How Experiences Make Memories | Josh Constine – TechCrunch

People make memories from things that
they haven’t seen or done before. When we learn something, we put into what’s
called a schema, which is essentially a big generic box and anything similar to
it we just put in that same box and say, “oh it’s pretty much like that but maybe
a little different.” But when you do something novel you trigger totally new
areas of your brain. You have to create new schemas and you really teach
yourself much more lasting memories that just take up more room in your mind. You
know if I went to fifty different restaurants, I’d have a lot more memories
then if I went to one restaurant 50 times. Leverage that concept of uniqueness is
to say, how can we combine different art forms, different mediums to create sort
of a hybrid event. We are on the brink of a massive shift of not only people’s
behavior but also the economy towards experiences, and the more the event
creators can put these different mediums together I think the more success
they’ll have in creating memories and creating audiences for their events. New equals bigger memory. Yeah, exactly.

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