How Disney+ is winning with The Mandalorian

– Both Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus, launched a few weeks ago. But despite both launching
with roughly the same amount of new, original TV shows, the only thing people can talk about is Baby Yoda. (baby cooing) – This is what was causing all the fuss? – [Julia] “The Mandalorian”
is easily the most talked about show right now. Every week, Disney
releases a short and sweet jolt of Star Wars action
directly to our TV sets. We can wake up early every Friday morning and catch up with the Mandalorian and his adorable sidekick, Baby Yoda. – [Mandalorian] Bone
broth for the little one. – Twitter is full of gifs,
memes are running rampant and Disney Plus stays in
the weekly conversation about being the next thing
you must absolutely watch. Apple TV Plus doesn’t have
this for any of its’ shows. “The Morning Show” fizzled out, no one is talking about “See” and Dickinson’s fandom is
contained to a corner of Tumblr. Even Disney’s other
series aren’t garnering too much attention. Like “The World According
to Jeff Goldblum” and “High School Musical:
The Musical: The Series”. Yes, that is the actual title. “The Mandalorian” is an
absolute win for Disney. As the streaming service
catapults to the front of people’s must have subscriptions. It’s also prime example of
Disney using Disney Plus to recreate event television
in the streaming age. And sell you as many t-shirts
as possible along the way. (upbeat techno music) Of the 10 million people who signed up for Disney Plus on launch day, at least 2.1 million
watched “The Mandalorian”. Research shows it’s also
the most in demand show across the U.S. on any platform. There are entire podcasts
dedicated to breaking down every episode and recapping each moment is a full time job for
entertainment writers again. It’s what critics call event television. A show that makes everything and everyone suddenly stop in order to watch. Whether that’s “Game of
Thrones” on Sunday nights or calling in sick the day a new season of “Stranger Things” drops on Netflix. The big difference
between “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things” was
how people watched it. And it gave us a look at how streaming could differ from cable. “Game of Thrones” was a weekly event. This most recent season
was a six-week affair that kept people talking about the show for nearly two months straight. “Stranger Things” happens all at once. Excitement tends to die down
after two or three weeks. Basically, after people have binged it. Meanwhile, “Game of Thrones”
was pulling in viewers weekly and kept those viewers. Boasting record numbers for it’s finale. For a long time, “Stranger
Things” existed as an example of what event television could look like in the streaming age. “The Mandalorian” is a shake-up. Disney, echoing TV’s
more traditional formula is releasing its’ Disney
Plus episodes weekly. The company could release
all of its’ episodes at once but in doing so, risks
having “The Mandalorian” be another show that people binge and forget about a week later. Instead, and this is the important bit, Disney is using the show as a launch pad for other holiday sales. Think of Disney Plus as
an add-on for the company. Former Amazon Studios
analyst, Matthew Ball noted that if companies
actually want to make money, subscription streaming shouldn’t
even be your real business. Look at “The Mandalorian”. The show offers endless
merchandising opportunities. Disney, a company whose films help propel theme park attractions and cruise lines, knows this game better than most studios. (orchestra playing) Right now, “The Mandalorian”
is tantalizing enough that it keeps people interested and more importantly,
keeps them subscribed. Using Baby Yoda as
incentive isn’t something Disney’s gonna be able to do, every single month going forward though. So, what happens after
“The Mandalorian” ends and Baby Yoda disappears
from the weekly discourse? Kevin Mayer, head of Disney’s
Direct-to-Consumer division actually spoke about this exact issue at a recent conference. – There’s a lead time to
create really high quality, original programming. So we have them coming on in a cadence that we think is the right cadence. We do have more originals
that are coming out, at D23 we announced three
or four Marvel series that are going to start
coming out in several months. – Beginning in 2020, Disney
will use its Marvel shows to play into its’ big franchise films. And then let’s look at 2021. Marvel has four movies that
will be released in theaters. Between those releases, there
are also several Marvel shows that will air weekly on Disney Plus. Some of these shows will
also correspond to the events happening in some of these movies being released in theaters. For example, “Wanda
Vision”, a show that centers on Scarlet Witch and Vision
from the Avengers series is actually gonna play
into Doctor Strange 2, when those are released in 2021. Eventually, we’re just
gonna exist in a non-stop weekly cycle of Disney marketing. What it means for us, the
people who are subscribed to Disney Plus or are thinking about it, is that Disney is gonna
want its’ streaming service to be at the center of
weekly conversation. It might not be Baby Yoda in a few months but there will be something
that keeps us talking about Disney Plus week after week and probably keeps us subscribed. Disney isn’t the only company
trying to keep you subscribed to their streaming
service week after week. Companies like Apple are doing it too. To see how they’re doing
it, watch the first episode of The Verge, a Streaming Wars series.

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100 thoughts on “How Disney+ is winning with The Mandalorian

  1. I would only subscribe to Disney+ because of the Star Wars thing. I couldn’t care less about whatever they release Marvel-related

  2. The show is cool, I enjoy it…but nothing too spectacular has happened. And the episodes are too short. I guess folks geeked cause it’s Star Wars but it’s not “that” good yet.

  3. Sad, now disney wants us to subscribe to disney+ to watch the marvel series so we can keep up with the story in marvel movies. Such a huge capitalism.

  4. All of these are anti consumers. Streaming services are gonna be like cables. Paying for 5 streaming services for 5 shows I watch.

  5. I got a year of Disney plus for free from Verizon. I probably wouldn’t of paid for it even with the mandelorian show I love. I probably would’ve waited until all the episodes were released then get Disney plus for 1 month, binge, then cancel my subscription

  6. All the new service push me more to other free service.
    Pirate the shows. There isn’t all in one package. For cheap but instead 8 different services.

  7. That is not true. At least i really really love the apple tv+ programmes. The writing is head and shoulders above any other series in any other platform.

  8. We couldn't even figure out how to watch Apple TV on the TV. We couldn't watch from Chromecast/Apple phone,Xbox, or smart TV.

  9. I can see Apple building shows that only appeal to their core market. It then becomes a great audience to remarket devices to. They are doing it already in a way by focusing more on cinematography.

  10. Who the F cares. Star Wars died after prequels, now Disney is just milking it. Are we seriously talking about this sad excuse of a show?

  11. Apples tv shows are actually really good. They have more better shows than Disney’s one incredible one. Servant, for all mankind, the morning show are all well done.

  12. Thanks for keeping your show clips clean/mostly non-violent/family friendly – keep that up. I like the once-a-week format. We like "For All Mankind" on Apple TV+, so don't forget about that. Thanks for the vid overall.

  13. All these big companies fighting to give me the best entertainment experience,.. Gotta say, as a bingewatcher, lovin to see the output that this Content-streaming war is gonna bring up. Shows tend to get stale if there is no competition… xD

  14. I think the most important part is Disney + doesn’t have a lot of original content for the time being. So they have to use The Mandalorian as a tool a make people talk about Disney+ every single week.

  15. If you look at the Japanese anime industry, they have been doing this same strategy since many years now. In the US, notably Crunchyroll offers streaming of these episodes which are released weekly.

  16. This is why I hate Disney, if they run the presidential campaign they will win every time. Control the people's minds is Disney's specialist.

  17. With all of these streaming services, it feels like Amazon (who have been at this for years) can't compete. I really liked Undone and The Boys but it's really not worth it by itself.

  18. Good thing about living in China. They know we won't pay a subscription and they need people to watch so they put it on our sites with pre-roll ads.

  19. I think some series are made for weekly release and others are made to binge. Streaming services really need to learn what is what. Also I can wait when a series when it is done and binge it anyway.

  20. Werner Herzog was a genius choice for this film. I have been a fan of this legend for 35 years. Must watch: Herzog's Fitzcarraldo. But even better is the film about the making of Fitzcarraldo titled "Burden of Dreams which is unreal!

  21. Don't forget that the creators behind The Mandalorian are true Star Wars fans and know what they are doing. They should give all future Star Wars projects to Dave Faloni and Jon Favreau. I have spoken.

  22. While this is good for Star Wars and Marvel universe fans. I wonder once this model kicks in will any one make non sequel movies or shows.

  23. Disney is scary..
    They know business of making jillions of dollars.
    Good for them.
    Time to give their employees a little raise then!

  24. Baby Yoda was literally lightning in a bottle for Disney. Like most things that just explode and go viral, it's not something you can force through marketing alone – it's normally born from an idea and creative passion from the people who made it happen.

  25. I suspect one day Disney may even release a marvel movies directly on Disney plus. not the big event avengers of course but maybe says ants man and captain America that makes you want to watch it coz its kinda crucial to the avengers endgame

  26. Am I the only one who can’t stand this show, like being a big expanded universe fan I don’t really see anything special, I’ve read better stories and seem better characters. But I guess people only watch because it’s the new thing.

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