How NOT to Buy a Gaming PC

– Hey guys, this is Austin. Today, we’re going to find out how not to buy yourself a gaming PC. After years of doing custom builds I have one question. Is it possible to get a decent gaming PC from a big-box store? This is an area we’ve checked out before. A few months ago, we picked up a $750 pre-built system from CyberPower that actually wasn’t bad. But this time, we wanted
to step up the challenge. What would happen when
we walk into a store with $600 and asked to see what they have? – Um, so I’m kind of looking for a, like, gaming PC for around $600. – This is Ken. He usually
lives behind the camera, but today he has a mission. – Immediately, the salesman
offers him a $750 CyberPower PC. You know, the one we just did a video on, and definitely not inside the $600 budget. Soon, however, another option comes up. – Oh that’s, that’s really good. People must really like it. Okay. – Oh wow. Okay. Do you mind if I call my dad first? – Sure
– Cool. Dad, AMD FX-4300, eight gigs of RAM, one terabyte, 7200 RPM hard drive, RX 460 – $450? – $450. – That’s not crazy for $450,
but it’s not really good. – Dad doesn’t approve. Okay, let’s uh, I guess
we’ll keep looking then. See if he was my real dad
he’d get me a GTX 1080 Ti. Do you want anything? – One Starbucks excursion later, Ken was on to another big-box PC store where the halls were filled with promise. Well, if you looked hard enough at least. – Oh really. – Oh well yeah, I’d imagine. Let me actually call my dad first. Core i3-6100T 8 gigs of RAM, 1 terabyte hard drive, GTX 750 Ti. – 750 Ti? – Yeah, for $449. – That is really old system. 750Ti is like three generations old. – That’s what I thought. – See that’s not crazy terrible for $450, it’s not going to be very good though. – Are there any other alternatives? – Yeah so, originally it was $700, and I think he’s going to take off like 30 or 40 bucks because it’s a floor model. So the graphics card is basically worth more than half of the
price of this computer. I’m like, that’s actually not a bad deal. – All right, that
actually doesn’t look bad. So, HP Pavilion, you can
see the Core i5 sticker, – Yep.
– What’s the deal? – So, this is an HP Pavilion something something something something. – (laughs) Sounds about right. – A really long name. It has a Core i5, RX 480. – 480, okay. – Eight gigabytes of RAM.
– Alright. – It has a 1 terabyte hard drive, with a 128 gig M.2 SSD.
– Oooh. Okay. So how much was this? – It was $664. – That seems like a pretty good deal. So you said it’s a 480, it’s a Core i5. Is that Skylake, is that Kaby Lake? – Is that older?
– Uh, 6400? – So Skylake. Okay.
– Skylake, yeah. – So it’s a little bit of an older system. Probably like a 2016. Why did you get a floor unit? – Because this was the only
one that they had left. Because everyone, apparently,
that was looking for– – Oh, cryptominers. – Yeah. Everyone that was looking for those cards just swiped the computers for the cards. Probably just sold everything else. – This is a very small 480,
it also has no branding on it, so I wonder who actually made the card. A 300 watt power supply! Well it’s an 80PLUS bronze unit. 300 watts actually is,
that’s really low for a 480. Um, I bet it probably just barely works. Oh dude, there’s a card
reader and USB-C up front? – Wait, USB-C?
– Yeah, right there. – Oh wow, I did not even see that, wow. – For like $660 this seems
like a pretty good deal, I mean you’ve got wifi, you’ve got an SSD, you’ve got a solid graphics card. Congratulations, you successfully defeated the big-box stores. But, I actually want to see what we can actually do with this. I bet it’s actually going
to be pretty good at gaming. First test will be Rocket League. And I have a good feeling about this. So right now, yeah, we’re at 122 frames per second on high at 1080. So what were you expecting when you went into (bleep) and, er
sorry, (clears throat) Uh, random PC part retailer, what were you actually expecting? – Um, to get scammed? – Next we have Dirt 4. Now this is another
game that’s fairly new, but I think the 480 should be able to handle it pretty well. Um, when you look at a system like this for about like $650,
what you’re getting here is something that you
really should be able to play at 1080 on high with most games. – Right. To be fair, all those
stores that we visited had options that were
just really overpriced, that were basically like that, like we’re talking, $1,000 for like a 1060 – And you obviously want to
avoid that kind of stuff, right. I think the mid-range is a little bit more of the sweet spot, of
when you’re buying something that’s pre-built, it
can actually sometimes make a little bit of sense, as I go flying off into
the woods. (laughs) So next we have
Battlegrounds, and since Ken is way better at this game than I am, why don’t you take it away? – Yep. – What settings can we actually play on? – Let’s find out. – Because Battlegrounds, I
know it’s been getting better with optimization, but it still does not run very well. – No, it’s pretty awful
on like a lot of systems. – Well it’s defaulting to 1080 high, that’s not bad. – I mean, we can see how it plays first. – It’s a little bit loud. But then again, I mean, it’s a fairly powerful
graphics card in what is not a super well-ventilated case, so. – Yeah – This is actually running
really well though. Again, 1080p high, we’re
getting 50-60 frames which on PUBG, I think
is actually not bad. – Not crazy. – Ken, Ken!
– No, ah, dammit. – He didn’t even see you, what was that? (Ken laughs) – All right, so Ken, what
is your conclusion here with this whole experience of trying to actually get a decent
pre-built gaming PC? – The deals exist. Keep your eyes peeled. That’s really what it comes down to. – (laughs) Such great advice. Just pay attention, and life will be okay. – Hey look, there are a lot of people that will egg on you for
getting a pre-built PC when sometimes, maybe
it is the better deal. – This is a good deal. You did a good job. I know you had to shop
around a little bit, you had to argue with some salespeople, but you’re able to get
a system that honestly is a better deal than
what you could actually, could get on your own. So I ran the numbers on this, and if you tried to
build this system today, now mind you it would
be a little bit nicer, with a Kaby Lake i5, and an RX 580, but it’s going to cost you around $870. Now mind you, that 580 is
way overinflated in price, but even once you cut that down, you get rid of some
stuff like the DVD drive, and the wifi, you’re
still looking at something that’s going to cost you over $700, which is more than what you paid for this. So, what do you guys
think about how Ken did with the pre-built gaming PC? Honestly, I think you actually did a lot better than I was expecting. So.
– Thanks, dad. – Anyway, let us know that you
think in the comments below, and we will catch you on the next one. Well, maybe I’ll catch
you in the next one. Ken will probably be behind the camera, like usual, but, you know. – The way it should be (Austin laughs)

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100 thoughts on “How NOT to Buy a Gaming PC

  1. I got my ibuypower prebuilt at Best Buy on sale for $800 and change. I've had it for two years and have been very happy.
    It has 2tb HDD, 120gb ssd boot drive, i5-7400, GTX 1060 6gb and 16gb ddr4 2400 ram. Zero complaints.

  2. Was my coputer worth it 1050ti adn i5 3470 8gt ddr3 1tb hdd 250gt ssd nothing else to think about only 400€

  3. My cousin built a really good pc for my family for free because I don’t know anything about pcs

  4. I got a great PC (atleast for me) for only 500 euros. Specs are:
    Core i5 7400 3.00GHz
    GeForce GTX 1050
    8 gigs of ram
    1TB hard drive

  5. He’s the customer you’d see walking into store and just fucking dread talking to him because he’d try to teach you about the tech

  6. I made a budget setup for friends if they come over.
    I live in the Netherlands and 'marktplaats' is like the dutch Ebay, that is where i could find stuff for cheaper so it would fit in my budget.

    500 euro budget
    Pc (400 euro)
    Ryzen 3 2200g
    Rx 570gb
    16gb ram
    512gb ssd
    450 watt power supply
    B450idk stuff motherboard

    Monitor (50 euro)
    75hz 1080p 1ms response time

    Budget gaming razer (38 euro)
    (Keyboard, mouse, headset)

    All for 488 euro
    (540 US dollar)

  7. I5 3570
    Gtx 1050ti 4gb
    8gb ram
    Windows 10
    Its 300 dollars and on ytb it seems that it can run most games on high/ultra from 40 to 60/65 fps.Can anyone help me.Any help is appreciated,thank you😄

  8. Yep I bought rly bad povilion hp laptop it's so bad that it can even play Roblox xd it's lag so much and it's new 2017 -_- so idk how I gona sell it and buy better one

  9. In 2014 I upgraded my Dell Precision t3500 to an XPS 8700 for less then $800 bucks and I bought it at Costco so I got Dell's pro support for zip, zilch, nada. That's 3 years protection. It came with an i7 4790, 8 gb ram and a lousy but useful Geforce 750ti, I swapped that out for an r9 280 and dual raid0 Samsung ssd and we still use it today. Granted we've upgraded the video to a 1070 for better rendering, and ram to 24gb but that computer has been reliable.Amazingly rock solid. It's 100% true I might have been able to build most of it for about the same price, but having that pro support package was in my opinion a wise investment. I usually spend upwards of $150 on my Latitude laptops just for that option alone.

  10. My regular desktop has an i7-6700, 16 gb of ram, and intergrated graphics lmao. I got a graphics card, gtx 1050ti, and it basically is a gaming pc now

  11. The used market is your friend, I got a 2017 razer pro 17 with 1060 32 gigs ram and 120hz display for just a bit more money. It is also pretty easy to snag a decent grade business desktop at an auction and slap a GPU in it. You might have to get a PSU too, but it is really not that bad. I don't see any difference in the used market vs old shelf products when you normally do a fresh install and or an SSD upgrade anyways. This wasn't always the case, used to be older stuff +4 years was nearly useless, but even an i3 core is pretty useful. Gotta hunt down those market place treasures.

  12. I bought it 2 mins ago and so far it can run cool math games at 494,967,385 frames per nano second, overall good buy but i wanted at least 500,000,000 fpns

  13. I’m a total noob at PC knowledge but I really wanna get into PC gaming. I was going to go for a pre built because I’ve never built one. But either way I go, pre built or building myself I have no idea what’s good or bad? I wanna stay below 800$, and only want it for lite PC gaming. Steam games that aren’t available on console. Ex. American truck simulator. ( please don’t laugh) lol. Any help with information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

  14. Could you try running rust on the low cost pc so I can if I can run rust if I got that pc or somth8ng close to it

  15. I bought the hp pavilion at Amazon with a gtx 1060, an i7, 16gb ram and 2TB hard drive for $900(bought it 3 years ago still works like new)

  16. People trying to switch to pc language
    Austin: this pc has djdrjrufickaalwoejrhfhhdbdbdb and a djeiorpfpfpapapa also figootrina

  17. I3 9100f with mobo around 180 usd which is better than i5 6600k plus 110 usd for 1x 16gb ddr4 3200mhz of ram. Another 120 usd for a case and psu . 40 usd cpu cooler plus 153 usd for a used gtx 970 ;D. 59 usd for an 256gb western digital green m.2 SSD + 35 usd for HHD 1tb western digital black my first built.

  18. I just got a dell inspiron gaming desktop for 700 1tb hdd 8gb on board ram w an added 16gb of intel optane ram to simulate the speed of an ssd, a gtx 1060, 7.1 surround sound, vr ready, and an optical drive 💀😂 its a beast for fortnite

  19. How to buy a desktop PC:


  20. I die a little when I see kids make their parents buy them bad pcs to play fortnite….. I see this a lot at Walmart…… They ask the workers if it runs fortnite then they point them to the 1500$ desktop with a gtx1060 but the worker knows nothing so they just bring up the GB storage … High GB means it's for gaming

  21. BB help sucks. $600 budget? I have one for $750… said that thinking (they always lowball 20% when they come in here). Also… 1T hard drive? Perfect for… gaming? Hmmm? Hey… it's got 4.6 reviews and we all know how BB reviews are like fried gold.

  22. Wow I think I have the worst laptop in the world now just cause it can even run pubg or rocket league wow I almost cried now I'm questioning my life trying to play one game with no lag at least bad graphics

  23. I'm building a new PC with an RX 570, Ryzen 3 1200, 12 gigs of DDR4 3000mhz ram, a 1 terabyte HDD, and a 120 gig m.2 SSD for booting up quick.
    Conclusion, watch some PC building tutorials and you just saved yourself like a 300 dollar service fee 90% of the time.

  24. Got Ryzen 5 2600 and Rx 570 with 2 terabytes HDD and 240 gigabytes SSD for $550 prebuilt. In my country that would cost around $650 if i bought it in parts

  25. As a sales person, the last thing I wanna hear is "let me call my dad". Then the dad never approves so it's like, "why waste my time". Haha

  26. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 on a asus 350 plus motherboard and a rx580 8gb.

    Costing me $380 Which i think isn’t too bad. 🧐🧐

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