How Social Media Platforms Handle Political Advertisements | NBC News Now

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3 thoughts on “How Social Media Platforms Handle Political Advertisements | NBC News Now

  1. I do not believe that social media platforms are appropriate for political discussions …. ads are a form of propaganda… they are meant to deliver a message that is, more often than not, an attack on an opponent. If we are to put voters back in the drivers seat, a citizens network needs to be developed. Other western countries have this sort of thing. Not only is it used to learn about the candidate, it also provides a method of learning about upcoming policy changes. It allows everyone's input. As it stands now, social media limits any in depth discussions. It allows government officials to keep themselves in office by using their staff and budget against any challengers. It also allows for the same misinformation and targeting that we saw in 2016. Russia was not the only user of propaganda. The high money donors have been doing this way before social media. Now it is 1000x multiplied by social media. We either need to have much, much better safeguards against propaganda or pass a law outlawing political ads on social media.

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