Hoverboard Is All Skate With No Levitate

It’s not actually a hoverboard but it will
feel like one if you learn how to master it. I’m here with Robert Bigler the Founder of Hoverboard technologies. So what is this device. How does it work? Well the Hoverboard is a one-wheeled platform,
similar to a skateboard, that has a motor in the wheel, that react to very very subtle
tilting of the board. So it electronically delivers the experience of like surfing on
land. So let’s give it a shot? So the Hoverboard is a little tough to ride.
Was that the plan? Yea, the Hoverboard is like a sport and it’s
an electronic vehicle. It looks so easy to ride but the big deception about the Hoverboard
is when you see people riding it elegantly and smoothly. That everyone thinks you can
just jump on the Hoverboard and ride away. But it’s not that way. It’s an earned experience.
It’s similar to learning how to one ski, water ski, or learning how to snowboard. But after
that, it’s a phenomenal one. So it’s fun and it’s actually a little bit
more rewarding because it’s not easy enough for anyone. It’s almost like a hipster hoverboard. So who do you expect to sell this to? There’s really nothing, really like this on
the market place and some one who wants a challenge, a physical challenge, but also
someone who identifies with the thrill of land-based sport. The Hoverboard will show up on Kickstarter
on September 17th and it will finish it’s campaign on October 21st which is actually
the date when Marty McFly went to the future to try his real hoverboard that got everyone
excited about this thing.

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100 thoughts on “Hoverboard Is All Skate With No Levitate

  1. well… it WOULD be f^€kn awesome to own something like this… but, the price that it's at is going to make IMPOSSIBLE to have! it's something that only a celebrity can purchase.
    like I said, it'd be amazing to own something like this. price is what makes it impossible though :/

  2. like seriously though… at the price the PS4 is at… I thought that I was never going to get one. I saved up for it. took me longer than I anticipated, still got it though. but, the price for this thing? really though? I'd rather buy a new car, or take the family to Hawaii!

  3. They don't even say the name yea the overboard theres something out with the same name like if you think what I think.

  4. mind blown by the tech, however what about the battery if it dies like no longer holding enough power is there an easy method of replacing it, plus what is the life span of the battery itself need infor about that too dont yu think??? i dont like something costing a lot then lasting a month that bullshit, so pliz fill me up on that.

  5. This guy completely triggers all my animal-like instincts of killing. I just feel the urge to punch him in the face, it's ridiculous.

  6. so they should probably make these more affordable i went on their site and it goes for almost 4grand

  7. it looks stupid to make life harder I do not understand such ideas… (trend for sure but this will fail faster and will not be popular or at least the cost will be very cheap)

  8. Only the rich spoiled kids can get this shit. Not a single person with sane mind would spend 4k to some fancy toy

  9. This is bull shit, I checked the price and you better be well off cause the only people that could afford this already have a car or don't have enough free time to ride this around. The cheapest one they have is 3000$ and the most expensive is 4000$ you could actually buy a car for that much, it'd be w cheep crappy care but it'd be a whole car.

  10. 3000 dollars for the basic model… WTF is wrong with you people? Guys go look up glidecraft hoverboard is essentially the same thing, it also have bluetooth for fraction of the price.

  11. The host's comments are not nice -seems rude. I wish for this project to take off… prefer it more than the two wheel hype.

  12. "There's really nothing like this in the marketplace,"…. onewheel kickstarter was completed a year and a half prior to this video.

  13. meu deu problema com pouco minutos de uso… ele parou e notei que esta muito quente… será que desliga quando superaquece???

  14. i had my v1 onewheel up to 19mph and the onewheel plus can go like 24 plus im sure theyre much better offroad especially at the beach

  15. I think the dude that made these is a Lier he said they supposed to been out got the website still up just to say none available

  16. Well I would get one for riding on campus because I live on campus but my classes are like 20min away and its like half of the cost towards my semester tuition sooo…

  17. I was wondering if this will work on non-smooth surfaces. If I want to ride this to work, and I work in a downtown area. . .is it pointless to? Or can I only ride this on a smoothly paved parking lot like in the video or in suburban/new gentrified areas?? Wah. Wah.

  18. Soz but it’s literally the Onewheel but worse it can’t go of road and they said there’s nothing like this in the market place 🤨😕

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