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from independent small films to news media and entirely new genres of programming when YouTube started it was truly something different from anything that had come before it it was all in the name the you in YouTube was in reference to the producer and the aim was to broadcast yourself this theme was highlighted in 2006 when Time magazine’s Person of the Year was you the caption on the cover read yes you you control the Information Age welcome to your world and this was entirely true in the beginning we have the power to turn YouTube into anything that we wanted one of most popular sites on the Internet is YouTube where people all over the world post their homemade videos for anybody to say they had 60,000 clips that they get nearly as a hit but recently some people don’t feel the same way some say that the true essence of YouTube has been diluted with corporate interests coupled with drama and D monetization running rampant but today in this video we’ll just focus on YouTube its size and some fascinating insights into how has changed our world it’s going to be a pretty interesting video let’s get straight into it YouTube was started by 3x PayPal employees Chad Hurley Steve Chen and jawed Karim the years 2000 fires and it was an interesting time there was no such thing as a smartphone as we know today rap and R&B wane but so is email and post-hardcore and the Fijian movies was just starting to become ok one day in 2005 the trio realized that it was hard to find a copy of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction that occurred in the 2004 Super Bowl this problem sparked an idea there had to be an easier way to upload and share videos they need the technology existed it was just a matter of building the right website to take advantage of it so they did it was a really small team to begin with just a group of a few guys who thought it would be a really awesome project to give you some idea of how small the team really was we basically had two segments more or less two software architects dealing with scalability issues we had two featured developers doing everything that the users see we had two network engineers building a network that pushed tens of gigabits per second and one DBA and and we hadn’t bought by Google – no shops yet and if you think I’m kidding about the drinking or sleeping parts and now it was such an awesome project that Google took notice just one year later in 2006 Google would buy YouTube fast forward to today and now the website is a totally new world of sharing video content on a massive global scale never seen before so the question must be asked how big is YouTube every minute 400 hours of video are uploaded it’s an ocean of images and sound offering all kinds of experiences imaginable 38 percent of users are female and 62 percent are male 1.3 billion people around the world use YouTube in 2006 this was just 20 million together it is 1.3 billion people watch 5 billion videos per day every day 1 billion hours are watched on YouTube with half of these views coming from mobile devices so 1 billion hours sounds kind of meaningless let’s break it down to give you an idea of just how massive that is it’s over 100,000 years of video content or 15 times the amount of time lives throughout all of recorded history in video format every single day the site gets 30 million visitors per day and 80% of that is outside of the United States YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google and the third most visited site on the internet behind Google and Facebook fun fact Gangnam style actually breaking YouTube when across 2 point 1 4 billion views in 2013 that number was the highest integer of the 32-bit view counter could handle so it had to be upgraded now YouTube can support over 9 quadrillion views per video as early as 2012 YouTube was already larger than cable TV in the United States to put the final now on the coffin in March of 2017 YouTube launched YouTube TV a direct take on cable TV at a slightly cheaper cost than the competition so $35 a month users get over 40 cable channels but also can see related YouTube content for example reactions and commentary on a recently screened episode of a show YouTube TV is only available in selected areas of the United States at the time of recording the sphere the average viewing session for YouTube in 2016 was 40 minutes a 50 percent increase over 2015 a large part of this is due to you she was recommendation algorithm which I admit gets me stuck and discovering new things for hours at a time but also a lot of this growth has come from so-called developing nations according to the International Telecommunications Union in 2004 every three Internet users in a developed country there was only one Internet user in a developing country today it switched for everyone Internet user in a developed country there’s now two users in developing countries all this new access to the Internet means more access to YouTube so how does YouTube work YouTube’s main cost comes from the bandwidth hardware and power consumption of their service even since 2007 it was revealed by early Google programmers that each video is hosted by a mini cluster server so the advantages of using a mini cluster is as follows one there’s more discs serving content which means more speed to redundancy if one machine goes down another can take over and three there are online backups so how’s YouTube influence society so we know some of the biggest stars have gotten their start on YouTube youth include regrettably Justin Bieber or not so much Donnell glaive are from Derek’s comedy melody will you marry me no the girls from broad city all the boys from workaholics and in the reverse it’s now common to see familiar faces like the rock Terry Crews and steve-o do collabs with bigger youtubers in a way this shows that YouTube and traditional film may be starting to have a crossover I find this really interesting let’s go deeper than all of that what’s the real impact youtubers had on society in 2010 the owner of TED Talks Chris Anderson noted that crowd accelerated learning from YouTube could dramatically accelerate knowledge resulting in the biggest learning cycle in human history perhaps that hasn’t happened just yet but I do know that I’ve learnt a great deal of skills like video editing for example just from watching tutorials on YouTube and I’m sure some of you can relate to that it’s also common for YouTube videos to be shown in schools and universities around the globe watching what we want when we want in an individualist nature is a fairly new concept the VHS and audio cassette recorders were the earliest form of individualist media consumption YouTube in a way is the next step to this concept we no longer need to record just find the video and press play the videos are archived forever ready for us to access for the first time mankind has a digital video archive of our society both from the point of view of individuals and our culture in general however this archiving goes even before YouTube’s inception in 2005 as I described in my other video about YouTube since 2013 there’s been an increasing phenomenon of people posting VHS video recordings of old TV shows news music videos and anything from the 80s and 90s this nostalgia wave has become so apparent that one of the most interesting sights I’ve come across has spawned from it there’s actually three sites dedicated to 70’s 80’s and 90’s video content they’re called my 70s my 80s and my 90s it’s basically a website where you can look at the world through a particular decade with the power to shovel through years it’s kind of the same as if you’re a couch potato just sitting watching TV all day during that particular year IMO there’s no way a guy charged with best possession of drugs and abuse of services after robbing a 7-eleven shaking down like cable repairmen and several other incidents that’s just like show off that point and you can have a really impressive screensaver now on your desktop if you want now I can also press the magical button here the empty and voila not only can you know they can put video in there as well all right gizmos 98 and 25 apps are in Festus thank you all right that’s our look at Windows 98 etc I’ll be back in just a minute with my snippety all the content on the TV of that site is powered by YouTube VHS videos I actually find it’s really interesting to take a look at history not filtered through any lens you can really draw some interesting observations that way YouTube isn’t just cats vloggers and viral videos anymore the platform is starting to grow out of that it’s becoming a real challenge to the old media power structure for example a youtuber such as Philip DeFranco could break a news story and get millions of people informed without the need for traditional media established to news outlets don’t really like this because it’s costing them subscriptions and money and they’ll use any excuse to taint the brand image of YouTube this brings us to the recent controversy between the mainstream media and the new media on YouTube the rivalry was always bubbling but really exploded in early 2017 when youtuber PewDiePie was unfairly misrepresented as a racist Nazi by The Wall Street Journal and Friends these news organizations reported a clear parity as truth for clickbait for a bit of context of why this might have happened we have to look at this through the eyes of the mainstream media they’re losing money and viewership directly to YouTube but the most important thing that they’re losing is trust most of the general public can feel that the media isn’t always telling the whole truth about things with statements like this I guess it’s no wonder why the economy worsens he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think and that is that is your job after this there was of course the famed advertiser boycott in March of 2017 in the middle of March of 2017 reports began servicing the big brand ads were appearing against Isis videos after this one by one large advertisers began to leave YouTube as it was seen as a racist terrorist breeding ground this caused other large advertisers to feel the pressure if they didn’t join the boycott the series as to the real motives of the boycott are still debated but some things that it was just an excuse to cut costs because profits were down globally others say that it was just an effort by the mainstream media to drag YouTube down along with their dying legacy regardless of the real motives 750 million dollars has already been lost and this will turn into billions of dollars being lost for YouTube over the coming years without advertisers eachin couldn’t exist those expensive servers aren’t going to pay for themselves so you do have to do something the solution increased filtering and modify algorithms but this has come at a cost some independent YouTube news outlets have been demonetised for having views that don’t seem to line up with the accepted mainstream narrative this has been done under the guise of being too controversial some people have viewed this as indirect censorship it even goes wider reaching than this one of my favorite channels h3h3 has been hit pretty badly with this these policy changes in YouTube stifle the art of comedy in a way that’s reminiscent of radical political correctness if this keeps going eventually nobody is going to be able to have an opinion on YouTube in my view I think it’s not really YouTube’s fault YouTube is just trying to supply it but smaller advertisers for their out-of-touch this could go two ways either the creativity keeps getting stifled on YouTube and it becomes a shell of its former self or if YouTube plays of cards right and manages to fix this situation this advertiser controversy could just be a blip in the road okay let’s finish up on a light note remember how the 2006 Person of the Year on the cover of Time magazine was you well some people with a sense of humor actually put this on their job resumes so it ran that they were Person of the Year for 2006 I stumbled across this in a reddit thread and I found this pretty funny one of the responses particularly calm I I use a bubble berates I had it on my resume while studying in New York City for three years 2011 to 2014 I applied to 30 positions during that time went on maybe 20 interviews I had 10 job offers I accepted 6 job internships not a single person ever asked about it not once I brought it to career counselors at one of the most prestigious schools in the country and no one said a peep I can’t explain it I really can’t so I just thought that was something funny to end out the video i’ve been looking back in a broad sense with billions of people watching tens of billions of hours of content every week YouTube is an incredibly impressive achievement and I hope it sticks around for a while longer it’s crazy that I’ve been watching YouTube since 2006 I kind of grew up with it and I’m sure many of you can relate to have something like YouTube ready and available to all of us is actually something pretty special so that’s it that was just a bit about the origins of YouTube its size and its impact on society today anyway thanks for watching guys maybe leave a comment about what your favorite YouTube channel is if you just stumbled across this video feel free to subscribe to this channel for some more awesome content this has been – go go you’ve been watching cold fusion and I’ll catch you again soon for the next video cheers guys have a good one [Music] cold fusion if we thinking [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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