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– Wassup it’s your girl
Brittany B and I blew a bag. (hip hop music) So, once upon a time there
was a girl named Brittany B and honey, she as working a nine to five. I was working at a
massage therapy company. So I was a Customer
Service Rep and I worked in Quality Assurance, because of
course I mean I’m quality so, (laughs) you gotta make
sure it’s quality right. I got a phone call from the
VP of Warner Music Group. And he’s like, “Yo, I got a
record that you did that I “want to cut on one of my
artist can you come down “and vocal produce them?” And I’m like, hell yeah right so (laughs). I tell him, he’s like, “Can
you be here in an hour?” Now mind you, I worked a shift
it was like 7:00 a.m to 4:00. He called me at like two. So he technically wanted
me to be there at three. So your girl is sitting there like, “How I’m gonna get out of work?”– Let me tell you something. I took the longest bathroom
break you could ever take. I was like “Yo I gotta
go to the bathroom boss.” And I never came back. End of story. Honey I flushed the job and
the toilet down the drain as I headed up out of there
to go work and get that real check okay. (hip hop track) So I knew I wanted to do
music for a really long time. I been singing since I
was about seven years old. Singing at recess and my
friends was like wow you have a good voice and things like that. I’m from Compton, California
so you know, it’s really not much out there in my
city except for like gangs, violence, drugs. You know, and for me
music was like my gift and it was something that kept me focused. I always had a nine to
five, always worked like call center jobs, admin jobs. I worked at 24 Hour Fitness
the graveyard shift. I went door to door I mean
yo’ girl was just working. But at night time I
would go to the studio. And so I remember getting a
call from one of the VP’s of the label and they were like,
“Come to the studio you can “use the studio from like
8:00 p.m to like 3:00 a.m.” So I would go in and I would
cut hooks I would cut songs and pretty much they just
kept calling me back you know what I mean like they loved
the records that I was doing. So eventually, they had some
artists that they wanted to place their records on. And that’s when I got that
call like, while I was working my job during my shift like,
“Yo, you think you can come “up to the studio and you
know, vocal produce a record “for somebody?” And I was like hell yeah
so that’s what I did. So I got a call from one of
my homies and he was like, “Yo, can you roll out with
me to Palm Springs to go “work with this artist?” And I was like, sure like
yeah I’ll roll with you. Cause at the time I was like,
hitting the studio at night, singing my background
gigs throughout the city, throughout LA, R&B live
different stuff like getting a 100 dollars here, 50 dollars there. But it wasn’t really cutting
it, you know what I mean so. Anyway, me and my homeboy
we pack our little bags, and we about to do a turnaround
trip to Palm Springs. So we get in the car and I’m
like “Yo who’s the artist that “we going to like drive so
far for to work on a record?” And he’s like, “It’s a new
artist name, Theophilus London.” And I’m like, okay cool, I
never really heard of him or whatever but he was
like really talented. So we get there, we arrive
kind of like at night. And I just remember meeting
this really cool guy from like the East Coast and
working on a bunch of records that night right, I’m
singing, I’m writing, I’m just doing what Brittany B does. And we end up turning back
around and coming back, and then I kept working my
job like, working my little 7:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m. Selling his insurance you
know picking up the phones, “Hello?” You know all
that stuff and so then, I remember maybe a couple of months later, I get a call from my homeboy. The same dude that I went
out to Palm Springs with. And he was like “Yo,
congratulations we got a placement.” And I was like huh, what you mean? ‘Cause we really didn’t do
that much work together, besides a couple of
sessions and that one trip. So I’m like all right cool,
tell me what the information is. And he like, yeah you got a
record with Kanye West on it. And I’m like, Kanye West? And he like yeah so I’m like
all right who’s the record so who’s like “It’s Theophilus
London featuring Kanye West and you’re on the record singing
backgrounds on the record and they taking us to the (mumbles) I’m like, what? So, at this point in the
game, I’m just like a new songwriter, no publishing
deal, no real management, just hustling on my own. I remember I started getting
approached by publishing companies and I ended up
doing a publishing deal. So I was super geeked
because they vetted me out, they went to the studio,
they heard all my records all that stuff. So we go through all the paperwork. Lawyer looks it over all that great stuff. Sign today, slice the cake,
take the little pictures, you know, all that good stuff. So my lawyer tells me, “Britt,
you gon’ get a deposit in “yo’ bank account.” And I’m like all right cool and she like “You know, your deal was for this much.” I’m like all right. I wake up, I remember
specifically I was living in a two bedroom apartment, and
I was still working my job and I had like maybe 200
dollars in my account. I woke up on Thursday morning, and it was, 100 thousand dollars plus
the 200 in my bank account. And I was like, oh my god
first of all I thought the Heavens was gonna open
up I was like (singing). Like this money, like wow
you know I’m looking at my account like is this a
mistake like, I don’t know. So the first thing I did was,
’cause I’m from the hood, I went to the grocery store. And I filled up my (laughs),
I remember filling up my refrigerator with everything I
mean, I had cakes and cookies and soda and juice and water. I booked the premium top
suite at the SLS (laughs). I’m eating sushi, I booked
liked a, I think it was like a seven day trip to Vegas ’cause
your girl had never been to Vegas before. So, I get this 100 thousand
dollars in my account, quit my job the next day and, first of all when you
sign a publishing deal, there’s actually a time
frame on the deal and then there’s also obligations of
course that’s how to use the money right. So my deal was like, I don’t
know, couple years, like a two year deal so, that money
supposed to last me for two years, guess how long it lasted me? Six months. (hip hop track) So the most money that
I ever spent in one day. I’d have to say I spent
about, 50 thousand dollars in 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes. I’ll tell you how I did that. I had a client who was an artist of mine. And they wanted to start,
build their own studio. And they enlisted me of
course, Brittany B, Boss Britt. To build out their studio. I had at that point
never seen a black car. (laughs) So I’m like all right cool, lemme see what I can do with this. So I go ahead and I go into
the guitar center honey and I want a mug, I’m
grabbin’ monitors ‘scuse me lemme get two of those, lemme
get three of them mics over there, I need a U 87 mic
for the back, I need uh– You know what I’m saying
I’m grabbing all the music equipment you can think of
okay and I’m like, charge it. (laughs) I’m tryin’ to make her
sound like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston so we don’t
need no cheap equipment over here all right so I
end up, literally going into the guitar center and I
walk in alone and I walk out with five men behind me
carrying big ol’ bags honey and we did spend, it’s five
men, and it’s ten grand in each of their hands okay we
done spend 50k for the day. And that’s the most money I ever spent. I think they got commission
so they was real happy they were trying to
feed me and everything, they was like “You need anything, water?” (hip hop music) I would say like, being an
African American woman in the music industry, I’m kind of
sort of a unicorn if that makes any sense because I write, I
sing, I rap, I produce and I A&R as well for a label
so, I wear a lot of hats. And what I notice is, that
often times I am overworked and definitely underpaid. (sighs) All I’mma say is I’m single
and I’m ready to mingle. (laughs) I don’t think it’s
necessarily hard to date, I think that men who can
handle a woman like myself a very strong-minded, motivated,
classy, young, attractive, sassy, boss-bitch like myself
it’s hard to find a man like that it is, they gotta,
they got to step it up. I’m tryna go, you know
what I’m saying, to catch. I’m trying to go to something nice. Okay there are two rules
that Brittany B lives by. One, I don’t let friends live with me. And two, I don’t let friends loan money. Okay, don’t loan them no money,
don’t let them stay with me. And I’mma tell you why. Those are the two ways to end
y’all friendships okay because I don’t play about my money
and I don’t play about where I live and where I lay my head. All right I need peace, and positivity. And I need my peace and my penny. Okay I need my peace and my paycheck. (hip hop music) Oh my god, now that I have
like, you know a little bit more money, little bit
more status in my life, which I’m extremely grateful for. I feel like, my momma, she think I’m rich. Like, she think I’m rich rich y’all. She be like, it’s crazy ’cause
I’m like on a t.v show now you know I’m doing television
and of course I’ve done some touring and things like that
and I got three gold records and I hit billboards– Oh shit damn, I might yeah,
she might think I’m rich ’cause of all that, I don’t know. No seriously, she thinks I’m
rich and it’s crazy because when we talk on the phone
I can tell because the conversation be like,
that like I think you rich conversation. So you know I’ll be like yeah
I went to the jacuzzi today, and she be like, jacuzzi? And I’ll be like yeah I went
to the jacuzzi today at my house and you know I just
needed to relax, I was on my feet all day and she’s
like wow like, jacuzzi. Because my mother like, she
still lives in Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, and I
live in Northern Los Angeles, Hollywood, and so she’s just
like, she’ll ask me questions like you know she’s like oh
you know, what did you watch today and I’ll be like oh yeah
I was watching this on t.v and she like, oh you watching
the game, oh you got the NBA package, you got the premium package? I’m like ma, it’s just an extra 29.99. Like you know what I
mean it’s not that much. (hip hop music) I am the newest star on
Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. I am Brittany B, the Bossed
Up Britt, the B stands for bags, okay and that’s exactly
what I’m about to be getting. I am super grateful happy to
be on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood I think it’s an amazing
franchise, I think it’s an amazing platform if you use it the way
that you’re supposed to use it and get your bag like, don’t
get caught up in the drama girl, like I said if it
don’t affect your pay it don’t affect your day. (hip hop music) Be on the lookout for me,
just a lot more music, a lot more placements I’m working
with a lot of great people Kash Doll, Summer Walker,
I’m working on The Fast and Furious soundtrack right
now, I’m working on of course Love & Hip Hop, I’m still A&R
for all your hottest artists at the label and more television, more me, more Brittany B, that’s it,
look out for it, the end.

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