How the iPad Pro is CHANGING music production 🎶

– In time, right? Technology’s always going to advance and to the person who says, you know, it’s not possible
to be professional on an iPad in any type of creative,
everyday lifestyle, I say OK. You’re gonna see because
two years down the line, you’re gonna be the guy looking to jump in when everybody’s 10 miles ahead of you and your gig is gone. ♪ The Bizness ♪ (upbeat drum music) – [Narrator] This is Henny the Bizness, who needs no introduction, but has worked with the likes of Drake, Kendrick, the list goes on, and I got a chance to hang out with him and see how he now
produces all of his music on an iPad Pro. – I wanted to be able to create like I was 18 years old again, right? When I was young, I had one piece of gear. I had one keyboard. I was like, you know the
ideas would come quick. I’d be in school, I’d be in college and be around with my
boys and we could just vibe and kick it. But as you get older, as
you get more successful, you get more gear, you
get the best of the best and what happens? Your workflow slows down
because now you’re just looking for the best of the gear, right? Now you’re just looking
for the top-notch things and it slows you down. And when I initially got
on the iPad four years ago, I wanted something where I
could generate ideas quickly. Back when I first started, I was one the iPad Air 2 and I was using BeatMaker 2 and
I was showing a lot of the producers in the studio,
whether it be like PoLo Da Dawn or Jermaine Dupri, some of the guys out there in Atlanta doing music where I’m at, and word got around that
I was making this music on an iPad using a few little devices, a little midi keyboard and I got a call from this 305 number and I was like… Yo, this is Timbo the King
and I’m saying, so what? Right, I’ve never talked
to him a day in my life and you know he was telling me how much he enjoyed thinking
the idea of using an iPad and always, he’s always been
on the cutting edge of music. He’s always been on the cutting
edge of trying new things and so he wanted my take on it. And so we talked for almost an hour. We exchanged information, but from there it was just kinda like, you’re doing something right Justin. Just keep going. Just keep going. And so that was just another thing that had me like, OK, this is real, this can really work on
a professional level. Today was awesome. It was one of the days where for me it was a transcending moment of seeing the tech that I’ve been after and the career that I’ve had
start to really mesh together and we created some magic. We created some (muting) fire. I know we’re gonna bleep
that out, but it’s cool. It was just coming together
bringing really high-end tech with really, you know,
the next level of music and I believe that that is
with the iPad Pro for sure. So starting out, I started
with the app Block Suede, that’s my main app to kinda get ideas generated quickly. So it’s a bunch of loops
that I’m going through where I’m trying to find
that vibe, that energy. So I brought in mode bass and I literally sampled that into Block Suede. (hip hop music) Brought some keys and some pianos. You know, sampled that as well. And I started building the
percussion, building the drums, and had a good vibe. (piano-centric music) People ask me about the
CME Xkey Air all the time. It’s my 25-key Bluetooth keyboard. And when I first saw that keyboard, and I was like, this was made specifically for Apple products, right? It just had that look to it. It’s thin, it’s
lightweight, it’s Bluetooth, you can put it in your bag
right behind your laptop and the latency, right? The tactile feel of it,
you don’t feel any type of issues when it comes to
trying to get your ideas out. From there we exported
that and took the idea and brought it into BeatMaker 3. And then from there, I
took the loop that we had, we had a nice loop and we brought in the legend, Ken Lewis,
and he wanted to see exactly how that could work, you know, from a mixing
standpoint, mixing on an iPad. And I tried to give him a few tips, tried to see if it was real, and, you know, I think (muting) with me. So, at the end of the day I think, he saw the capabilities, I saw, you know, somebody who’s a legendary engineer be able to see the possibilities of what I do every day. (piano-centric hip-hop music) – That’s nice. – [Justin] Yeah. – That’s dope. (piano-centric hip-hop music) (synthesized keyboard) (chuckling) (synthesized keyboard) – When you automate on the fly, so like if you arm, I think
it’s too complicated right now. – Right, you can though. – But if I armed this and
in real time I could– – Yes.
– Manually that would record. – Yeah, that’s what you
call the midia, midia. Effect the midia, I think
that’s how you do that. – Yeah? Let’s hear that in the whole mix though. And then if I just want
to adjust the levels. – Yeah (muffled). (keyboard-centric hip-hip music) – So I could bypass the fuzz and then just get what it’s doing without it. (keyboard-centric hip-hip music) – It didn’t even dawn on me the fact that if you’ve been in the era of touching knobs and making
sure you’re getting the right type of mix kind
of from the way you feel it, the way you feel the buttons and the knobs and to be able to have
everything so tactile on an iPad, I saw, I saw it. It was like a thing just
went off in his brain, and he was like, yeah, this could work. – I never really thought I
would be doing this on an iPad. – Yeah.
– So… – But from your experience,
it’s very capable, right? – Yeah, I mean, the
thing I love about it is, it’s all tactile and I come
from old school analog. You know, you have 15-foot
mixing consoles in front of you and those have gotten smaller and smaller, but I’m still on an analog board, and one of the reasons
I’m on an analog board is because it’s all
tactile and I can touch it and work it and get the feel
for that musical connection that turning the knobs gives you and moving the faders gives you and it feels like one of the things I have always disliked about the mouse that’s kept me analog for so long is that that tactile
experience of being able to look at the whole console
and just grab whatever you want to tweak on the fly and to me, this is like the best
version I’ve seen so far of that in the box. – This I’m not–
– There you go, yeah. – I am definitely going to be
like taking this to the beach and putting the headphones
on with the controller and sitting there for
hours just making music and my favorite part is
the tactile response of it that I can just scroll around
and I can very easily select everything that I want to do and I don’t have to use a mouse to do it. That to me, I love that. It might be awesome to see
Dr. Dre on the iPad, right? I mean, the whole lineage
with Beats and Apple, and just the fact of somebody like Ken talking about his tactile. So to have him see it, to have him like, OK, I can really– You know, ’cause I know he
was one of the last to say, you know, I’m jumping into digital. Or I still love my tape, I still love my two-inch reels, I still
love my analog keyer, but to go full circle and say, I can mess with this, it
would be like, OK, yes. Like that the stamp of approval
from a producer for sure. (hip hop music)

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100 thoughts on “How the iPad Pro is CHANGING music production 🎶

  1. The funny thing is the average intellect of people nowdays to be thanking someone for there quality of production in making a commercial for them to watch like it’s amazing no pro music producer is giving up the equipment they use and replacing it with a iPad hahaha at best they might own one as a trinket and thing to record things fast witch it is a good product the iPad Pro but preying on young wannabe musicians with telling them this is cutting edge music production for them there are far better options cough MacBook cough than the IPad Pro this is being typed on a iPad Pro by way I love Apple products and have done audio recording as a hobby the difference in software complexity you can have for same cost with a x86 real computer platform over a arm based tablet is leaps and bounds and not even in same category, one day the arm will catch up but not until it’s the standard for the software and emulation isn’t needed are a half ass version of the software .

  2. I mean, with real photoshop coming to ipad, it would be cool to see real versions of something like ableton on ipad. That said, a reviewer i saw made a great point that the ipad COULD replace laptops, IF apple ever LETS IT replace laptops. They consistently hold it back from reaching the potential we all want it to, and its all so they can sell you osx devices.

  3. better bring some kind of wireless charger if you expect to use for hours on the beach. also you'd need to pay dr. Dre soooo much

  4. I'm confused … we can't see what is happening on the iPad screen … the whole video has us watching *from the other side*, except for 5 seconds at 6:06 … how does this help us understand what's going on? Am I missing something?

  5. Cool video, cool concept, but unfortunately the iPad Pro simply can't replace computers for music producers. There's a ton of reasons why the iPad won't. Although I do believe that the iPad will defo be somewhat of a companion to many producers in the future, and even now. Although I'll be honest if the iPad didn't exist, the music you hear would be no different. The iPad hasn't changed anything so the title is false information. – P.S. I've been a producer and artist in the music industry for the past 10 years with degree level education in music production.

  6. Anyone else having sound issues when connecting to a audio interface via usb? The noise floor has been considerably raised when trying to play audio over usb

  7. I still don't see what the ipads benefit is. I feel a million times more comfortable messing with a DAW with a mosue over a touchscreen. As an accessory absolutely, to turn knobs and shit, but never ever as the main device.

  8. but what if i wanna take this one step further does it export to protools/logic/etc mainstream daw files?or that i have to rebuild the whole thing again?….

  9. “This is the best video I’ve ever seen!!” Every idiot in this comment section. It’s literally like every other showcase video.

  10. Yo! Can someone tell what is that connected to his iPad on the side where you plug in the lightening cable? It’s a hub of some sort. Looks very convenient.

  11. Trendy bullshit. I KNEW they would mention taking it to the beach the first minute. Same old, same old…Greta Van Fleet think their original too.

  12. I liked his mentality of having just one piece of gear instead of always searching for the best. Gotta remind people that it’s not always the equipment it’s the user

  13. If Apple used the 3D Touch technology to get velocity sensitive MIDI data, that would be awesome! Guys check out my youtube channel I am a music producer. Just starting out on youtube.

  14. Why you always saying apple is the best! You should be more open to all types of devices if you're going to be a youtuber on reviewing devices. I know apple pays you but apple is going down! You're friend or boss can spy on you on facetime like come on lol iPad pro is coming out the box bent lol. This is a joke.

  15. How is this different from using a single surface or any other laptop….with touch it's just limiting inputs they keep talking about the touch can be done with most ultra light laptops.

  16. And I bet this was ad was I your recommendations. All these big name YouTubers commenting on this video too. Hahahhah marketing.

  17. The iPad Pro not a “pro device” BS. Just got the IPP. Sold my 15 inch MBP to make the jump. Main use is for school, photography, graphic design and social media management. But I have been dabbling in music for the past year. This device is truly the best. You just have to go all in

  18. Cool video but clickbait title – I just can't see how this is so "revolutionary". These exact things have been possible for years, why is it only special that the iPad can do it? Because it's Apple?
    That aside, a real musician knows if you want to go with basic tools then use a piano and staff paper, that's where ideas start.

  19. Love that video! Just as I wrote in my article series few years ago, our mobile devices will replace our computers!

  20. As a jazz keyboardist, I use an iPad Pro daily, but not for creation, it still is far too limited when you need large sample libraries. Making beats is a different process. If your music – and your production methods – work with the tools available, great, a lot of hip-hop and soul styles work beautifully with this workflow.

    i used to have fun seeing just how far I could get playing jazz or funk and recording a CD with nothing but what was available as free software on the PC and the iPad.. I didn't try to release it, that wasn't the goal, but it was a respectable product. The Pro is perfect for sheet music (I like iGigbook,there are others,), and iReal Pro as an instant accompanist or practice partner. But the quality, good or bad, is always up to the artist…

  21. This is the future and now the momentum to start on iOS. There are many great applications available. From FL Studio to Cubasis 2 to Korg Gadget, also BeatMaker 3, Akai iMPC Pro, Arturia and Korg and Moog synths, Fabfilter, AudioShare and AudioBus completes the music production like working on a desktop.

  22. all the things you can do on an ipad pro can be done on ipad 2 air 2, in the current time, ipad pro does not offer more !!

  23. Awesome video! Does anyone know what the wireless keyboard he uses is called?
    Saw the link in description now:)

  24. I felt like I was watching a mini documentary. Very well made with everything, +1sub

    btw is this an official song he made? I vibe with it hard 🔥 (starting around 2:40)

  25. You would be surprised to know that I have done DJ type scratches using the iPad via and app that many may have forgotten or wrote off! Also maybe it no longer works on the newer IOS. I started using this on the iPhone. When I got an iPad, THE ORIGINAL IPAD…. the same app from the phone worked in 2x on the iPad….The app is called ……BABY SCRATCh….They made another app called Baby Decks. The one that worked the best was BABY SCRATCH! Since the iPAD FIRST GEN..I have been using music creation apps in addition to daw remotes all the way up still now! To the man who mixes on the desk…he would love Auria Pro as it looks more like a console.Sadly its not been updated in quite some time. That is the sad part about IOS. many devs make great products that eventually go away or lock you into a IOS version due to the lack of updates for Higher IOS versions. I have been making music on IOS apps since the first IPAD.What worries me is the lack of daw remote apps to take advantage of the new IOS and IPAD OS. I think the Music creation apps are safe but the daw remote apps, there has been not a single update! Also the main app I use spread across all 12 of my iPads , the developer lost the dam code. So he cant update it. This means this apps use is stuck on IOS 10. Oh well! No one new has stepped up and tried to make something comparable. Avid has their app but omg its super ugly and hard to set up and often time crashes if your not using pro tools and even then it crashes. I wish I could post photos of what im talking about.. Logic also has their remote but its also kinda ugly and not really made for users of more than one iPad. its very ugly but very powerful if logic is your thing. Again I like having more than one ipad!

  26. Big up to u Jonathan for this one! Its one thing for a person to do the typical “tech” review of a product, but to bring music into the scenario like this. Damn, im lovin this!! This video was too fun to watch. I didnt want it to end!

  27. Nothing I dislike more than the "You better get this NOW or you're a looser" message used in this ad. The gentleman spouting off this opinion must come off like a smarmy "ain't I better than you" because how could he do otherwise when speaking this script? It's an embarrassment. Plus the very last thing I need to hear at the very beginning of a video is some dude giving me the "hard sell". The number one rule in marketing is "show, do not tell". Companies would do well in not treating customers as if they are idiots. Blah. I refuse to listen or watch past the 30 second mark.

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