How Billionaires THINK – Success Advice From the TOP

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100 thoughts on “How Billionaires THINK – Success Advice From the TOP

  1. I believe your doing good thing for us to be able to draw the road map to success and what we love to do. Thanks.

  2. Evan ur the great guy share good energy to people who wanna be success their life thank you and keep going for share more energy
    Hopefully u have great day and again thank you.

  3. all the poor people work hard to make these people so rich. i wish third world war start by and make even from the begining, fuck capitilism.

  4. I believe that the only thing that is going to save this so called human existence is that all billionaires that are of sadistic/psychopathic/faschist nature are stripped of their money…

    & Jack Dorsey —- SIMPLIFY COMPLEXITY! Innovation for realistic solutions that work 🙂
    Thanks Carmicheal

  6. I loved hearing abt doing what you feel like doing and going a little bit crazy pple may not understand you but deep inside you feel it is your that brings victory

  7. Please continue this series Evan. This was helpful and its great to be able to cross reference the beliefs of billionaires to our own.

  8. MAn! TY so much. I just loved your video, it has a lot of huge phrases… my favorites ones were:
    I don't spend time thinking I'm not going to do it, I just have in mind "How I can keep on going"
    Let's make stupid things smart

  9. what a nice fella evan is he struck me as a very genuine person. Being genuine is a dying quality now I just wish we could all take something from this video, I certainly have, so thank you Mr Carmicheal .

  10. Love your videos Evan, thanks for taking the time to put them together, I know these things take a lot of time and effort to do. Cheers Gerry Kelly 🙏

  11. Every day I learn something new that will help me to my progress I think the first time I get this chance to learn and do something new and this great support is most important for me.with high technology.

  12. Loved it Evan! Please keep them going. I really took something from Mark Zuckerberg's part today. Sometimes I talk myself out of my dream because of my lack of resources and this totally changed my perspective on it. Helped me alot! Different way to look at it. Blessings!

  13. Awesome stuff. Iam learning a lot. I have my little busy as an occupational therapist assistant. Iam learning how to grow my business. Thx for the info.

  14. My enemies would eat it if I was a billionaire – – many of the billionaires on the list. It's probably why I'll never be free of their tyranny

  15. Dear Michael, you should name your channel Believe College. Thanks a lot for the benefit you are spreading . ( Care the most about it ) and ( Execute you idea) are the two principles that I am adopting in my life these days especially in my new entrepreneurial project

  16. Here's the REALEST advice from someone working their way up. Don't start working hard until you're found your true interest. Once you've found that true passion for something, work 8hours per day on it and you will achieve your goals. Guaranteed! This method cannot fail.

  17. So great..Please continue….My favorites points are:.."Don't sleepwalk through life" , "try different things" and never give up

  18. Evan, Your videos are awakening the sleeping giant (Greatness) that I have inside!! I’m starting to really BELIEVE in myself and ALL the Unlimited Possibilities That GOD has for ME!!!!

  19. What separates these people from the rest of the people on the planet is 01. there drive is extremely high .
    02. They do not take no for an answer …

  20. All of these guys seem to have simple minds; the difference is they believe in something and are relentless until it is accomplished…then they keep on perfecting…continually…

  21. Note to myself:

    0:39 Don't sleepwalk through life – Warren Buffett.
    Find the job that you will do even you don't need it.

    1:35 Be rigorous in self analysis – Elon Musk.
    Work like hell, put in 80-100 hour weeks.

    3:18 Try out different things – Mark Cuban.

    4:16 Execute your idea – Jeff Bezos.

    5:20 Care the most about it – Mark Zuckerberg.

    7:58 Solve big problems – Jack Ma.
    Let's make stupid things smart, keep on improving everyday.

    9:28 Follow your passion – George Lucas.

    11:00 Be honest with yourself – Michael Bloomberg.
    The harder you work, the luckier you get. If it doesn't work out, analyze and find solution. No need to blame anyone or anything.

    12:05 Keep going – Ted Turner.
    No need to focus on bad results that have not yet happened, but focus on how you can keep going.

    13:22 Simplify complexity – Jack Dorsey.

  22. a great way to get persepctives on how truly important things get done. The mindset indeed comes before visible results.

  23. And you need a hell of a lot of luck along the way! remember these people could have been you and me, in the right place at the right time, its just sheer luck of the draw really!

  24. #BTA44

    Good stuff. I'd be typing past my bedtime, if I wrote down all my thoughts on it. Thanks for putting this together.

  25. Burn the bridge to negative people and carry on to your goals do not give those bad people a chance to put you down.

  26. I love Elon Musk his positive wisdom along with the rest of the billionaires did it for me. I'm on the quest to hit multi-billionaire status and multi-trillionaire status

  27. Thank you for having the initiative to put this type of information together to help people grow. Great job! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Keep doing a good job.
    Like those on your videos, they and you motivate me to keep going, never give up to succeed
    Thank you

  29. I wrote every day and too much everyday but today it is too late because of today I thought that how much I do my target quickly and make some action plans but it is something difficult but not hard because of the day passes but morning, will come back. Everyday is not good sometimes it may be bad, I agree and experience it many times.
    Sometimes the students think that if he would be failed in the exam he will died himself but this is not the end of the life, life is always experiments It is not natural death of his life,
    In my case today is simple I don't take it bother I have multiple planning on above target my quick plan is slightly slower but not stop. I take care myself and another action plans held in my mind and think about it so many things to improve myself therefore my mind going on that way and prepare for the next few days later on I will do my main how to live life that is our and in our hands so I remember the best quote that "WILL WILL FIND A WAY" my believing is continuing to my way and my target. I think this is the best examples of how to be practical in some circumstances.if we are practical nothing is impossible.sometimes we have to make it practical in our lives and in life according to the situation. It will going easy for me.

  30. I love this brother. More more more. Our Earth needs our minds to be nurtured with care and intelligence for the goodness of Life itself.

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