this idea of receiving, and the best way I can put this right now is if you’re sitting in a chair, just rest your entire body
and don’t do anything, and I want you to find your
lowest energy state right now. (crickets chirping) Once you’re feeling very comfortable and in this low-energy state, I want you to visualize
someone walking over to you and putting $10,000 in
a gift box on your lap. Look at this present that’s
just been put on your lap, and that required no energy
for you to receive it, and that’s what receiving is. It’s a low-energy state where things are just being given to you. This is something that I believe
will be even more powerful than simply practicing attraction. So if you’re currently
practicing the law of attraction, give this a try because what
I think you’re going to find is that you put yourself in
an even different mental state where you start to explore the possibility of why you’re just deserving and things are just
finding their way to you. In a previous episode, I recently talked about the Daoist philosophy of wu wei which is taking minimal action and moving only in accordance with the natural flow of the universe. That’s what this is really all about is finding our natural state and then catching the
waves of the universe so that we can be on the receiving end of everything that we really desire. So for sales, no matter
what your business is, just try to picture that dollar amount that you want coming to you, and then I would also
frame it in other ways because dollar amounts
can be very materialistic. So we also wanna look at
it from the number of units that that means you would be selling and then from that, the number of people that you would be helping, and when you can frame
things in all those ways and just sit in a very low-energy state, what is going to happen to you is you’re going to find
that your body relaxes when it starts to think of sales. When you enter a sales meeting or you’re doing online marketing, you’re gonna find that these things really just start clicking, and this is what I’ve been experiencing as I apply these same
practices to my company. So on that note, let me know if you have any other sales advice for people who are trying to practice
the law of attraction, and in addition to that,
if you have any questions about this practice that
I’m introducing today, feel free to ask any questions
you have in the comments. Next week I’m going to be
talking more about visualization which is a practice that
I have been incorporating into my daily life. I recently released the
Visionary seven-day course, and it’s all about
incorporating visualization into your business as an entrepreneur. This course was created
to help entrepreneurs really unblock their
deeply-rooted physiological issues that happen in our childhood and still affect our performance today, and so this is something that
I’m very passionate about. I’m speaking a lot about on this channel. And make sure you subscribe so that you can learn more about
visualization next week. In the mean time, I’m Jaron Lukas. Stay visionary. (mellow music)

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