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Hey everyone welcome back to tech feed i’m
juliet beauchamp. I know it’s been a little while since you’ve
seen me. Today we’re talking even more about what
seems to be my favorite topic: huawei. Yes, there’s more to the story. Stick around. I don’t think anyone thought the huawei
versus the united states drama was over, but it actually seems like it’s just getting
started. So you might remember my story from the other
week when i talked about how the united states government banned all business transactions
with huawei. And businesses–huge, huge tech companies–responded. Google announced it would no longer allow
its apps on future huawei phones. But there’s even more fallout to consider
from this ban. This all-out ban from the u-s may prompt multi-national
businesses to take a closer look about whose tech is powering their networks. While those businesses may not necessarily
be banned from using huawei equipment, this ban may raise concerns. Businesses that could especially be affected
are those building wireless networks in developing countries. Huawei’s low prices and good equipment make
it an attractive vendor for these types of businesses. And that brings me to my next point: huawei
sells its stuff for cheap. So this ban is already an issue for smaller
providers that support earlier generation networks. Have you ever seen a commercial from a wireless
provider and they show that map of the u-s pointing out coverage zones? If you’re like me and live in a fairly populated
area, you probably haven’t given it any thought. I know i have plenty of choices when it comes
to mobile providers. But some people aren’t so lucky. In rural areas with patchy cell coverage,
small, local network providers are struggling now to build and maintain infrastructure without
huawei’s inexpensive equipment. The ban affects rural telecom providers from
expanding upon existing, not 5-g networks. In response to this ban, huawei filed a motion
to speed up its ongoing lawsuit against the u-s. The company was already suing in federal court
in texas, but this motion to accelerate the proceedings could result in a faster ruling. And that ruling may decide whether or not
it’s unconstitutional for the united states to bar huawei from doing business in the country. The u-s government says huawei equipment allegedly
poses a security threat due to the company’s relationship with the chinese government. But huawei refutes these claims. That was a lot of information, i know. I hope you got through it okay. And if you want to clarify what the original
ban was about, we’ll link my video about it below, as well as some links so you can
learn more about this story. Thanks for watching this episode of tech feed,
if you liked this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. And let me know in the comments whether or
not you think this ban is warranted–and how it’ll play out. See you next time.

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7 thoughts on “How the U.S. ban on Huawei is affecting business | TECH(feed)

  1. just ban these suckers. hwawei is just another chinese government puppet like ZTE. remember ZTE? synonymous with corruption , foul business practices

  2. China is not going to compromise anymore, US government is too stupid, arrogant, and knows nothing about Chinese and Chinese history. China has spoken out the most serious phrase—NEVER SAY I DID NOT TELL YOU BEFORE, China ever said this phrase four times in history, first is before Korea war–year 1950, Second before war with India–year 1962, third before war with Soviet Union–year 1971, and lastly, before war with Vietnam–year 1979. This time round is not a military war, but is a war worst than the four wars before, the wars before was only limited in s small territory, but this so called trade war, technology war involve the survival, development of the whole China in a long run, we know Chinese does not behave like US, Chinese will not change anything if they have promised in the agreement, US can tear down the agreement anything they like, so China is in fact no point negotiate with such a nonsense government anymore, and is practicing all possibility to teach US government a good lesson, this lesson will be the same as the four wars before, China win, the other party lose, just "wait and see".

  3. Hi. Google and Intel ban supply to Huawei . Are they connected to US government. So , please don't interfere with other countries. If China, Germany ,Russia and EU are bad, US IS ALSO VERY BAD. IS ALL FOR MONEY AND TRADE. DON'T TELL LIES TO YOURSELF. MR TRUMP IS DAME GOOD, ALL OTHER LEADERS ARE FOOL. THEN YOU GOT VISIT A PSYCHIATRIST. OUR.

  4. This story reminds me of the David and Goliath one. Remember who won that. So don't count Hauwei out.

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