How Serena Williams And Alexis Ohanian Spend Their Millions

Narrator: In 2015, Serena
Williams and Alexis Ohanian went on their first date, a six-hour walk through Paris before the French Open. At the time, it may have seemed strange: a tennis great and a
tech guru taking a stroll through one of the most
romantic cities in the world. But today, they’re recognized
as one of the richest and most famous couples in America with an estimated combined
net worth of $189 million. So here is how the power couple makes and spends their money. When he was just 22, Ohanian cofounded the social-media platform Reddit with his friend Steve Huffman. In 2006, they reportedly sold
it for at least $10 million. In 2014, Ohanian rejoined the company as an executive chairman. Today, his creation is the
third-most-visited website in the US, valued at $3 billion. He’s also branched out from Reddit, cofounding Initialized Capital, a venture capital firm that
manages $500 million in assets. He’s also worked with
Breadpig and Hipmunk. Ohanian paid tribute to his heritage with the 2018 launch of
Shakmat, an Armenian brandy. In 2018, his net worth totaled $9 million, while Serena’s net worth is
an estimated $180 million. Her financial success
comes as no surprise. With the most Grand Slam
titles of any player, Serena Williams dominates the sport. Throughout her career,
she’s won 72 titles, winning 796 matches and only losing 133. Tennis players make a lot of money when they win a tournament title. Just for reference, in
2018, US Open winners were awarded $3.8 million each. Serena’s career prize money
alone totals $88 million, which is $50 million more than any other professional women’s tennis player. But she makes even more
from sponsorship deals. In 2004, she signed a five-year, $40 million endorsement deal with Nike, and she’s since signed other
deals for undisclosed amounts. Williams also has
sponsorships with Gatorade, Beats by Dre, Aston Martin,
Intel, Wilson, and more. Forbes estimates that she
earns $18 million a year from her endorsements. And she’s turned some of that money into other business opportunities. She and her sister Venus bought stakes in the Miami Dolphins and the UFC, and she even launched
her own clothing line. The couple’s combined success allows them to lead opulent lives. They met in 2015 at the
Rome Cavalieri Hotel, which houses Rome’s only
three-Michelin-star restaurant. A month later, they had their first date, that jaunt in Paris I told you about. After the date, Williams would go on to win the French Open to
complete her 20th Grand Slam. They kept their relationship quiet, but throughout 2016, Ohanian became a very outspoken tennis fan on Instagram. After a few months, he
debuted on her Instagram, captioned as “the nerd.” Then, he became a regular on her feed. At the end of 2016, Ohanian
proposed at the Cavalieri where they first met. Her ring is reportedly
worth more than $2 million. In 2017, the couple
welcomed their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian,
Jr., into the world. And she’s living the good life. She wears Burberry dresses, goes yachting, and even hangs out with tennis
stars like Novak Djokovic. And at 3 months old, she
became the youngest person to grace the cover of Vogue. The family lives in a $6.7
million home in Beverly Hills. A month after their daughter was born, the couple tied the knot in a luxurious wedding in Louisiana. Serena wore $3.5 million worth of jewelry and changed designer dresses three times. Their guests included
Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian West, and many more. The power couple even had a carousel in the middle of the room. For all of their opulence,
the duo is very philanthropic. Williams started the Serena Williams Fund to promote equity for all people. She’s also a United
Nations Goodwill Ambassador and has supported Colin
Kaepernick’s activism. Ohanian is outspoken about digital rights and was part of a group
that donated $1.75 million to a nonprofit that teaches tech skills. Since that walk in Paris, they’ve
been extremely successful, but they know that family comes first. Serena Williams: It was definitely hard, but it’s also so fulfilling. I just feel like life is just better now, even though I’ve had so
much success in my life. I just feel like it’s just better now.

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  2. Oh han NYAN! Never trust a report that doesn't make an effort to research how to pronounce names correctly.

  3. 0:23 Why is there a creepy old guy in a red dress checking invitations? Couldn't someone that can actually see the invitations do that before the guests get in line?

  4. It's a shame athletes get that much money. Of course, as most money goes in sports and entertainment business but I think it's too much.

    To avoid confusion: I am not saying entertainment is useless, or that they do not work hard. Surely they need to get paid. Not even saying they should get same amount of money as your average cashier. But in those quantities? Major part of the world lacks basic needs. We created this system that's not natural or ethical where entertainment is more valuable than human life. Theres a lot of money in the world used in nonsense while extremely unsettling things are happening due to poverty. I think this whole system is twisted.

  5. Man its their money….let them do whatever want…if want some random ass shit poor donate from ur pocket

  6. His net worth is $9 000 000 but the ring was $2 000 000. This guy spent 22% of his net worth on a ring?!!!!!

  7. 1:24 it's kind of sad that Federer has won less titles than Serena Williams just because he plays against harder competition


  9. Her equity for all people charity fund is really 9.99% for blacks. And it's really just a way of washing her money. Just saying.

  10. i see alot of people talking about Ohanian ''reportedly' spending 2 mil on a wedding ring, when his net worth ''reportedly' is 9 million. no one knows how much he is worth and probaly owns a decent % of reddit since he co founded it and now is executive chairman. don't think he we would spend 2 million on a ring if his net worth were 9 mil

  11. You have ohanians networth way off, if he had a stake in reddit thats worth 3b and a vc that has 500m aum, than hes prob worth north of 100m

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  13. Jesus Quincy Adams! Of course he wanted a date and marry her, his fortune was 8 million dollars in 2018. Ha!
    Who can believe this bullshit he is in love with her? He is in love of her money.

  14. I'm just happy that they found each other. So happy for them. It's not about the $$$$$$ but the love.
    Hi, Olympia.
    Ms. Frann

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