How BIG is SoftBank? (They Own Boston Dynamics & 99% of Smartphone Chips)

you are walking confusion TV hi welcome to another ColdFusion video Softbank it’s one of those companies that you hear a lot about but are never really sure or what they actually do as it turns out answering that question what do they do is surprisingly complicated today we’re going to see how softbank’s founder miss aoshi son was of business prodigy and from the start he’s always had an eye for opportunity especially when it comes to technology in the future son was born in Japan in 1957 and his grandparents were immigrants from Korea his family worked their way out of poverty when he was a young teenager at age 16 he read a book by Dan Fujita the founder of Japan’s McDonald’s the book had such an influence on him that he decided to meet the popular entrepreneur sons calls and letters went ignored I called his his assistant and no distance call back then it was so expensive I made almost hundred calls sixty goes could you ask him oh I will try but he’s not gonna meet with the student I said well don’t decide by yourself let him decide so I spoke with with the assistant different assistants so many times they don’t give me the right answer so I said okay this is waste of my telephone bill so I flew into Tokyo and I said I came because the the phone call become becoming more expensive than air ticket he gave you some advice which was to learn yeah I asked him what business should I the computer that’s the one if I were you at your age at this time don’t look at the past industry look at the future industry that’s the one computer industry that’s the one you should focus if I were you that’s the one so I said wow great he resolved to follow Fujita’s advice and study both computer science and English those skills were quickly put to use when he moved to San Francisco and blew through high school in just three week he did this by studying insanely hard and attempting the college entrance exam almost as soon as he got there and he passed all six subjects he’s a quote from son at the time quite I don’t have much time to waste one can think as much as he likes however I need to act and follow through with my ambition because we only live once I want to do something that will be remembered in history if I do the same as the others do I will never be able to make history end quote after passing the test he could enter American University Messiah she son decided to study computer science and economics while he was still a student in 1976 Sun started his first business enterprise here is an interview at Sun explaining the story of how he did it well I was a good student I have to make money I want to earn $10,000 per month and I will allow me myself five minutes a day so I asked my friends isn’t the good job that I can hang ten thousand dollars in five minutes a day that’s two my friend said you’re crazy it’s impossible nothing like that do you wanna sell drag no no I don’t wanna do that so I said okay what is the best most efficient use of my time it’s invention it’s invention and I have to file patent if I get the pattern five minutes if I focus and can come some idea I can make some idea so I set alarm clock five o’clock five minutes and take the information come invention car oh I did that and it worked it worked you invented a machine that helped people translate languages yeah that one was the electric dictionary the first electric dictionary the many student use the electronic dictionary the first one ever made was by myself first electric dictionary yes after this a son saw the technology to electronics giant sharp for 1.7 million dollars he was just 19 years old while most of us were taken the year off perhaps with cocktails and on sunny beaches Sun made another 1.5 million dollars by importing used video game machines from Japan son graduated in 1980 and although he had already had some great success in his early few years in America he decided that the Japanese work ethic and staff loyalty were valuable assets for any company so he moved back to Japan and started looking for opportunities unlike many business founders he had a fixed passion and turned that into a business the son took a much more analytical approach he set up a matrix and ranked every potential business against his own fixed criteria this included things like he must love the business for 50 years it must be unique and he must become a market leader within 10 years he looked at a broad range of options from obvious choices such as software development to completely new industries like health care management in the end he chose something close to his expertise in 1981 Japan’s Softbank was formed son saw a big gap in the market many PCs needed software to run in their systems but the software developers lacked the money and sales skills to reach hardware manufacturers he quickly won a contract with the country’s largest PC retailer Justin Deng Kiko making Softbank their exclusive software purchaser within a year the company was selling over 2 million dollars of software a month son quickly diversified in May of 1982 they started a publishing monthly computer magazine they took heavy losses at the beginning but by the 90s Softbank dominated the market for high-end tech magazines they would use the magazines to heavily promote their own products so cross-promotion was very valuable to reflect it’s increasingly diverse portfolio Softbank was renamed Softbank corp in 1990 and the following decade saw them become a huge negotiator and tech based business deals it was this decade that would CSUN be named the Bill Gates of Japan in the 90s the company began to grow every facet of their business for the magazines they bought up publishers in the United States and took control of many major trade shows including Comdex the largest computer Expo at the time for Hardware they bought a majority stake in the memory card maker kingston and bought shares in media companies and satellite broadcasting companies in australia and japan the next big step was to join the dot-com boom in 1996 Softbank became the biggest shareholder in Yahoo and set up here who Japan this ended up being a common tactic investing in US companies and then setting up a Japanese version Sun has stated that he believed that localizing these businesses made them more likely to succeed Yahoo Japan till this day is still the country’s most widely used search engine even though it’s now powered by Google however all this internet investment meant that Softbank was seriously exposed when bubble popped at the turn of the millennium Sun himself had just passed Bill Gates to have the highest net worth in the world but suddenly in just one day it all imploded he dropped from a net worth of 78 billion dollars to just 8 billion dollars overnight while others may have thrown in the towel son simply just went to look for more opportunities even saying that maybe this was a good thing because now he was able to find rock-bottom prices Softbank invested in broadband providers telecom companies such as Vodafone and spent 30 million dollars on an unknown Chinese startup called Alibaba this original 30 million dollar stake is now worth close to 150 billion dollars so that leads us to today what about the rest of their portfolio what does Softbank do currently today the Softbank group has an annual revenue of 82 billion dollars making it the 72nd largest company in the world and the seventh largest in Japan in addition to the companies that mentioned before Softbank also owns Sprint Corporation a company that made over thirty billion dollars in revenue last year and also owns Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile Softbank group also owns the microprocessor design company arm ARM processors are designed to be light on power cost-effective and very efficient for this reason ARM processors are the basis for pretty much all of our mobile devices from the iPhone 10 to the iPad 2 Samsung devices and the Google pixel lineup in fact over 100 billion ARM chips have been sold to date so that’s all well and good but perhaps the most fascinating area is their foray into robotics if any of you have seen the Atlas robot or the superb mini robots you’d probably know that they’re made by Boston Dynamics well Boston Dynamics is owned by Softbank when you combine this with their commercially available pepper robot that went on sale in 2015 then you pretty much have a company that’s very prepared for robots to be a part of daily life there are already hundreds of thousands of robots in use across Japan pepper already works in many customer service positions for example so almost at the end of the video let’s just take a look at how Softbank analyzes the feature softbank’s approach to the future is a much more long-term vision than any other company sun has set up a plan for house Softbank will continue to grow for the next 300 years this is fueled by the Softbank vision fund they have multiple investors in the fund with big hitters like Apple the Saudi government and Foxconn they aim to raise 100 billion dollars in 2017 and came close raising 93 billion a third of that money has already been invested the vision fund has a 15% share Anubha 20% share and Flipkart 5% share an Nvidia and another 5% share in the messaging app slack as well as various other shares and about a thousand come nice Softbank has even spent three hundred million dollars on a walking dog service called wag the other areas that are looking to include biotech financial systems mobile apps Internet of Things devices and almost anything with the technological element to it so it Softbank strength is in its diversity and the fact that they get in early on many different industries looking at all the stuff they’re investing in it seems that funds 300 year plan doesn’t seem quite so crazy so I guess we’ll check back in 2318 for an update so there you have it that’s the story of Softbank the brainchild of the very intelligent master Yoshi Shawn otherwise known as the Bill Gates of Japan so anyway thanks for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this video this has been – go go if you just stumble across this channel feel free to subscribe I’ll catch you again soon for the next video cheers guys have a good one cold fusion is me thinking you

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100 thoughts on “How BIG is SoftBank? (They Own Boston Dynamics & 99% of Smartphone Chips)

  1. Wow what an empire. But the interview about how he made 1.9 millions in five minutes makes my head explode.

    "I sat down for five minutes and said 'come, invention, come!'. And it worked."

    I refuse to believe this.

  2. Banking within a nation is easily traced and logically grow. Banking across nations is not and sometimes even impossible to trace its growth. No nation can grow itself unlimited without proof of such growth in real term that can be transparently proof. Communist china has enjoyed for over a decade such growth. Money that CCP throw all around the world could be more than ten times already by now of its GDP/GNP of which is too much. It is like money from tree and create illusion of power which is a real threat to the world of power, economic, and finance.

  3. About Sprint. Didn't Obama force SoftBank to sell it awhile back due to rules surrounding restrictions of foreign ownership of US telecommunication companies?

  4. ya ya ya it was a great story, softbank blah blah blah……BUT did that robot just do a back flip..??..elons right…

  5. I'm skeptical of all these initial business stories ever since New York Times revealed Trumps $1 million business loan seed money story is a complete fabrication. He had been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions from his father ever since he was a small child.

  6. I remember they are also stock holder of Uber
    And the story is Uber don’t want SoftBank to invest in them, but SoftBank threatens to investing to their competition, so they always threaten companies like this

  7. your voice is muddy very much bass remove some of the lower end frequency. and increase a bit of the high ends for better audio

  8. I wish our schools had the structure, ethics and discipline they have in Asia, especially Japan.
    Liberals have destroyed American schools and are doubling down with their mind numbing Commie PC bullshit.
    Very inspirational story. But I bet you won't see it promoted in schools. Too capitalist for
    Bolsheviks running our educational institutions.

  9. Joshin is pronounced "joe-sheen"! I used to live a few blocks away from a Joshin Denki in Kyoto.

    Sprint owns Boost and Virgin Mobile. Soon, T-Mobile US will merge with Sprint. Son had to cede his demand for a majority stake in the merged company to Deutsche Telekom. The merged company will be T-Mobile, with John Legere, Mike Sievert, Neville Ray and Braxton Carter as the top management team.

  10. Interesting since now i think they invested in wework which is currently overvalued and is vulnerable to any upcoming recessions

  11. Boston Dynamics is best known for the development of BigDog, a quadruped robotdesigned for the U.S. military with funding from Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA),[1][2] and DI-Guy, software for realistic human simulation.

  12. Its a 100 year plan to grow, from 1999 to 2101 to cross both millennia as Masa said himself, also SoftBank invests in companies that have already proven themselves and are not in early stages

  13. I hope he goes to hell, this is cancer tumor, proliferate uncontrollably, self serving with no regard to the well being and fabric of the society it ripp through

  14. As someone who watches anime a lot, their company appeared everywhere, from in-anime TV ads to committee production.

  15. They have to run the schools and colleges and any areas or large number of people contract unfortunately need to be treated like airports I think this is absolutely horrible but it is the world we live in today

  16. It sounds extreme but we live in extreme times we need to have gun monitors at all the gates all the entrances and increase security and all of these places everyone that enters and I do mean everyone is body scan or searched

    TUDO EM TECNOLOGY ATUAL = ETC ; 😎 🤖📱💡💡🧲✨⚡️👀👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  18. Loved his story from earlier life. Then see him throwing money everywhere for apps and get disgusted in it. Hey, it's his money he can do what he wants. I just see it as fueling and supporting the wrong direction of the future.

  19. He was harshly discriminated by the Japanese people because his grandparents were from Korea. Son once got hit in the head with a stone thrown by Japanese kids shouting "Chosenjin," which is a derogatory term for calling Koreans. Despite all these poor treatments due to his ancestry, he refused to change his Korean last name. Many decades later, no one looks down on him anymore.

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