How Technology Is Helping (and Hurting) Health Care

Great, so I’m here with Dr. Tejal Gandhi. We just finished a great WIHI, The Digital
Transformation: How Technology is Helping and Hurting Healthcare with you and both Bob
Wachter as our experts. So thank you for taking the time. One question that we didn’t get to, we touched
on the theme a little bit. Technology, we’re not there yet in healthcare,
there’s struggles, there’s frustration. People are not happy with technology in healthcare
yet. But you and Bob both had sort of a message
of hope. So let’s go there, why should people be hopeful
about technology in healthcare? Well, I think we should be hopeful about technology
for a couple of reasons. One, I think we have good evidence to say
these technologies can improve the quality and safety of the care we deliver. So no one’s saying we should go back to paper. We know that there’s going to be this value
that these technologies will bring. Second, I think there’s a lot of innovation
that’s happening now. Innovation within vendors, but really in the
whole technology community to improve the tools that we have. Third, if you look at other industries, and
Bob really highlighted this well during the WIHI, it takes time to optimize these kinds
of technologies. He read a very powerful quote about personal
computers and how unusable they were back in 1991, and yet look how they are today. So it’s unfortunate because it means yes,
we might be more in 1991 than today, electronic health records. But it also means that there is that future
state that we can aspire to and that it will happen with the innovation and other things
that are actively going on right now. Great, we look forward to getting there. Thanks so much. Thank you.

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