How I Manage My ADHD Without Medication

– Hi, I’m Dan Martell,
technology entrepreneur, investor and creator of
SaaS Academy and in this video I’m gonna go totally off script
and talk about how I manage my ADHD without medication. And be sure to stay to the end
where I’m gonna share with you guys a list of resources that
I use to kind of enhance the strategies that I’m going to
be talking about in this video. (upbeat music) So if you deal with ADHD
or have somebody in your life that’s struggles with it you
probably feel frustrated that every day is a crap shoot. You don’t know if
you’re going to be productive. You don’t know if you
can get any level of focus. Every time you start to read,
you know 30 seconds later you’re off to some other thing. You probably already clicked
off this video or thinking about what you’re gonna have for lunch
or maybe you’re feeling tired, you don’t have the energy or
something feels off and when you take your medication maybe,
and look I’m not a doctor. I’m not gonna
tell you what to do. I’m just gonna
tell you what I’ve done. Essentially my experience has
been that if you do things right you can get super clear. You can summon a
super focused state at will. You can ensure that every day is
your best day and you can really manage the way you show up with
your unique ability in your zone of genius and just
who you are which I think is absolutely
a super power. I’ve got a video
I’ll link up below. It’s one of my
most popular videos. Why I’m doing this one on why
I think ADHD is my super power. But without sharing with you
the strategies that I’ve learned over the years, implemented into
my life and my day then it’s hard for people to
understand how that could look. So I’m just gonna walk you
through what a day in my life looks like if you feel inspired
to adopt any of those things, feel free to do that but
this is really just my take. I don’t play a
doctor on the internet. Be sure to consult
with your physician. Figure out what’s appropriate
for you and just test things. I think that was the biggest
thing that I’ve learned over the years is just trying,
tweaking, et cetera. Now, what happened was at 8
years old I got diagnosed with ADHD and for many
years I felt broken. It actually sent me into kind of a spiral of depression and making some really
bad decisions in my life. And there’s a whole story on
kind of how that impacted me and where I ended up and really rock
bottom and how I’ve turned my life around since then to now where I’ve started
five companies. I’ve hired over 500
people in my career. I became a millionaire
when I was 27 and investor in
30 other companies. Look, I’m not
sharing that stuff to brag. I’m just sharing it because I
want to give you context for what’s possible when you own who
you are and you figure out is there a better way to tweak
things to essentially turn it around as a power
instead of a deficit. One is nutrition. What you put in your mouth
definitely affects your brain, your mind, your focus
and the first thing is sugar. I think that is probably the
worst thing that we as a society have introduced into our lives. Most of you don’t even realize
how much grams of sugar you’re consuming on a daily basis. And all I ask is that you look
on the back of the packages and most of you are probably
consuming your sugar through liquids, through the beverages
that you drink on a daily basis. Taking those things out. Going back to water. First thing I do when I wake up
every morning is half a liter to a liter of water first thing. My feet hit the ground,
I grab my water bottle. It’s ready to go. I drink it. That just hydrates my body. As soon as you wake up,
you’re dehydrated. Hydrate your body. Have that bottle next to you. Drink throughout the day just
water and that’ll help quench that thirst for any kind
of high sugar supplements. Now, the other thing is
I’m a big fan of low carb, high healthy fats. For the most part my breakfast,
if you want to dial into anything, dial
in your breakfast. I go avocado, egg whites,
maybe one egg, lots of vegetables and
it’s really simple and clean. It takes me like
seven minutes to cook up and that just sets the whole day. From there it’s always
just proteins and salads. And again, I’m not saying,
I’m not judging what you eat. I’m just saying if you want to
see if you could help counteract some of the
downsides of your ADHD, just try tweaking
your nutrition. It’s probably the biggest area. If you drink coffee
with lots of sugar and cream, start trying to drink it black. I mean it’ll change everything. I mean just on an energy level
it’s gonna change anything. So nutrition is the first place. Number two is sweat everyday. I know for a fact that if I
don’t work out I don’t have the same impact in my work,
my creativity’s not there, my ability to focus, my ability
to communicate is depleted and so my rule is
just sweat everyday. When you wake up,
get a workout in. Do something. It could be as
simple as doing 30 pushups. You know, I have
a workout when I travel and I’m in a hotel room. It’s essentially four rounds
of 20 reps each of jumping jacks, air squats,
pushups, and sit-ups. It takes about, depending
on how fast I’m moving, 10 to 12 minutes and that’s all
you need to actually get a good workout in everyday in
the same spot you’re standing. You don’t need any equipment, no
nothing and it’s gonna get your sweat on and that
just sets for me my mind. I love to run, I love to do
Crossfit but I don’t do those things for my body per say,
I do ’em for my mind. And I’m telling you if
you’re not working out, if you’re not moving
your body then 100% it’s gonna affect
your ability to focus. So that’s a big area. Number three is sleep. So many entrepreneurs, so many
individuals like yourself that have ADHD have a
really hard time going to bed, having a deep
sleep and the reason why is your mind is racing. At the end of the day
there’s a few things I do. One, I sleep with a sleep
mask to make sure that the room is 100% dark. I use an app on my phone for
white noise so I don’t get interrupted
throughout the night. You can use an app like sleep
stream which is incredible. Again, I’m gonna link
those up below and/or any app that really
creates white noise. There’s a bunch of
free ones out there. And just make sure that
you turn off all electronics before you go to bed. I’m a big fan of reading
and this is a funny part. Maybe you can’t read because
you get distracted really quick. Well, what happens with me is
I’ve taught myself if I start to read in bed, I go to sleep. So it’s funny now that
when I’m reading a book, I literally will fall asleep
just because that’s what’s been programmed in my mind. Be sure to get yourself a little
reading light and a book and every night fall asleep with a
book on your chest and it’s a great way to go to bed. Your mind will go to sleep,
wear the sleep mask, white music on or white
noise on and you will sleep. So ideally, at
least seven hours. I try to aim for eight. Four, morning routines. I’m a big fan of rituals to
really just take all the best practices that I learn is have
it stack them into my day so that I don’t have
to think about it. So I have a morning ritual,
if you don’t have one, I highly recommend the book
Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and it will walk you through
his framework called Savers. Mine is a variation of that. I’ve been doing mine for before
his book was written but it’s an incredible book and
it’ll just walk you through. But the big thing for me, especially with ADHD,
is meditation. Your mind is so powerful and
if you’re not meditating for at least five minutes. And you’re like,
“I can’t meditate. “Every time I sit
down my mind races.” Yes, I agree. But if you can learn
to take control of that. If you can just sit there in
silence and just be in awe of how your mind kind of
goes all over the place, just bring it back. Great app like Headspace to
just help you understand how meditation works.
Whatever it is for you. If you’re not meditating and you
want to get off medication and self-medicate
your ADHD a little bit, I just don’t know
how you’re gonna do it. Because it’s just part of
exercising the muscle which is your mind and ability to focus
and just be aware of what’s going on and really I’m just in
awe of how our minds work and how we kind of have two
different views of what’s going on in reality. So morning rituals to me,
it’s everything from what I eat, my exercise, my
gratitude journaling, meditation, the movement part,
that’s just locked in. If I don’t start off
my day with that then my whole day is just
(mimics explosion) up for a roll of the dice and
we’ll see what happens. Five, 30 minute
Pomodoro work blocks. So my mind works best when I
know exactly what I’m working on and I focus it in
on a 30 minute window. Essentially I do
25 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest. And that rest is
usually a breathing techniques, stretching, standing up,
moving around, whatever it is but for 25
minutes I have a timer set. I know exactly what I’m working
on and I go deep and there’s just something about the
gamification of having that 25 minute timer and I’ll link up
a tool I use below called Be Focused but it just allows
me to just not easily get distracted and go
get browser blindness where I jump on
Facebook or YouTube. I mean for many of
us it is second nature. I’m a hotkey guy. All of a sudden my fingers
without even thinking about it open up the browswer and start
typing Facebook and I’m like, “What the
(censored) am I doing here?” So if you’re having those
issues consider setting a timer. Pomodoro is an
incredible technique, super simple to allow
you to focus on your work. Six, energy management. I truly believe that like there
is a circadian rhythm to life and to seasons, et cetera,
our day follows a certain energy
pattern and flow. And for me, what I’ve learned
and could be different for you. Some people they swap it
for night versus morning. In the morning is when
I do my best work output. Meaning any creative work,
anything I want to create or things that I know I’m gonna
have a hard time doing like reviewing financial statements or whatever it is
in the business. Reviewing contracts, I need
to do that first thing in the morning when my
mind is most aligned with what I need it to do. And then what I do is I then
load my whole afternoons talking with people from an
energy point of view. I just think that if you don’t
know what your energy flow is for the day, really
consider studying it, understanding how you feel and
mapping to that so that you can put the right types of tasks
and work in those windows. Like I don’t
meetings before lunch. The reason why is because I
don’t want to use that time that I know I could be focused and
create something when I can just push my meetings
to the afternoon. Now, maybe you’re not in a
position to be able to do that but there’s probably other
elements from an energy flow in your day that
you can restructure and what I call day parting. You can change the time of day
that you focus on those tasks and those pieces so that you can
get the most out of your focus. Seven, music. Now if you made it this far
you probably don’t have ADHD. I’m kidding. It just means that the
content’s on point but for real, I used to play
background music while I worked. I do my best work in
coffee shops and busy airports. I use Vevo on my AppleTV so
that I could play that in the background just
like a music video. It’s like a modern day MTV. But now what I do is I actually
have an app called Focus At Will and you know there’s
science behind it but it’s different channels. You essentially complete a
questionnaire and it’ll tell you what kind of music
based on who you are, again, it could be hocus pocus. All I know is those tunes, I use the up tempo
channel on Focus At Will. For me, just
totally gets me in the zone. So if I map that with my 30
minute Pomodoros and I have my music playing in the background
I can be anywhere at any time and just boom,
crank out some work. So if you don’t incorporate some
level of auditory distortion in your work day, videos,
you just don’t want to have stuff that you’re watching. Definitely don’t put on,
don’t go binge watching House of Cards on Netflix. Put stuff that you don’t have
to listen to but it’s there and it’s kind of a beat and a
rhythm and it’ll help you. I know it helps me really
stay focused when I need to get something done immediately and
I can’t waste any time getting into that zone. Eight, block time. One of the most important habits
that I have is that I know exactly what I’m doing
on a 15 minute interval throughout my whole day.
Some of you might think that’s crazy over scheduled
and structured. That’s cool, you can think that. I can show you my results,
they speak for themselves. The reason why I’m able to put
out so much content and deliver so much value to
my coaching clients, to be able to build businesses
and invest in other companies, be value added,
be present for my family, take incredible amount of
vacation every year is because it’s all structured. I don’t need to know
what I’m doing this afternoon, I just know that it’s packed
because I review my day the night before and I
review my week on Sundays. So block time is the
habit of actually scheduling, going in your calendar, dragging
and dropping and putting in the description of that calendar
entry exactly what you’re gonna do to move the needle forward. So that way I don’t sit there,
I call it bleed time, between different events or you
have a meeting with somebody and they keep talking and you
have nothing scheduled on your calendar so you keep talking. All of a sudden a
30 minute meeting went to a 60 minute meeting. All those things add up. So I’m a big fan for focus
point of view to really help me mitigate the ADHD is to block
time with these specific tasks I want in the description and
then use my Pomodoro timer to make sure that I execute in
those 30 minute windows. Nine, build a team,
a support network. People around you, now
many of you guys are saying, “Dan, I do not have the
financial means to do that,” and I can understand that.
But I will tell you this, ever since I was in junior
high school and there was class projects or there was activities or we were playing a sport or playing in the
backyard with my friends, building a treehouse, et cetera,
I got really good at corralling and recruiting people to
help support me in what I was creating. Okay? And to me that’s no
different than your life. There are certain things that
you would love to do for eight hours a day that other people,
and you probably don’t think this is true, I guarantee it. I know for a fact my
bookkeeper Sandy is amazing. She loves to do bookkeeping and
spreadsheets and numbers and if I took that away
from her and I said, “Hey, you’re gonna start to
write blog posts,” she would freak out ’cause she
doesn’t like to do that. If I said, “Hey, we’re gonna
stick a camera in front of ya “and we’re gonna
record some videos,” she’d be like,
“Oh my God, no way, I quit.” I know for a fact there are
people in your life that would support you in a certain
area and you could swap out certain tasks. You could ask for favors,
you could look for leverage. You just need to have enough
self worth in the value you bring to other people
to be able to ask for it. That’s the biggest challenge. I’m not gonna get into that
whole bag of whatever but you need to bring people into
your life to support you in the things you struggle at because I
know for a fact there are people out there that
love to do that work. The things you hate to do, other
people love to do and if you can bring that in and tweak your day
and tweak your projects so that you can have that. It takes time, years maybe, but
you build towards that one day you will wake up and
you will realize that ADHD is 100% your super power. It’s the reason why you’re so
energetic and creative and able to produce outcomes that other
people are in awe and inspired by instead of making it a crutch
or a deficit or a weakness. And that to me is my hope, especially for all the
kids watching this. If you’re watching
with your parents, just know that, again, I felt
broken at 8 and there were people that showed up in my life
and showed me that there was possibilities and they believed
in me in a way that I didn’t believe in myself at the time. And through that journey of
entrepreneurship is the ultimate personal development program and
for me programming became a new addiction where I could really
get focused on kind of going deep on something that wasn’t
illegal or got me in trouble and since then I just decided I
don’t want to take medication to deal with my ADHD. That was a decision I made
probably eight years ago and it was a transition and I added all
the things I’m talking about and many other stuff I’m probably
forgetting to just say no, I’m gonna own this. I’m gonna tweak it. I’m gonna work my way through
it and I can tell you it’s been almost ten years
since I made that decision. It’s probably the best one. I show up as me, as Dan, not
as somebody else and it feels absolutely fricking
amazing and I hope this for you. So quick recap,
one is nutrition. Two is sweat everyday. Three is ensure
I get incredible sleep. Four is focus on
my morning routine. Five is the Pomodoro technique. The 30 minute focus
of work productivity. Six is energy management. Seven is music. Eight is block
time and then finally, nine is build a
team of supporters. If you’ve gone through the
transition yourself or if you feel like you’re going
through it now and you need some support,
just leave a comment below. There’s incredible people
that are part of the community, they can relate. Also be sure to check
out the other video on ADHD is my super power. You will,
(laughs) just so you know, when you go watch it,
it’s the 100% contrast. Okay? That was Dan Martell three
years ago and this is Dan today. And maybe I was a
little bit chubbier. Maybe I didn’t understand how
video worked and all this stuff. I’ve done video every
week for the last three years so go check it out. Maybe it’ll inspire you to start
a new creative endeavor ’cause it’s been probably the biggest
blessing in my life is having a community of folks like yourself
watching these videos so that I can serve in a bigger way. So hope this video
finds you incredibly well. If you liked it be sure
to click the like button, leave a comment below. Subscribe to my channel. Super appreciate
you guys watching. I’ll see you in the next video. Were you there when Dan asked
me about the shirts I wear? A lot of people ask me,
“Where do you get your shirts? “Your shirt game is on point.” I’m like, “Well, I don’t know.”

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  1. This has got to stop.

    On April 16, 2009, seven-year-old Gabriel Myers locked himself in the bathroom of his suburban Florida foster home, coiled a detachable shower hose around his neck, and hung himself. A bright and charming little boy with close-cropped blond hair and brown eyes, Gabriel was acting out, his behavior having spiraled out of control over the previous year. The police investigation would reveal a tragedy nearly beyond belief: child service caseworkers were medicating him with adult doses of antipsychotic drugs, the negative side effects of which included an increased risk of suicide and violent behavior.

    Prescription drug therapy for young Gabriel hadn’t begun in Florida but back in Ohio, where he was living with his grandparents while his mother, Candace, was serving jail time. Gabriel, four years old at the time, had begun wetting his bed and acting out in the classroom. On the recommendation of a school therapist, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, and put on Adderall XR, an amphetamine that is popularly prescribed to children and teens to enhance concentration in the classroom. The drug may have temporarily masked the symptoms Gabriel was being treated for, but the root cause of his misbehavior wasn’t something chemical stimulants could remedy. It rarely is. Gabriel had repeatedly been molested at knifepoint by a 12-year-old schoolmate. An abuse report was filed two years after the sexual abuse occurred with no follow-up. By the time state authorities were made aware of Gabriel’s molestation, he was living with his mother in Florida.

    Gabriel came to the attention of police in 2008, when Broward County patrolmen found his mother, Candace, unconscious in her car parked behind a Denny’s restaurant. In the front seat beside her, they found powder and crack cocaine along with Xanax and Oxycodone in unmarked pharmaceutical containers. Gabriel, then age six, was in the backseat. The Florida Department of Children and Families took custody of Gabriel pending legal proceedings against his mother. Gabriel’s father, Rocky Newman, was serving time in a Florida prison and therefore unable to care for him. For the next 11 months, Gabriel would be a ward of the state.

    During his initial evaluation with child services, Gabriel was forthcoming about his mother’s drug addiction and the molestation he had suffered in Ohio. He was again diagnosed with ADHD and was this time placed on the next-generation amphetamine, Vyvanse. Though it was only approved for use by adults, Vyvanse could, like the vast majority of drugs used to treat ADD and ADHD, be prescribed to a child “off-label” with a physician’s approval. This allows doctors to prescribe the drug if they think it’s the best option for a patient even though the FDA has not approved the medication for a specific condition or a certain class of people, in this case children.

    However, rather than enhancing Gabriel’s ability to behave in the classroom, the drug cocktail made him more agitated and disruptive.

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    I'm sorry, but that's simply not how add/ADHD works, it just doesn't allow for that. Anyone who claims to be capable of achieving a 'super-focused state' AT WILL, is someone who probably doesn't have add in any serious form.

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    There is two camps, people that are set on medication and those how don't like the idea of medication.

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  10. Dr. conners (the father of ADHD) writes: "For many years I interpreted everything about ADHD in a positive light: the increased research funding and accumulating research findings; the increased clinical awareness; more kids being treated with stimulants; the interest of parents and teachers; legislation making ADHD kids candidates for Special Ed; even drug company support for medical education and parents’ groups like CHADD. All seemed to be positive solutions to an important problem facing many families and school systems.

    But then one day I was asked to give a talk on what is the true prevalence of ADHD, as shown by empirical data. I was already aware that in some circles America is a laughingstock for its love affair with the idea of ADHD. Massive European birth registries show far lower rates than those being reported in the U.S. And my wife, who is a school psychologist, was telling me that any misbehaving kid in school would be quickly labeled ADHD by teachers.

    I was always suspicious that the high rates of “diagnosis” and prescription for ADHD came about because researchers based their figures on reports from parents, who in turn based their beliefs on teachers or doctors with no credible evidence. However large a massive survey, the data are pretty much worthless for one simple reason: there is no thorough history taking and hands-on clinical diagnosis. Large numbers of participants in a study guarantee sloppy diagnoses done via telephone interviews conducted by non clinicians. Careful diagnosis by clinicians is simply too expensive. The reported rates are inaccurate and exaggerated, upper limits not true prevalence.

    There was one exception in the literature, a massive study in the Western counties of North Carolina by two epidemiologists at Duke University. The investigators, Adrian Angold and Jane Costello, interviewed thousands of parents AND THEIR CHILDREN, using the latest epidemiological methods. They devised a comprehensive interview schedule and trained dozens of interviewers with a thesaurus that made sure the same inquiry took place exactly the same way for each family. For the first time, this highly praised award-winning study had both large numbers and detailed clinical examination.

    The results of this amazing project were startling. Only about 1-2% qualified as ADHD. Moreover, many children not sick at all had been given a stimulant drug. Also there were some children who actually qualified for the diagnosis of ADHD who never were identified by a mental health professional; there was both over-diagnosis and under- diagnosis. The findings were replicated in successive rounds of follow-on studies.

    It seems obvious to me that the steady increases over time In the apparent high prevalence of ADHD is due to doctor practices fueled by the shoddy science and allure of the big numbers, without the only meaningful ingredient of a comprehensive clinical history. Doctors on the front line who only have 20 minutes to get a story from a parent or to follow with medication checks or alternative therapies, are under pressure that guarantee mistakes with a complex disorder like ADHD.

    My review suddenly flipped my perception. I felt and announced to stunned colleagues that the over-diagnosis of ADHD was “an epidemic of tragic proportions.” Tragic because many kids get the wrong diagnosis and really have a different problem that needs a different treatment: or they are normal youngsters given a treatment they don’t need; or the drugs prescribed for them are given away or sold to other students wanting a quick fix for studying or partying—a reason why schools and colleges now have huge numbers of students using stimulant drugs, and why emergency rooms are increasingly overwhelmed with overdosing youngsters.

    Alan Schwartz of the New York Times exposed how disease-mongering and ruthless advertising by big Pharma had fed an eager medical system with false data, also capitalizing on the cooperation of unscrupulous “thought leaders” in child psychiatry. Doctors of course bear a lot of the responsibility- prescriptions for stimulant drugs can only come from doctors. Most hard-working primary care or general pediatric practitioners mean well but have too little time to really get to know their patients and too little expertise to be skeptical of misleading Pharma propaganda.

    I am alarmed to see how even some of my most respected colleagues deny the facts and bury their head in the sand. I recently talked to one of these highly published senior professors who has a “Distinguished Chair of Psychiatry and Genetics” and many publications on ADHD. I asked him what he thought about the New York Times revelations on the role of pharmaceutical companies in promoting over-diagnosis. He said, ‘I really don’t know that much about the numbers; I’m not an expert in epidemiology.’

    Well, neither am I, but I know how to tell the difference between studies relying on telephone interviews of parents and those doing an actual meaningful clinical assessment. In today’s ADHD world the detailed family and developmental history has been replaced by word of mouth from parents and teachers and quickie interviews, largely by untrained primary care or general pediatric practitioners.

    I now believe that ADHD is part of a normal continuum going from very mild restlessness and Inattention to a severe form that requires treatment and skilled diagnostic assessment by well-trained clinicians.”

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  15. Thank u Dan for all of this. A BIG DEAL FOR ME ALSO IS I HAVE TO CONSCIOUSLY PAY ATTENTION TO ANY STRESS IN MY LIFE. I have to keep even my shopping to a minimum. I can’t even handle knowing I’ve got packages coming in from whomever i ordered from. I have to assess my anxiety level everyday to better manage myself. I get super overwhelmed from anything. I also found out that I have aspects of ASPERGERS SYNDROME so I’m looking for s specialist in this area. Yes background music 🎶 helps me also. It has to be calming. I also use SOUNDSCAPES in the background. I love these. I use soundscapes every night also to help sleep.

  16. I'm so glad the video goes over sugar! I cut out sugar, and noticed a HUGE difference. I think it's related to inflammation caused by not just sugar, but sweeteners, too. I also feel much better when I prioritize protein and clean eating. Thanks for the video!!

  17. I know I am supposed to do all these things… I just do not do them and I hate my self for it. I have heard so many people tell me about benefits of meditation, exercise, nutrition, hydration. List goes on. The problem is actually having the motivation to do these consistently.

  18. I was diagnosed as ADHD, at the same age as you. I'm also sure that I'm an aspie too. At every school I attended, they sent me to an educational psychologist, because they thought there was something wrong with me. I was different. Watching your video, has really helped me, to figure out how to get the best me, out of my ADHD. I've also been on the Feingold Diet, since my diagnosis. It really helps. Seeing my ADHD as a super power, is helping me to get out of my own way, and have some fun with this! Thanks!😉👍

  19. Stay hydrated, nutrition, exercise, sleep, meditate, Pomodoro, do the most important task in the morning, music, block time and build a support network.

    Stop thinking just do it now!
    Start with turn the device off.

  20. I avoided medication until I was 48 years old because of attitudes that it's somehow harmful. And all these tips are great, except that I can schedule all I want but I won't actually do the things on my list without the medication. ADHD is a brain problem, and it causes lack of motivation. So you either have to really love what you're doing or you have to have some sort of external motivation or you have to take medication. On days when I didn't work, I would sit in bed literally all day and watch Netflix. Adderall fixed that problem, and I wish I hadn't been adverse to taking it for so many years.

  21. One of the main symptoms of ADHD is extreme lack of motivation, so basically, whatever you said can only be done for a few days then most people will stop.

    Another symptom is that people with adhd feel overwhelmed when asked to do many tasks in the same day..

    You sound so motivated and full of energy. I hate to say this but a lot of people who think they have ADHD don't really have it. If you want to understand what ADHD is, go to YouTube and view a lecture by Dr Russell Barkley which is titled "executive functioning part 2*.

    Lack of concentration is only one of many other symptoms of ADHD. If lack of concentration is the only symptom you have then you definitely don't have ADHD.

  22. ADHD me needs a summary to start the video, I won't remain engaged throughout unless I know what I am about to get.

  23. My biggest issue is my mind WANDERING all over the place, not necessarily mind racing. My mind is always drifting or daydreaming. It's horrible.

  24. I recently got diagnosed as adhd by my doctor and finally getting medication 4 days from now. I can’t wait 😁

  25. I dont have ADHD, but from your explanation of how you handled the issues, I was able to relate them. Bravo.

  26. This is super helpfull. Thanks!! Can you share any of your playlists or artists for good upbeat background tunes?

  27. Tips with timestamps bc im adhd and get bored easily:
    2:48 – Nutrition. sugar is bad, drink water from your personal bottle.
    4:32 – Work out, even in your room, just sweat. He didn't mention it in the video but exercise causes our bodies to release dopamine, which our adhd brains need more of.
    5:34 – Sleep. Use white noise and read, create a routine that tells your brain that you are indeed going to sleep. Min 7h, try to go for 8h of sleep.
    6:37 – Morning routine/ritual. Stick in meditation it's very important
    8:14 – Use the pomodoro technique.
    9:11 – Energy management. Try to understand which are the best times for you to do certain tasks during the day.
    10:34 – Music.
    11:52 – Block time. Just schedule your day to the minute so you don't have to decide during the day.
    13:16 – Build a team, for the support and delegating tasks.

  28. Sugars, Trans-Fats, Hydrogenated Fats, Refined Carbs, Lactose are the main health culprits in Nutrition. The brain is made of 60% DHA fats, and then Cholesterol, guess what happens when you put in inferior Fats into your body. Especially if you got ADHD you are going to be negatively affected. Protein in the morning helps the brain manufacture more of those vital Neurotransmitters. Water in the morning vital to get blood flowing and help discharge toxins, movement gets blood flow to the brain especially important in the morning. Sleep critical, if you got issues with sleep you might want to find ways to support the main neurotransmitters that promote it: Serotonin and GABA, a morning ritual helps you locked in for a productive day, very good. The Pomodoro technique very much underrated – gonna employ more of it into my life 🙂 Energy Management also a very powerful tip. Overall very strong well rounded advice here. 🙂 Super thanks for this.

  29. I've already done all of these and can agree they work with a lot of effort and discipline but if you've hit rock bottom like i have and are trying to get back on your feet aswell as cut out negative external influences from your life like alcohol, weed or whatever substance of choice you impulsively abuse then i think proper treatment would be the way to go aswell as using the tips mentioned in the video. I've been undiagnosed all my life until just recently and didn't realize how much trouble this condition can cause in different areas of your life.

  30. I need to stop taking vyvanse it has worsened my social anxiety but if I do it will cause me to struggle more at school so i neeeeeeed helppppp

  31. Dan, awesome, my boss has ADD, as does my father, thanks for sharing your terrific practical program…but one thing: etc is pronounced eTcetera, not ECK cetera, my college English professor would drop you an entire grade for mispronouncing that!. BTW, I am a recovering drug addict, 29 years, addicts often have similar diminished executive functioning as individuals with ADHD, and I thoroughly endorse your 9 components for a successful day!

  32. When I listen to this while my phone is in my pocket, with my phone cover on screen even, YouTube automatically gives videos (in a playlist?) a thumbs down :O I noticed it a few times now
    Ill try out focus at will it sounds awesome!

  33. Going to try this, because it feels the meds feel like they tone the creativity down a bit too much, which i dont want since im studying events, and also about creating a business and all that, and creativity and being innovative is important when we need to create a hypothetical business and need ideas😂😂

  34. Yeah sounds like you have to be rich to be comfortable with it to me . This has messed my life up so bad . I can’t stay at one job because I feel taken advantage of . I let my thoughts control me and I’m angry 50 % of the time . 100 % of the time if someone pisses me off , I stress that issue for hours and hours. I feel as if god hates me everyday . I was diagnosed as a kid and my mom took me off the meds . Now I see she made a mistake . I’m 31 and just now trying to fix this issues . Fuck my life 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  35. Thanks for this video!! I have been struggling lately and was considering medication but after watching your video it reminded me of many things i used to do that i don’t do anymore back when the symptoms were not a problem. You’ve given me hope that I can be that person I used to be!

  36. Which do you do first in the morning? Meditate or workout? My intuition makes me want to say workout – shower – meditation… But Google has given me both options, so now I’m drowning in a glass of water!

  37. i have bad hdhd my parents are tring to push me to take meds ritalin i have said fuck no i wont take meds but they still trie to make me take meds what shoude i do

  38. "if you made this far you probably dont have adhd" I made to that point with 3 windows of pausing video and daydreaming, dont at @me

  39. Why not add some roobius tea or green tea to the litre of water to make more out of it. Also, no need to drink black coffee on its own, you can replace sugar with glycine – its sweet and its great for the brain.

  40. You wouldn't be able to throw together this uncut, perfectly worded, and on topic presentation if you indeed have ADHD (unless you have a teleprompter or you're reading from cards).. off meds I can't even explain a simple topic without branching off on 10 other unrelated side topics before inevitably forgetting the original point I was trying to make… going completely blank mid sentence in the middle of a business meeting sure isn't awkward at all.

  41. Lolol… I tuned him out and was reading the comments until I heard "millionaire by 22" and he had me again for a few seconds.

  42. Hey Dan! You mentioned in this video that there was a point in time where you spiralled down into depression and then getting back up. Do you have a video explaining that journey? I'm going through a similar phase after getting diagnosed a while back. Im at a point where I don't know where to go from here.

  43. Build a team is a great one.

    Just got diagnosed with ADD.

    I have gotten very aware of how much clearer your mind gets with low carb moderate protein fat diets.

    50-100 g carbs

    Your body weight in grams in protein

    85 g fat

    // Andreas

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