HOT NEWS !!! This is the world’s first smartwatch with accurate blood pressure monitoring

just before CES 2018 officially begins
Omron healthcare showed often unique wearable that has miniaturized the
traditional blood pressure monitoring band to something that you can strap on
your wrist and still expect the same level of accuracy
this is Omron’s SmartWatch and it offers all of what you need from a modern
SmartWatch like heart rate monitoring sleep and activity monitoring and now
even blood pressure monitoring it’s a bit thick but considering the accurate
measurement recording it boast s and that it’s battery is rated to last up to
10 days in real world use this is completely acceptable for its
prospective user base who might find it a hassle to recharge the device every
day it’s currently undergoing some certifications but as soon as that phase
is over its slated for a fall 2018 release the execs at the booth also
shared that it would cost more than a Fitbit ionic but less than that of an
Apple watch so it will be accessible to most people

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4 thoughts on “HOT NEWS !!! This is the world’s first smartwatch with accurate blood pressure monitoring

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  2. What incredible device!!!especially disigned for all of those that seriously are suffering from high blood pressure nice size modern & on top of that it incorporated all the features that every one really needs in every day activity I think it's a great choice & I really want it so but to monitor my own blood pressure which so times makes my blood to reach almost his boiling point however I have to wait a little bit until it's price drops to a more affordable level .

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