How Nimses used Pewdiepie to promote its privacy dystopia

Okay let’s pause it right there. Let’s talk about Nimses recently promoted
by Pewdiepie without falling into the pit of conspiracy theories and without personally
attacking Felix. What is Nimses? Nimses would have you believe it’s an American
company. But make no mistake about it. It’s a Ukrainian social media platform that
is trying to penetrate Western markets. Nimses is incorporated in Delaware, which
is ranked among the best and most convenient states to incorporate your company in the
US if you are a foreign entity. Nimses’ strategy to win against the dominance
of the Facebook/Instagram empire is trying to lure users in by offering them a virtual
currency for their time spent on the platform. This sounds like a novel idea, even to Felix. But it is not., which is a pro-free speech open
source social network, also rewards its users with points for every activity on the platform. Minds is also privacy focused, which means
they are not deploying trackers to mine your personal and location data to monetize the
hell out of your existence. Nimses, on the other hand, presents itself
as a geolocation app and it is impossible to use it without broadcasting your live location
feed to the company’s servers at all times. Their privacy policy is quite honest about
PROCESS YOUR DATA AT ALL, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SERVICES. Unlike Minds, Nimses relies on 49 cookies
to deliver its service, most of them purposed for analytics and targeted advertising. So how does Nimses plan to succeed in the
world of privacy invasive and speech controlling social media? By respecting your digital rights and speech? No. By paying you for using it. At least virtually. The concept of offering virtual monetary incentives
to grow one’s user base in exchange for their private information is a logical evolution
from the advertiser-centered Web 2.0. The market for human attention is oversaturated. People are increasingly becoming aware that
they are paying for a free service with their data. But if you give some of that ad-generated
money back to the users without whom you’d have no data to monetize, you might create
an illusion that people are getting a better deal on your network than on Facebook. So how is Nimses going to do this? Nimses generates one nim every minute of your
life on the platform. This virtual currency is centrally controlled
by the company and its value doesn’t seem to be backed by anything other than what the
company currently says. With traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
or Litecoin, you are in control of your coins, the network stands on the consensus of all
its stakeholders, and the value is backed by the market. There is no central authority in control of
the Bitcoin network nor the value of bitcoin itself. It’s easy to create your own virtual coin. The harder part is to persuade people of its
value. That is what caused the cryptocurrency bubble
burst last year that Bitcoin is still recovering from. Too many people created their own coins to
fund their app development projects or shady schemes but ultimately failed to back the
value of their own creations. Nimses promises to create an ecosystem of
goods and services that you could spend your nims on. The more people sign up for Nimses, the more
people could potentially use nims and hence, the demand would raise the value of nimcoin. But there’s a catch. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are valuable
because they are scarce. There is a maximum of 21M possible bitcoins
in circulation and there will never be a single satoshi more. Bitcoins are not generated but rather mined
by solving complex algorithmic functions. With nims however, there doesn’t seem to
be a cap. As more nimcoins are generated with time and
as the number of users increases, the amount of nims in circulation will also increase. And thus Nims will never be scarce. If Pewdiepie’s wish came true, then your
only opportunity cost of spending your nims is time. The more time passes, the less value your
nims have because in the process of endless money generation time is on the side of inflation. If you are not familiar with the concept of
virtual currencies, imagine if the US Federal Reserve began printing $1 for each American
every minute of their life. Not just giving them $1, but actually printing
a new note each minute for each American citizen. For a while, it would seem everyone has more
money. So they would go spend it on their favorite
goods and services. Which would increase a demand for those products
so much their suppliers would run out of stock and would have to increase prices. Which means your same $1 banknote would now
buy less stuff. But the Fed would still print you more notes,
so that would make up for the difference. Until another price increase happens. And then you’d need even more dollars to
buy even less stuff. Until you realize the green papers you are
holding in your hand have no value because they are not limited by scarcity. They are abundant. And there is nothing you can do because the
Fed just keeps printing more. A sustainable concept for Nimses instead of
automatically rewarding each user with a time-generated coin would be to use a computational power
of their users’ devices to mine nims, of which there would be a capped amount. Only then would demand for Nims legitimately
grow their value and users could safely use this currency for real purchases. But there is no game in that.Mining cryptocurrency
wouldn’t necessarily incentivize spending more time on the platform. But Nimses needs your activity. Because they need your data. That’s how they make money. Rewarding users with a virtual currency that
may or may not have any value whatsoever is the main selling point of Nimses. It doesn’t seem the company would change
anything substantial about this. And other than that, Nimses has nothing special
to offer, because it’s your average run-of-the-mill privacy invasive, speech policing, centrally
controlled social media app. Felix got very defensive when his 9yo army
criticized his sponsorship choice on his subreddit. I would actually agree with this advice if it was delivered in a less condescending
way. It’s like we are not allowed to criticize
privacy invasive design decisions. In the age of digital surveillance, do we
really need more privacy invasive social media platforms? Or should we be more concerned with finally
securing the inherently insecure Internet that the modern world so fundamentally relies
on? There is a reason advertisers are so hungry
for your data. It works. Data-driven targeted advertising is extremely
efficient at squeezing more money from you. Whether it’s a targeted manipulation from
political campaigns, or algorithmically raising prices for products that you need and lowering
them for those that you don’t, marketers are hungry to know you personal data. And in this arena, Nimses is a privacy nightmare. It was very unfortunate when Felix dismissed
all criticism of the Nimses app as spreading misinformation. Especially when somebody on Pewdiepiesubmissions
posted a decompiled APK of the app revealing some its intrusive permissions. We’ll get to that in a minute. Can Nimses track you even after you uninstall
it? Yes, it can. Not as an app. But as a company. They can use your personally identifiable
information and your device information to continue tracking you through their outside
trackers and third parties. This practice is known as shadow-profiling
and Facebook has been doing the same for ages. It’s a practice deserving all the backlash
and criticism. Here is a list of permissions posted on the
subreddit thread. Felix’s justification is that everyone does
it so it must be okay. It’s your ordinary social media app and
that’s how it goes so you deal with it. But that’s exactly the whole point. Nimses is like Facebook on steroids. Among many permissions that Felix so condescendingly
dismissed as totally harmless, are access to your camera, microphone, your location
through all possible means – GPS, WiFi and cellular network, and your contacts. Now I agree that most law abiding citizens
should not worry too much about the app’s access to your camera or microphone, unless
you are politically active or a journalist. However, real time access to your precise
location in all three dimensions alongside access to your phonebook should give everyone
a pause. Nimses is not shy about using this information
to study your behavior and build profiles from the collected data. Its privacy policy even lays out this example:
if a user frequently attends a dental clinic, Nimses can make some conclusions about the
health of the user and the user can see some promotional offers of dental clinics. This information is not going be kept secret. Nimses reserves the right to share your data
with third parties, including advertisers. Although they claim this data is only aggregated
and cannot be used to identify a particular person. Obviously, Nimses is never going to disclose
how exactly they are protecting individual data before transferring it. Even if it is anonymized, which in itself
is a vaguely understood and inefficient practice, any advertiser can use the data and match
it with their database to easily re-identify particular individuals. How is your health record going to impact
the price of your private health insurance? Or the interest on your savings account? Nimses also has a right to sell your private
data to whomever acquires their company, or whoever Nimses merges with. The highest bidder can come from anywhere
in the world. Are you comfortable with giving a precise
history of all the locations you ever visited with Nimses installed on your phone to anyone
who is willing to buy it? Selling access to all your contacts and friends
is the root problem behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal with Facebook. 87 million users were affected by having their
data used for a political campaign without their knowledge or consent when only a few
hundred thousand people actually downloaded the app because the same policy used to be
a practice at Facebook. The fact that Felix presents protecting your
own privacy as something ancient or completely unreasonable, is deeply troubling. Of course privacy matters. Not for its own sake. But for the damage absence of privacy could
cause you if your personal information fell into the hands of people with an interest
against you. How damaging would it be if somebody uploaded
a livestream of Pewdiepie’s day in life without his knowledge or consent? How would the media react to how Felix lives
his life, what he said, places he’s been to and people he met? At a time when we start realizing social media
are probably doing more harm than good to our society, is it really so innocent to promote
yet another social media platform that is reinforcing the same broken practices? None of this is to criticize Pewdiepie’s
personality, nor is it to say Felix is a worse person because he promoted a privacy invasive
social media app. But I feel like the position of protecting
your own privacy and holding platforms accountable for bad data practices needs be defended. I am not too worried about privacy. I am more worried about the fact that knowledge
is power. I don’t like the idea of someone having
that power over me. And that’s why I protect my privacy.

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100 thoughts on “How Nimses used Pewdiepie to promote its privacy dystopia

  1. You no doubt probably heard about the Google whislteblower situation. Hoping you make a video about that as you're always a great source of information.

  2. Felix has a knack for generating clicks, that's about it. I wouldn't trust him to understand most things aside from how YouTube works, and I would approach stuff advertised by influencers like him very carefully. cough KONY 2012 cough BetterHelp cough

  3. whhaaaaat???? a social media app with the exact same data succ as every other social media app????

  4. Hi just wondering about Qubes OS. I have watched some of your earlier videos about it and I have a few questions to ask:

    1) Can you install and create new template VMs , and if so how do you do that?
    2) Can you open and use the Template VMs as standalone desktop operating systems such as Windows and other Linux Distributions like you would on Virtualbox or VMWare?

    3) How do you install new applications and programs on it without having to use a terminal, if there is such a way?

    I am interested in this operating system and have been doing some research on it. I was thinking of using it for the reason being that I can use both Windows and Linux while also being secure and anonymous. I really like your videos and enjoy your content. You give really good tips and advice on being online. As one last thing I was hoping you could do a video on how to use the operating system and show some of things that I asked about. I hope things are going well for you and thanks for the videos. Have a good one! 🙂

  5. 7:16 Felix is not intending to stop the criticism, but He showed that those observations from that person were somewhat dumb and aren't leading to a bigger problem, because to him a lot of those permissions were common sense in terms of a social media platform, which seeing what they are, it is!
    Of course this doesn't mean the app isn't doing anything harmful, but coming from a common outside view, Felix doesn't see what it could be, at least from the "proof" that was given to him, which coming from what those were, yeah, those could legitamately not be problematic seeing what those permissions were, Felix is only going through common sense with the background that it is with neutral intent.

    Again, doesn't mean Nimses isn't bad, just means, the "proof" Felix was given wasn't sufficiently-exclusive enough to confirm that it is tracking your data without you knowing, using your device in ways you don't know, etc…
    Obviously if Felix eventually realizes "Oh I guess this isn't the greatest app to advertise or be sponsored by" He would definitely stop advertising or showing it, or at least retract anything that would be done with Nimses at any point in the future.
    Felix isn't some sellout junky, He just knows that a lot of people are always weary of apps that "track your data" and many of those apps are being uninstalled for sensationalized reasons like "THEY'RE TRACKING YOUR DATA SCARY" type of stuff and Felix just has seen so much of that, that it is common to see people who are not giving sufficient data and proof to prove that this app is really a scheme.

    The only error Felix had here is that He didn't look more-thoroughly by himself (at least from what I know after He made the video that replied to those who talked about Nimses' privacy-invasive features) to determine whether or not it really is something He shouldn't be supporting, as far as I know He is still fine with it, because to him you as a person He is showing the app to, is smart-enough to choose whether or not you allow this app and download it, because moving that out of the way, it is just a social media app with it's own currency, the validity of the currency and the community is out of the question since it was brought relatively-recently to Felix, only now that Felix should be able to realize that this really isn't something He should be advertising or being sponsored by, not because He thinks it's bad, but because it might be harmful to many people who are less-aware.

  6. What is the problem with targeted adds?
    I would prefer to see an add for something I want than something I have no interest in.

    They aren't doing anything else with the data other than marketing and enforcing security.
    The government don't use the information to tack you unless they have reason to as it would be computationally inefficient.
    The only reason they would is if they think you are likely to commit a crime.

    They aren't going to leak information of you to the public,
    people don't even see this information as it is controlled by bots.

    In saying this, I do understand the concern over access to other peoples private information but as long as it is kept in check and is only used for addvertisement and security purposes I think it is actually beneficial.

  7. Hm, i'd think google and youtube both *watch( programs not people ) what you do and give specifically tailored ads via algorithms due to the direct connections with what i've searched on private tabs.

    It's mildly unsettling, but really they only seem to use it for ads so it can't do any harm, it's just annoying sometimes.

  8. I don’t agree with it, but it is true that Instagram and Facebook pretty much do the same thing. I’m not using this to defend it, but it’s no less safe than almost any other social media

  9. Ok but the thing is, Felix means, yea this app isn't secure and it kinda sucks but so does Facebook and they don't pay you

  10. Noticed this channel today and already love it. Spread the truth is top priority for sanity and life preservation 🙂

  11. I've noticed something about this channel that is sort of weird. Whenever he is pointing out a bad app/program, he always brings up a "better" one as a replacement idea for it and compares the two, showing how much better the other app is. He never just talks about the bad points of an app, he's always shoving another app in your face like, "oh here, here's a great app that would be a great replacement, so you should get that and uninstall this." These videos are starting to seem very biased and externally influenced, if you know what I mean. I mean this seems like great content and all, but I'd fact check before solely listening to this guy. He could just be sponsored by these companies, like minds in this example.

  12. Not gonna lie I’m mad at Felix. He is acting like i know everything and you don’t. Rather he should have looked in to it even if a little. He was blatantly ignoring or pushed away all the criticism.

  13. this infinite inflation is like wow(literally) the infinite generated money causes so much inflation that even the cheapest thing becomes so expensive that you cant buy

  14. Felix's defense of nimses is like someone at the top of a pyramid scheme saying all business are like that so the scheme can't be criticized

  15. I agrred with most of what you said, just one thing. 7:10 I don't see that as being condescending, that's just how he tries to be funny.

  16. Maybe when you uninstall it, not all files are uninstalled. It's like the Cheatbreaker Client for Minecraft– its uninstall program was made to leave its surveillance programs.

  17. Nimses is a Ponzi scheme, y'all. Bitconnect ran under the same baseline system, once people stop joining and nimses runs out of the nims they've generated from interest (their profits ultimately coming from users themselves), the system will collapse. It may happen in a year or ten, and that's not to say that people aren't getting what they were promised, but the type of system nimses runs off of is built to collapse. They generate their profits and the rewards they give out to their users (which are legitimate) from their users, once new people stop joining the whole hierarchy buckles. People are going to be losing money on this just like bitconnect.

  18. The government printing money? Everyone feels like their rich? 30% inflation rate in 4 years? God this sounds like western-Europe, haha.

  19. U know, I'd rather use steemit. Much better and everything is secure and encrypted. U can post any content and earn money based on likes

  20. Whaaaaat Pewdiepie is spreading misinformation, lying to make that paycheck and slandering people? Who would have thought?

  21. I mean, Pewdiepie wasn't disregarding privacy importance. I think he was simply referring how people were pointing out this one when probably those same people have apps in their phone with the same exact issue.

  22. Just the fact that an Idiot like this (Pewdiepie) has the most followers on youtube shows you the sorry ass state of our Era.

  23. Am I the only one who doesn;t understand why targeted advertising is a bad thing? If the only consequence to me downloading an app (Not even nimses I don't use it)is that I get ads more relevant to me, who cares? Let's say I didn't know about company A's product X, then I got an ad I wouldn't have otherwise gotten, and loved it and bought it? The only thing ads do is give you information, it's your choice whether you act on it. With this in mind, is it really a bad thing if that information is more specific to you, showing you products you don't like?

  24. When you actually drill down to who it or what it is that owns and controls these companies and indirectly programs like Pewdiepie, you will find:
    Judaeo-Freemasonry NAtional ZIonists; these are the same people who will scream out in pain when they kick you; and use terms like Anti-Zionist or Anti-Semitic.

  25. I downloaded it, but I procrastinated onto signing in then uninstalled it, I imagine they’re still able to collect my data?

  26. But if you wouldn't get nims every minute, then you only could if you share your place your location, update your sattus frequently, take photos of where you are etc., In english share your life. This is dangerous.

  27. In this age it is extremely easy to find info about someone using their phones. Lots of social media apps take your preferences and sell it to advertisers nimses is just more open about it and as said in the video tracking after uninstall is already being done so its nothing new. Honestly anyone who uses facebook, instagram, posts on YouTube, etc already has most of their data leaked besides what are the companies going to do with this info? Its not like they are going to blackmail you the law protects you from that all they do is sell the info to advertisers which facebook and google and other social media do all the fricking time

  28. Nimses: Look we have found a way to mix facebook with Bitcoin

    Mark: Sips water. Have been geotracking our users since the beginning.
    Bitcoin: Makes 10 mins of mining worth it for 10 years. And your friends can join too.

    Nimses: Flips table
    ( Was trying to make a joke before it got real serious.)

  29. "Nimses is a ukrainian company because their address is from Delaware!" is probably the most retarded conspiracy theory ever. it makes 0 sense for a ukrainian company to reach out to a swedish citizen to promote their supposedly unsavory app.

    next you'll be saying they're russian spies trying to rig the 2020 election.

  30. It requires access to your camera and microphone for the sake of video recording for uploads in app.

  31. It's simple if people don't care about their privacy they should definitely remove their curtains from windows, start making see-through houses or glass house, share their passwords and usernames online, emails, everything. Because it doesn't matter for them they are "innocent" and they have nothing to hide. So if you have " nothing to hide" do as directed above 🤷‍♂️

  32. I stopped watching him a long time ago, so idk what's going on for sure… but he's promoting spyware and defending it? Do I have this mixed up or what?

  33. Pewdi fan 🙋🏽‍♂️ …. Problem ,his fan base is 9 if that site allows 13yr old , alot of 9yr old will lie and will be exposing themselves and their families to something most 9yr olds and apparently alot of adults still don't understand

  34. We should just give up about privacy, some Blume-ish company is going to end up doing it anyways(looking at you zucc) if we have too we just riot, make mother Russia proud by using her strat, if we throw people at the problem, it will go away

  35. 5:29 lmfao what throwback to highschool. im sold, most underrated deep think channel out on yt rn. FR n lil wayne be like 'ima keep runnin but neva runnin outta money :'). crackin up, great editz.

  36. Hmm,the government hasn't been doing this since the idea was founded?,talk about rain machines,the many cancer cures,death and population scandals,back door terrorist scandals,illegally spying on their own citizens, monopoly fixing scandals due to shady deals our ancestors did which we're still getting the Vaseline for,human meat being mixed with animal products,weather control, emotional control,brainwashing sex paedophile ring scandals,suicide group scandals and much more but I could go on all day with this,I'm not worried about governments coming at me,is that why every time some little privacy note you didn't read when you as you hit accept comes up later you need to complain about why that's an issue?,my question is who tf even cares,you didn't pay attention to that "private" corporations conditions,but the government,that's something you don't have the option to accept,your parents signed you up for slavery or cattle at birth,no small writing,just these things are apparently the "inevitable".do a little research and you'll see how little this privacy agreement is in comparison

  37. If there's only going to be x amount of bit coin, why mine it?! Why isn't all of it available at once?!

    that and, just because the app is uninstalled, doesn't mean it can't leave shit behind that can do whatever. Isn't that right windows?!

  38. Dude, start asking for people to like, comment and subscribe. It's been proven to increase subscribers which you rightfully deserve for this content.

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