Honor 20 Re-Visit: Still in limbo?!

it’s been a pretty crazy time for smartphones and some of them that we were really looking forward to actually having here in the States actually don’t make it here or are at the very least delayed but right now we’re taking a look at one particular phone that just simply did not make it to the US shores mainly because of some let’s say current events that are happening right now which is a bit of a bummer because the honor 20 is actually a very solid device that could have provided some pretty awesome features to a lot more people out there a Java gara what’s going on everybody let’s revisit the honor 20 for a second it wasn’t too long ago that honor was one of the best-selling smartphone companies on Amazon with the honor 6x and other offerings of the like since then honor was able to continue the momentum with the honor of U 10 the honor of U 20 which introduced some of the tropes that we see in current flagship smartphones but with all of the halawi news that’s been happening recently honor our in unfortunate casualty of all the craziness happening between the US and China at the moment and that is a shame because with the latest smartphone line this is the honor 20 by the way not the under-20 Pro the company was able to establish more of an identity more of their own identity I should say after all there are a few things about this phone that are just a bit different and that separate this phone from many of the other flagship smartphones in its same price range for example you get a really good screen to body ratio almost a full screen experience with that little cutout at the top this is a feature that honor actually premiered with the honor of u-20 and it’s something that we’re seeing more of another phone of course that tiny little cutout is so small that it’s nestled right in the notification area and underneath that surface is a 32 megapixel selfie shooter that provides some pretty great results if not totally exceptional results moving around the rest of the device this Icelandic blue does shine really well and it does look really great unfortunately it is very fingerprint prone you can already see it here I have a ton of smudges on this thing and that’s what happens when you have a glossy device what’s interesting is that the honor 20 and the honor 20 Pro are actually very similar in size and both of them are a little bit easier to handle at six point two inches in their screens ergonomics are actually a little bit rare when the flagship smartphones we have right now are actually getting bigger and bigger an honor was trying to buck a few different trends with this particular device I already mentioned the cutouts which is a continuing trend of theirs but then the fingerprint reader that you might expect to be on the rear of this phone is actually embedded in the power button that’s actually a very welcome thing it’s just one of those intuitive features that makes perfect sense you don’t even have to press the button in order to unlock the device you just rest your thumb on there or whatever finger you have enrolled and you get right into the interface but the other thing that kind of ties Huawei and honor’ together is also the internals you still get the ki-rin 980 with the Mali GPU and those specifications can be boosted using honors GPU boost 2.0 the only thing is that the games that I play are not supported by GPU boost which is kind of a bummer obviously there is a focus on fortnight here because there’s a fortnight installer pre-installed on here and there’s one more thing that honor tried to do that is a little bit radical and has to do with the camera package so you have a four camera array on here and you’re seeing some examples from the 48 megapixel Sony IMX sensor which is already a great sensor we know this from a bunch of different phones that it appears in backing that sensor up is an ultra wide and that allows you to fit more into the frame Ultra whites are always going to be a favorite of mine then you also get a depth sensor that allows for good portrait shots you get a bunch of different modes inside of the camera up including a night mode that is fairly aggressive but it is nice that the night mode is available and then finally you have a macro mode but it’s actually using a dedicated macro lens that’s this 2 megapixel sensor right here literally used to get really close up to subjects in order to maintain detail even when you’re just centimeters away from it it’s kind of fun to use it just to see how close and how much detail you can get out of something but honestly I’m not too sure what a macro lens would really do for a casual user and I think that’s something that has to be proven by putting this phone in the hands of casual users and therein lies the problem that owner was actually trying to do something kind of different dare I say kind of fun with the honor 20 line and while the rest of the phone is incredibly solid there’s really nothing to complain about when it comes to the daily experience having those few little details those few little nuances that kind of of the experience really gave this phone a lot of character but unfortunately for honor and honestly for huawei because they’re also a part of this whole problem this phone is not able to get into the hands of more people so that those features could actually be enjoyed by more users so where do we stand right now with the honor 20 well we’re pretty much in the same place as when we first started using this Oh Huawei and thus honor by association are still unable to do a whole lot here in the United States and obviously the point of this video is to show that that’s kind of a shame because of this phone’s more affordable price point compared to other flagships you still get all of the things that are essential to a daily experience with a few little things that allow you to have some extra fun but let me know what you guys think do you have an honor 20 in honor 20 Pro do you happen to be in markets where those phones are actually available if so let us know what your experience has been like and then from there you can drop some likes on this video again have that discussion in the comment sections and then also subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already you look forward to anything that we have coming up on pocket now obviously it’s going to really ramp up in the coming weeks so you want to look forward to all of that and subscribe to keep up with all of it in any case I’m going to call it on this one thank you so much for watching this video on the honor 20 and we will see you in our next video

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