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100 thoughts on “How JP Morgan Chase Became The Largest Bank In The US

  1. 1:13 "and even after millions were hit by the great recession, jp morgan came out bigger and stronger" – WTF DUDE.. THE BANKS NEVER LOSE.. I'M SURE THEY RIPPED OFF THE POPULATION.. WHY IS THAT SOMETHING TO CHEER FOR?

  2. When a bank issues a loan and charges 5% interest per ann …. the bank is taking 5% of your assets every year until 100% is transferred to them…..Its a transfer of wealth .. its a robbery in plain sight.

  3. CNBC let's make a video about Top 5 largest bank on the planet as of 2018 :
    1. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China : $4 trillion
    2. China Construction Bank : $3,40 trillion
    3. Agricultural Bank of China : $3,24 trillion
    4. Bank of China : $2,99 trillion
    5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial : $2,79 trillion
    6. JP Morgan Chase : $2,53 trillion
    Yeah…top 4 of them are Chinese, any problem with that…?

  4. JP Morgan's son is why the US got into WW1. They can't lose their 500 million dollar loan, so they have Uncle Sam to send over 100,000 young men to die in Europe.

  5. I just figured When I look at my wallet I only has chase cards now. Can’t remember last time I use other bank card or look up other bank account. I think I need to buy more JPM stock before too late.

  6. By far the best deal and acquisition for J.P. Morgan was "the veritable gift" of Washington Mutual, Inc. It alone gave Chase a massive footprint on the West Coast, as well as about $600+ Billion in assets, deposits, (as well as debt and liabilities). But it was a massive positive long term turning point for the company.

  7. "You think millennials wake up and say 'Oh, we want to do business with a big institution, a big bank?"
    Uhhh, guess I'm the only one? Yeah, the bank with the most assets, last one to fold in a downturn. Great track record. Seems like the obvious choice.

  8. Rothchilds were behind JP from the get go. Bringing their fraudulant banking biz to America. When he died, he revealed he only owned 11% of the bank. Chase was later controlled by the Rockefellers…thats who owns the biggest bank in the world along with every state bank in nearly every country, including the Fed. CNBC is just parroting Rothchild & Rockefeller misinformation and lies they hide behind.

  9. Am I missing something! Why did they need 700 billion in bailouts while outperforming at 600% annually?

  10. Come on CNBC cant you get something right . The Federal Reserve AKA Bank of England
    you know ROTHSCHILD . More fake news .

  11. The 1907 Panic was rigged by JP Morgan and Warburg and a couple of other guys to push the US into establishing The Federal Reserve and The Income Tax Amendment. There are books about the agreement that was made on Jekyll Island.

  12. he did everything he could to stop the exchange closing earliy then the day he dies the keep it shut half a day in his honor?? he would be rolling in his grave.

  13. I have a feeling that’s his real account page exactly at 18:00 … dudes got $227,000 roughly in his accounts. Pretty good!

  14. If you like Money and Hip Hop you may also like:

    Chase Bank – Jadakiss ft Moreno

  15. Lmao they’re selling Central Banks as Good, that old woman lied, yes recessions and depressions every 10 or so years, AFTER the creation of the FED!

  16. Give me the power on money and I give you the power on everything you want even the finance and banking laws …..

  17. Apparently by selling drugs….one of the ships they own was just found with over $1 billion worth of coke on board.

  18. David Icke called it out YEARS ago everything hes saying is coming true about Governments, Banks, Religion..all tied to a Cabal.

  19. Great bank. They do so much good for this country and the world. Most of you don’t get it, don’t get banking, what they do, how Jamie runs it. Finance Is the most uneducated subject in this country, sick of people acting like they know when they understand nothing, your only hurting yourself and those you influence.

  20. Reading comments is crazy. People do not get it. Stop believing everything your read or hear from else where and go create your own thoughts and go get EDUCATED. It’s not hard. It’s books.

  21. I caught chase stealing money and they put $200 in my account. I closed my account and went to wells Fargo. I know no bank can or will protect your money.

  22. 1:13 "even after the great recession, they grew"
    Yeah, they grew BECAUSE they cashed in on millions of bankrupt people.

  23. "perhaps one banker should have that much power"
    Thus the federal reserve began and now they have too much power .

  24. Nothing complicated – organized two crises in the US, two World wars, sponsored Mussolini and Hitler. Ordinary American guys )

  25. JP Morgan only owned about 17% of the bank. The majority holder is someone else. Some suspect the Rothschild…

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