How Hong Kong’s Protesters Evade Police and Keep the Demonstrations Alive | Visual Investigations

Traffic cones, suitcases
and laser pointers: These are just some
of the objects that have been made
into tactical gear by demonstrators
in Hong Kong. Protests here began
nine weeks ago in response to a controversial
extradition bill. But demonstrators are
now demanding more widespread
democratic reforms. Protesters have faced a
heavy police crackdown. And while some
have gotten violent by throwing bricks
and using slingshots, many more have employed
innovative tactics to stay safe. They’ve tried to extinguish
tear gas canisters with water bottles, using
traffic cones and metal bowls to snuff out the
gas before it spreads. On the front lines,
many demonstrators wear makeshift armor. Saran wrap becomes
skin protection, while garbage can lids and
luggage are made into shields. The near-weekly protests
have also stood out for their meticulous
organization. Videos show protesters forming
human supply chains, some over one mile long. And to communicate
what supplies are needed, they use hand signals
passed along the chain. In this video, protesters
are asking for helmets. Several videos show how
the massive crowds part to allow ambulances
free passage. For the most part, the protests
are organized anonymously. Posters with information
about marches are shared through AirDrop
and Telegram chats. Protesters have
adopted a strategy they’re calling “Be Water”
in order to evade the police. It means that
they move quickly rather than occupying
a single location. You can see that
in this video: a large group of protesters
entering a train station so they can travel
to another area. And here, riot police
have just arrived to disperse a crowd
that has already left. Anti-government demonstrators,
most wearing masks, have also established new
ways to hide their identities. Laser pointers
and spray paint are used to obscure
security cameras. And some people leave
single-use transit tickets at train stations
so that protesters don’t have to use the card
registered to their name. It doesn’t seem
like the protests will end anytime soon. Though hundreds have been
arrested in recent weeks, thousands more have been
able to evade police capture. It’s clear that as the
demonstrations continue, this level of organization
will remain key to keeping the
movement alive.

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100 thoughts on “How Hong Kong’s Protesters Evade Police and Keep the Demonstrations Alive | Visual Investigations

  1. Ya western media keep on glolify these rioters and demonize polices, kharma is real n soon western world will catch on the back fires.

  2. “We must ban all guns!!” Next time someone says that I’m sending them to HK to have them defend themselves against fascist government and police with no guns

  3. LIKE IT OR NOT, “One Country, Two Systems” shall reduce to “One Country, One System” on 1 July 2047 in Hong Kong.

  4. If this is a real issue and Hong Kong wants a real government similar to how england or the us has then it will be better in the end but i think attacks are a little over board for the protesters and police

  5. 0:29 why are the “violent protesters” described as “some” while others who are “not violent” described as “many more”, I don’t understand why it’s necessary to add an emphasis to make it seem that only a small portion of protesters are violent while the majority are non violent while there is no given proof in the video stating this. I’m not siding with any sides, just speculating

  6. Dear Hong Kong– please come to America and establish New Hong Kong. We need you and want you- but are powerless there.

  7. Its not about Hong Kong, freedom or democracy. Its all about status, principles and priorities. China will easily lose influence beyond Uyghurs, Tibet and other possible parts of itself if it losses positions in Hong Kong so far. Thus FREEDOM is never served as in restaurant, its always taken with blood and protests. Keeping monitoring the way how it goes, tended to see the final countdown!

  8. 令我感到奇怪的是,无论是在香港,法国还是在其他任何地方,當所有这些抗议活动都在发生时,我震惊地看到美国对政府正在发生的事情如此同谋。很伤心,但希望人们能意识到并做到这一点

  9. Come on .. these guys are destroying public facilities, attacking police officers and tearing HK to ground.. how smart is that🤣 IQ 300?

  10. The communist party is an evil party. They wants to eat Hong Kong who has long been implementing democracy, clearly HK citizen refuse this party influence. The Communist Party is known for not knowing human rights, also sadistic, cruel, is an evil ideology. We can look at China, North Korea, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, a place where there is Communism, always leaving bloody traces of creating sacrificial rituals by spilling the blood of millions through famine, killing in peaceful masses to frighten people, and other iron fist tyranny examples of the Tiananmen case, and the night of July 21th, 1999 on Falun Gong crackdown by Jiang Zemin. There are people who are innocent but on the "point of view" are considered by the party to be enemies then that person is no longer considered human, as if he could be slaughtered at will, instead thrown into concentration camps without going through legal procedures.

    For example the Communist Party has slaughtered Falun Gong practitioners who have learned Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance from 1999 until now, also capturing millions of Uyghur Muslims, suppressing underground Christianity, suppressing Tibetan Buddhists. All because this evil ideology wants to destroy traditional culture, moral inheritance, and want to eradicate religion so that its people must surrender and be willing to install the communist party's Satanic religion through what is called a change of mind and brainwashing. Even among those innocent people who are not in accordance with the tastes of the party are being used as a live organ bank for the transplant businesses. Don't believe it? If you want to go to another country, the organ takes 2-5 years of waiting time because donor has to be passed away first. In China, the waiting time is only 2 weeks! They have prepared people alive to be the source of organs!

    In the international world human rights are important, there is also religious freedom. In the midst of this peaceful world you stand out for yourself by displaying a ferocious nature, the conclusion are clearly hostile to the World, everyone wants to annihilate this heretical party, and is now getting their karma, near death.

  11. 最新路邊社消息 示威者中有十個percent係同性戀者 有90 五個同性戀係男性 因為在香港沒有同性戀 的場所所以他們又可以收錢又可以出嚟發洩 所以他們覺得很美滿 這純粹是路邊社消息

  12. Police refuse to show ID. And the police are using a deadly expired gas bombs. And illegal blue pepper spray out of a water canon truck. Wouldn’t you fight back if someone says they are police but refuse to provide ID

  13. well done, wish this kind of democracy shows everyday in your country in front of your door. cool that it's right?

  14. To be impartial, the news media should use accurate terminology for protester and rioter.  Protesters should only be used for those demonstrating peacefully.  If violence is involved, rioters should be used to draw a line to protect innocent HK people.  Their safety and peaceful living depends on the mercy and conscience of media.

  15. Where are the footages showing the rioters throwing petrol bombs, burning shops and stations, beating up people who happened to have different views. Please show the facts on both sides and not just from the rioters view.

  16. Why these report didn’t mention that the HK rioters are using petrol bomb and attacking police ….they the rioters also Attack common citizens who do not share their view

  17. This rioters are not from Hong Hong!!! This guys are China's military soldiers sent by the CCP to dress like hong Kong residents to escalate the violence so Beijing can enter their military into the country and use their force. No Hong Hong Citizen would want to destroy their country. They will lie about this on the news and media. They have planned this out 1 week after the first riot broke out.

  18. Hope the NY times would make a full investigation about how Iraqi protestors were shot by snipers all over Baghdad in the October 1st-6th demonstrations, hundreds of horrific and graphic videos from protestors are on the YouTube showing how unknown snipers hunted civilian protestors all over! I'm ready to provide the NY times of such videos even though they are everywhere on the web!

  19. They are using the "Hit and Run" tactics of the guerrilla warfare.

  20. This is what happens when a government disarms its citizens, I never want to live in a country that needs to reley on " traffic cones, suitcases, and laser pointers " to protect against a radical government.

  21. "Add oil" btw = "Keep it up" or "Keep going" – adding fuel to a fire or engine gives it more power and longevity, which is what it signifies.

  22. NYT, since much admiration, respect and honor have been given to these rioters, you may accept them as your citizens and use them as perfect role model for your people

  23. at 2:27, the translation is wrong. 加油 jia you is add oil, but can also mean something along the lines of "you can do it!" its more to motivation

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