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100 thoughts on “How Big is Toyota? (They’ve Owned 27% of Tesla Motors!)

  1. Well they seem to be the number 1 choice of militias worldwide have you ever seen those fleets of Toyotas just rolling through the deserts with mounted guns? They don't just magically appear they are made!


  3. I have owned as well as driven a lot of Toyota – cars, commercials and buses. They all say one thing "the quality is better"; I bought a 4wd Hilux in 1983 and traded it 14 years later with no mechanicl failures, as far as I know it's still on the road. My current car is a 2010 Hilux twin cab, a totally reliable car. I have had commercial vans the Hiace as well as Mazda E200, Nissan Urvan and Mitsubishi L300. The Hiace came out on top. The Mazda needed a top end rebuild ay 100K, the Nissan and the Mitsubishi broke down regularly. The Hiace only off the road for regular servicing.

  4. I recently appraised a 2015 highlander that had been driven with no oil (apparently the owner drained it and forgot to put the fresh oil in 🤷🏻‍♂️) for over 1000km it was knocking but still ran we drove it to the shop 70km away to have a new motor fitted….

  5. I love toyota suv
    Land cruises is the greatest the land cruises with all my heart
    Love all Toyota
    #Toyota the best

  6. I was owning everything from Chevy to BMW to acruras…. Since 2017, I owned a sienna after our second child, then recently, a lexus es350…. Best 2 vehicles our family every owned and will be with us for at least the next 10 years…. I would not be surprised if our toddlers end up cruising around in them by the time they get their permits heheeh! Nothing but toyota/Lexus from here on out for us! On top of that, we may lease luxury cars from other manufacturers in the future, but only to lease…! When we buy, we buy Toyota/Lexus.

  7. Im definitely driving my Camry with even more pride I had no idea about this much respect, the love he had for his mother and such good quality in all the vehicles

    “There is nothing that can’t be done” -sakichi toyoda

  8. Im proud owner of Corolla Altis 2014…done 1.5 lakh Km aprox… without any engine and transmission problems…
    Toyota's machines are amazing 💓💓

  9. 2 best cars i ever owned were a ae92 corolla gti and a mk2 rev3 mr2 turbo. Both were amazing. The 4age towards the end always lived in the b16s shadow but what an engine, felt like it would never stop revving 😍

  10. For those who wish to buy a good reliable Car Toyota really are market leaders NO more Ford cars for me last one was special import and cost a fortune in repairs.

  11. I still got my Toyota from the 1930s. It been handed down through generation starting with my great-grand father. It has over billions of miles but runs as new.

  12. Japan is the most spiritual country in the world where young people respect all older people as they would their parents

  13. You know Toyota is a good company and makes robust cars when you see Takumi drive an Ae86 Sprinter Trueno

  14. i am supprised by the fact there is no negative comment against toyata! not even a single one.. al hail toyota

  15. No other truck manufacturers could build a truck to complete with Toyota for mining use, I ran a Toyota Land Cruiser under ground for years, twelve hr shifts meant out trucks ran steady, these trucks are amazing

  16. The Toyota vehicles that I like are the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Sequoia, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Toyota 86

  17. it will be really simple to see a Toyota on the road for us..we own one,and we will always,best car for Qc roads

  18. I bought my first toyota truck 1983,then another one 1988, then a 4 runner in 1995, another 4 runner in 2000, then a fj cruiser in 2008, that I still have, I love Toyota,

  19. Ευχαριστούμε Τογιότα και Ιαπωνία ,χορτάσαμε ψωμάκι με χαιλουξ.ελλαδα!

  20. Japan Creates Real, powerful, best products…whereas China creates duplicates, powerless, poor products.

  21. Just to break down those profit profiles a bit more; VW had huge write-offs due to emissions scam and GM investing heavily in non-automotive, one reason it's scaling back sedan production.

  22. Outstanding documentary, dude. Thanks. I drive an '07 Tundra. I knew the company was extremely driven, but this truly opened my eyes to the breadth of their visions. Thanks again.

  23. I did noticed that Toyota Dyna and Hino 300 were like friends parking beside them located at Manila,Philippines in the year of 2006 in an old used Warehouse.

  24. My Toyota has still got the machine gun on the top…. Been straifed a few times but still runs

  25. When I use Japanese made products I feel like the people who made them actually give a damn about my happiness and well being.

  26. Toyota is the only good car company nowadays. I will only buy Lexus and Toyota for the rest of my life. Respect to Toyota

  27. VW has trucks and buses like Scania and MAN as well dont know if Toyota has otherwise Toyota will be first place

  28. Toyota vehicles are so reliable, that they don't issue a recall, even when the government has proven that a manufacturing defect is dangerous for consumers.

    American manufacturers issue recalls for every little problem, because they want to be responsive to their customers. Japanese manufacturers deny right and left that there is a problem, refusing to acknowledge it until they are forced to by the government.

  29. My 2009 Corolla with over 200,000 miles is going strong and maintenance costs are ridiculous low. I looking forward to drive it for another 10 years.

  30. The company has changed a lot. Don’t trust the Toyota motor Corp. False promises of compensation as a result of defective products. There is a reason why they call versus emailing you.

  31. Toyota certainly equals value & reliability, but they have also tried to be innovative, not always successfully, as their F1 attempts showed. But good on them for being a 'family car' company who at least tried that hi-tech, super fast world on. They also have the new BMWZ4/Supra, which looks like a great car that they weren't afraid to do jointly with the Germans, because it kept the buying cost down of their accessible sports GT for the middle class. But for everyday sedan use, I don't choose boring and my German engineered 2010.5 VW R36 and 2017 PoloGTi suit my driving preferences…but I would always want my grandkids to start off in something as solid and reliable as a Toyota Corolla – then graduate!

  32. I swear I drove my corolla 2003 for 8 years never checked the oil, because just I was lazy
    Now I have a series 3 bmw I have to add oil every two weeks 😅

  33. Toyota is the only car I will ever drive.
    My whole family drives a Toyota actually:
    Dad 2003 Tacoma 4×4 with 250k miles still runs like new
    Mom- 2010 Lexus RX350
    Sister- 2006 Lexus RX350
    Grandma- 2013 corolla
    Me- 2015 Corolla 🙂

    And on top of that, I was brought home from the hospital in a white 91 corolla.
    They are simply incredible cars.

  34. >^. .^< I have always admired Toyota ever since 1966 n I rode in my high school buddy's family new Corola. I have owned a few all with great satisfaction. However my last was the old style Camry. Candidly, I somewhat do not like to say the following, I Now just hate the angry looking face Toyota changed to on all there corrent car's front end and our family all changed to Nissan.

    My previous car prior to switching to Toyota was Ford. However, the gray paint on my last Ford, a 1985 Mustang trunk lid and hood was falking/pealing off. When I took it back to dealer the factory representative said that Ford could not be responsible for how I wash my car. What an insult. Actually I owned a restaurant with a drive thru window. I coiuld not help notice all Fords of the same year few years arounf 85 that were gray had the same problem with their cars I noticed at the drive thru window. I mentioned this to to my dealer's factory representative but he still would not admit it was a Ford problem and insisted I washed the hood and trunk lid differently than the rest of the car and was causeing the problem. What a Stupid Company, even donny trump is a better lyer than that. I symply told the the rep and dealer "ok this will be the last Ford I ever buy. That was 29 + years ago and in 2014 I purchased a new Altama and when we switch permanently from Toyota to Nissan due the ugly mad looking grill work design now on all Toyotas…………

    Now I must admit I'm beginning to hear bad stories about Nissan coporation and my Altima's CVT transmission often suddenly slows down the car when not moving the accelerator so, who know what's next. But at 70 years old now I will probably only be buying one more new car it that, (perhaps an EV?)….

  35. Crazy, I just finally purchased my first Toyota. I got the 2019 Camry SE 2.5L 4cyl 203hp + convenience package for $28,500. There's only 3 things that I could think of, that's missing from it being fully loaded. I don't have sun/moonroof, no navigation and it isn't a V6. But, it literally has everything else; push to start, keyless entry, lane departure warning, rear heated mirrors and blinkers, adaptive cruise control <one of my favorite features lol, lane assistant (it literally turns my steering wheel back into lane), back camera and traffic alert from left and right side and a lot more features. I got side skirts, rear trunk spoiler, door body molding spoiler, adaptive headlights and the weather carpets, trunk package. I actually get 32 miles in the city instead of the 30 as stated. It's phenomenal! I've owned; Mazda, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus etc. This one is at the top. What you get out of it, you'd expect to pay into the mid $30k and $40+. I got the Camry at 4 miles last Sunday (8/11/19). It already has 675 miles a week later and I only had to fill it up once, since I got a full tank from the dealership. lol I'm going to be the first and last owner for this vehicle. Hoping to try and get at least 150k miles before any major repairs. Well see. Going to post up videos soon on YT in a couple of weeks.

  36. A baby is born every second. A Toyota is made every 37 seconds. Imagine every 37th baby born buys a car. Imagine global warming over 3 years and 7 months of seconds. How many Cars were sold during that period?

    Edit : 4 123 872 000 Co PUMPING MACHINES

    : And that's ONLY Toyota

  37. Same with my first corolla. Had it for over 4 years…at least 40k miles and never changed the oil LOL. Just topped it off occasionally.

  38. I always loved Toyota, and now that I have knowledge about the beginning of the history and how great was the founder Mr. Toyoda and how he took care of his mom with a lot of sacrifices, I love ToyotaLexusYamaha more then ever… Toyota4Life

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