Honda unveils all-new ASIMO humanoid robot

Meet the all new ASIMO, the world’s most advanced
android. ASIMO is the latest generation of Honda’s
humanoid robots and it’s making it’s UK debut next week. Honda claims the new robot is the world’s first
to have autonomous behaviour control technology, meaning the new ASIMO can now continue to move
without being controlled by an operator. And If that wasn’t impressive enough, the
robot has improved intelligence and the physical ability to adapt to situations, taking robots
one step further into commercial everyday use. ASIMO, which has been a developing project
for HONDA robotics since 2000, has come a long way. It can now predict a direction a
person is moving in and based on pres-set space sensors, quickly decide to move out
the way. The robot can also walk, run, run backward,
hop on one leg or on two legs continuously. Not only that but ASIMO isn’t too back at
playing football either.

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14 thoughts on “Honda unveils all-new ASIMO humanoid robot

  1. Is Honda trying (and failing miserable [don't worry Honda we still love you]) @ beating out Google to become Skynet? #GoogleIsSkynet  

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