Homemade Tech Deck Fidget Spinner!!

– Wait, wait, wait. I gotta clear my fingers of the area. (fidget spinner zooming) (drum roll rolling) That’s scary stuff! (upbeat rock music) ♫ The end ♫ Well I can’t wait to tell
you all about her, all about – [Dan] What took you so long? – Hey, I rode my Tech Deck, sorry. Alright, sit right there. It’s, it’s Dan. He slapped me on the best
day ever, couple days ago. – Whoa.
(laughs) – That’s the only way
he could get me back. – So there was a popular
believe going around that Dan was dead. We’ve confirmed that he’s
not dead, he’s right here. We’re investigating the mystery now. What happened to Dan Hicken. We’re doing our first
ever YouTube, collab. Dan, what is this? – That is a high five… arm. (laughing) – We started YouTube together. The Best Days Ever were created by me and Mr. Dan Hicken right here and then Tall Chicken
took over the editing and Dan moved. What did you do when you moved? – I made the waterjet channel. And we… cut stuff with the waterjet. (energetic rock music) – So Dan moved, so he couldn’t
do the daily vlogs anymore so once he moved, he’s like, “Hey, that YouTube thing was
fun, I’m gonna keep doing it.” He started the waterjet channel. He found this cool waterjet
and just started cutting stuff and messing around. Today we are making the
world’s largest fidget spinner. The biggest one ever made. He designed it. And yeah, he designed
it with high-five hands because we’re doing it together and we like high fives. – [Dan] Yeah! – Well, let’s go show you
the machine and stuff. That was a good intro. Like people like you,
they’ve missed you Dan. – [Dan] Thanks guys. – [Shawn] Do you film
everything on a phone? – [Dan] Yep. – So he films on a phone and, oh wow. Dan’s partner in crime, Mitchell. – World’s biggest high five. – [Shawn] World’s biggest high five. Wow, that’s heavy! That weighs like 30 pounds. – Yeah, that’s 3/4 inch steel, so. – That’s the middle of the
most giant fidget spinner. So, their channel, they’re
making the most giant fidget spinner ever. Our channel, we’re gonna show
you how to make a Tech Deck fidget spinner from home. We just did the math
and this fidget spinner is looking to be about how many pounds? – 180, at least. – 180 pounds, at least. Stupidest idea ever and we did it, Dan? – It’s beautiful. I love it.
– I’m proud of you. Feels good to be sciencing together again. – (laughs) If done successfully. – Yeah, well our first
successful science project! – Finally! – So, I’m gonna link their
video then but this isn’t over. We are making, I’m showing
you guys how to make homemade Tech Deck fidget spinners. Almost walked into this wall. And we’re gonna be giving away a whole bunch of other fidget spinners. We’re gonna cut like 20
of them with the waterjet and then we’ll do the
giveaway then, so let’s start. Step one, get a Tech Deck. I picked the Toy Machine
one ’cause you know we love Toy Machine. Tech Deck acquired. We’re gonna use a giant
water press, water drill, what is it called? – Water jet (laughs). – So we’re gonna use a giant waterjet to cut the circle in this. But you guys at home,
you can use like a drill or a X-ACTO knife, or something like that. I like it. Dan, are you making one? – [Dan] Uh, I am, but this
one, is for the people. – For the people, by the people. I think we’re gonna make like six, or eight, or seven of these. You guys are gonna win some Tech Deck fidget spinners at the end. Oh dang, this is looking like
a little Tech Deck laboratory. – [Dan] These are like the
perfect size too, spin it. – [Shawn] Look at that spin,
hold on, I need to focus. Okay. Spin it. – [Dan] Spin it, ride it. – [Shawn] Skate it, spin
it, spin it, skate it. You place it in here and make it snug so it doesn’t like flip out when it water pressures. – [Dan] That and once we find
out where we cut the first one we can just pull it out, throw the second one in, cut it real fast. – [Shawn] Mass produce ’em. – Yeah.
– It’s a new business, Tech Deck fidget spinners! Now what? Dip your hands in that water, now what? – [Dan] I’m just washing my hands off. This nasty water. – [Shawn] Okay, so now
that your hands are clean, now what? – [Dan] I don’t know,
stop asking me questions! – [Shawn] (chuckles) – [Dan] Is this the 22? – [Mitchell] This is the 22. (upbeat pop music) – Oh, snap! Kay, first ever Tech Deck fidget spinner. Oh that’s snug, that’s perfect. Look at that! – [Dan] Ooooh! (laughs) – So you’re just skatin’
along, duh, nuh, nuh, tail slide, well, seven, 23
and hundred, 90, 60 million, stomped it! – [Dan] Just add a little
glue in there and that’ll– – Yeah.
– That’ll be awesome. – Just add like a little tack of glue, just a tiny little tack. Probably on the bottom right there. And dude, like, legit.
– That’s pretty cool. – This spins really well. Let’s make a couple
more for the give away. – Got enough, mass produce.
– Got a whole bunch, alright. (upbeat pop music) – [Shawn] Alright, we’ve got a lot of skateboard fidget spinners. Let’s go, look, we added
the gold button to this one. So it actually spins super fast. Zzzzzoooo. I think I’m gonna do some
without the gold button so it skates better, but then some with for ultimate spinning. – [Dan] Better spinning. – Oh snap! Wait, wait, wait. I gotta clear my fingers of the area. (fidget spinner zooming) – That’s scary stuff, holy crap! – [Dan] One of those wheels
comes off it can like– – Seriously, I’m like
scared of this thing! – [Dan] It’ll like blind you. – Wow. – [Dan] This one’s not, I’m
doing this one right now. – Okay, so two different styles. You can do the ones with the gold button so they spin a little bit better. We just bought these buttons online, I think I’ll like drop an
Amazon link or something. And then I kinda like the ones that don’t have the button though because then you can spin
’em and actually skate ’em. Oh! That kick-flipped. Oh, grind, I was grinding
that, did you see that? – [Dan] That was intentional. – Yeah, that was intentional. You guys can make ’em at home. Again, to make the circle,
drill press or just use like a knife or something, cut it out, get a bang,
put it in, super glue. Super easy, link in the
top of the description, we’re gonna be giving a whole bunch away. There will be a give away
on the waterjet channel, Danzu, aren’t you proud of him? Dan you’re growing up so fast. – Thank you. – And a link on our channel, hit the link, win a
fidget spinner thingie. Thanks for watching. Do like a thumbs-up, yeah. – [Mitchell] And then
end with a high five? – Oh yeah, and. – [Mitchell] Yeah, that was nice. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Back at the space station, we are going to edit this video and then we have a surprise. – Hey Shawn. – [Shawn] Of this stuff. – [Blonde Guy] Oh yeah,
100 days of give aways. – [Shawn] 100 days of
give aways is happening. Okay, so we’re gonna edit
this video really quick. And then I’m planning a
surprise party for Jenny tonight at the space station. All our friends are gonna
be at the space station. Jenny doesn’t know. She’ll show up, surprise party. Which means I’ll film another video, which means you get a video on Monday, you get a video tomorrow, and we’ll talk about
100 days of give aways. Guys, we have tons of
free stuff we’re gonna be giving out for the next 100 days. So, make sure you’re subscribed, love it, enjoy the video, you get
another one tomorrow. Bye. (upbeat pop music) (slow trumpet music) – By the people, for the people.

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