How do you deal with Podcast screw ups? | Asia Tech Podcast

…a very large company, a
CEO who comes with handlers, you know, to the podcast recording but a great guy, super authentic,
so not your typical CEO. But he comes in and we do 30
or 40 minutes and it was EPIC. I mean, we were sitting
close together, eye-to-eye, and he just had some moments. You know, you listen to
sometimes people talk and they say some lines, and you’re like, “Oh man, that is, that one’s
gonna be a social snippet!” …for sure it’s gonna go. And when we finished the
podcast, took off the headphones, looked at my laptop because I’m just recording in Garage Band, (I’m an amateur) … looked at my laptop and I had not pressed record! – Oh, NO! …Crickets… (laughs) – So this guy… – I feel your pain man. – This guy got up, left the room, went off to somewhere else,
and he’s also very excited, he was like high-fiving because he also felt, “Dude! that was it!” But I didn’t capture it. – Oh man. You got to do that though
to never do it again, to experience the pain. – So in credit to this guy, I walked over to the dressing room, because he was there for
another large event… …it was Impact Arena, presenting, I had him in the dressing
room in Impact Arena, I walked back to his dressing room, and said, “hey man that
was a great podcast… “That’s great news.” He says “Yeah, it feels
like you’re getting ready… …to say there’s some bad news.” I said, “yeah, the bad news is
I didn’t actually record it.” And out of kindness, or I don’t
know, maybe he also thought there was something really good there, he came back and spent
another 30 minutes with me, and we recorded again. So you got to give props to this guy– – Of course all of his staff
said “no! can’t do it, no time” …he came back, did it again,
and it was a great podcast. – That is awesome, and
its a good lesson as well. – Press record. – Yeah. – Or that I can just say I f***ed it up – Yeah, exactly. – Even to a CEO, yeah. – Yeah, even with the right
guy but he understands that. That is awesome. But I think the other lesson
is maybe get some back-up. – Yeah, yeah. – So I’m learning as well. – I’ll try to get some tips from Bharath after this recording.
– Yeah.

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