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Now I’m preview discussable activation of the Bing Webmaster now that link we can use the multiple user access how to view the Multiple user access the possibility way we can give access to the the Bing Webmaster here This is my website. I can go to the Bing Webmaster Check my website. Well the my website will be there architect solution check one by one here So I can take my website Here is my brother is dead. This is open my site Here was option Collies configure my site. What is that users? See it In turn my ID Atmel come here admit stator region modified only for read-only is that me? so if you access by like the clip per ad Which website and which female will be give access to other a bloody so three axis what is that? administrator read and modify this they will read the information they modify only for information not for an access I’ve Been taking you access by any member One member give access to another gmail has admitted taking he backs to other member Suppose the only for radiant model failed this they modifies the options they indexed by your else They read the traffic diginity of traffic by using with indexing They can’t block your URLs using with the webmasters Bing nothing will be happen. Just only for read your traffic Nixon your your this, thank you access by two options remaining only option by the admin, so always if you prefer by the admits So a lot of them working as your site in us admin They can implement it the blog the URLs and you will be wrong here will be generated by your website They will be block they indexing by your Bing Webmaster They writing by your crawling using with the XML sitemap now simple. I’m looking for We’ll be ready with the Maya being webmaster So what are the access will be there in the primary member second a person also will be gone so same access cities? So this all will verification ownership Was it this square you had copied into the Our website packet so same will be a new doc says further to email address supposing you the lead and you Modified this is the only modify they can’t give any access from the your website They read your traffic they modify the theme, but they are indexing your URL. They gives only for two options It’s clear this is where you betrayed him by the multiple user access, but that person only remember what is the mail ID is I would look ah Hotmail I lied on a rate of ly dot-com is it a hotmail outcome at the end of auto dot-com Then we can give access by user here See this Like this is it clear. This is ready reading by the being web mohassess to the and multiple users

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