How Ace Combat 7 Utilizes Modern PC Tech

[Julian]: Hello and welcome to GeForce!
I’m Julian and I’m excited because I am a
big fighter jet geek, and we are talking about
Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown. Joining me is the brand manager. You’ve been working
on these games for 15 years now. So Ace Combat 7, the latest entry,
what’s new with Ace Combat? [Kazutoki]: The biggest sales point
of this new Ace Combat is that we created the
sky environment from scratch. We always had the sky visually,
but it was an empty sky. However, this time, we created 3D clouds
that you can go in and out of. And you can use the clouds
as somewhere to escape from the enemy or the enemy might go into the clouds,
making it more difficult to find them. [Julian]: One thing that’s always been essential
to an Ace Combat game is the story. People might be surprised
if they’ve never played to find that it’s these tales of people caught up in war
between huge nations and super weapons and the individual
tales between them. How are you approaching
the story in Ace Combat 7? [Kazutoki]: With Ace Combat 7,
the message we’re trying to convey is that one fact could be
so many different stories, depending on who’s telling the story
and who’s listening to it. So in this title, we have
two storytellers telling one story. But also, what each side feels is correct
might turn out to be something different and that’s the
core of the story. [Julian]: These games have been beautiful
since I remember ever playing them. First one I played was
Ace Combat 4 and back then, you had photo-realistic
hard body airplanes and beautiful
ground landscapes flying over. Now, it’s 2018, what can people
playing on modern systems on a powerful PC
expect to see from Ace Combat 7? [Kazutoki]: Ace Combat is, of course,
the world’s number one flight game. So in terms of the graphics,
the development team is very proud of it. This time, with a high spec PC,
the maximum resolution is 4K. And in terms of frame rate,
we don’t have any restrictions. So the higher spec your PC is,
the higher the frame rate will be. And actually,
the resolution scaling is 200%, so its resolution is 8K
but rendered at 4K. [Julian]: 8K super sampling! So you’re talking
absolutely beautiful imagery. Thank you so much for telling us
more about Ace Combat 7 today. [Kazutoki]: Sure, thank you. [Julian]: Thank you guys
so much for watching. If you love fighter jets and dog fighting,
or just the Ace Combat series as a whole, keep your eyes glued
for Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown. Otherwise, subscribe, leave comments,
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100 thoughts on “How Ace Combat 7 Utilizes Modern PC Tech

  1. I haven't played air combat games in years, and now, just as I'm building my new PC, a new Ace Combat comes out! Perfect timing.

  2. I can't wait for this game. I've been playing this since PlayStation2 and I honestly couldn't believe it is finally coming to modern systems

  3. 1:35 “Ace Combat is of course the world’s #1 flight game”

    Not anymore, Gaijin’s War Thunder had caught the mass media on their hands now, no offense.

  4. Glad to see flight sims are not dead. This game looks great, I would love to see what a 2080ti could do with 8k supersampleing.

  5. I think this is the first title that makes me really want a rig capable of VR… I do a lot of simracing, but flying really begs for that super high framerate free look experience!

  6. Been a very long time since Ive played an Ace Combat. Cannot even remember the last time I was excited about an air combat game. Totally looking forward to it

  7. I don't expect any genuine visual/tech improvements for the PC version. Just arbitrary resolutions and 60+ framerates. Looks like this is all we are going to get.

  8. I look forward to this so much, been playing the series since 1997, just bought a new 21:9 screen just for this, can't wait to be moved by the music again. I LOVE ACE COMBAT SO MUCH!

  9. Im the only guy here who have gt730 ddr3 i cant even play gta v 😪

    Just imagine if i win a giveaway 😂 that will be a dream come true 💚

  10. I've been playing this game since its release and it was really sad that it was only release by then on the ps3 and ps2 and sadly i wasn't able to those games that was released only on those consoles and finally one game was released which was Ace Combat Assault Horizon, mehn it was so nostalgic, it was a great experience. And now this Ace Combat 7 is finally coming to PC i Really can't wait to play this game all over again and feel nostalgic, but i really hope also that my PC would be able to run this game because my PC is like from 2014, still using a GTX 750ti and its sad I can't play 1080p games with high settings. demn i really cant wait to check out this game.

  11. Skull & Bones: Bigger version of Assassin's Creed 4 Naval Combat.
    Ace Combat 7: Bigger version of Battlefield 3 Going Hunting Mission?

  12. I wanted to Join Air Force after Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, i loved the game and the plot looking forward to Skies Unknown

  13. I can't wait to play an Ace Combat game again! The arcade style of "Assault Horizon" was lost on me, but maybe it's because I'm so used to the old Ace combat. Either way, I'm so excited to play this!

  14. I played the first instance of this on my PS1.
    This game will be interesting after the last one I played was 'unsung war'.

  15. While this video talks a big game, please be cautious. The only version stable at the moment is on PS4, as that's where all the focus and advertising was. No Xbox One X enhancements, no ultra wide for PC, but has three missions for PSVR. On screen prompts are for console pads only and none are for the two control sticks they are currently pushing (Thrustmaster and the £/$200 plus one). This will be very much like Monster Hunter which was the same regarding performance and still to this day (doesn't run well or anything but a PS4) has numerious issues on PC. I'd suggest no one pre orders the PC version and waits for proper reviews on performance first.

  16. I love Nvidia GeForce❤️ i have tried one of the most high-end AMD Radeon graphic card but i once tried the GeForce 1050ti and immediately shifted to GeForce and sold my Radeon card! Nvidia GeForce is so much better 🙂

  17. Ace Combat is fun, at least was fun for me, I play it too back to more than 20 years ago (since 1996 with AceCombat 1, 2 and 3 ), but if anyone wants to have real pleasure and Simulators, its nice to take a look at DCS World!

  18. Hate to tell you all but this game is garbage, low level textures on Xbox1X, probably the same on PC
    This is just a remask of AC6, whick in some ways AC6 is better.

  19. Okay but on my PC I just bought this game and it's locked to less than 1080 for the resolution I can't remember exactly but I want to say it's like 800 by 1400 or something weird like that abd adjusting it is it's completely grayed out

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