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some of the floor joist of this rare deck are not adequately secured of deck ledger at rare wall as you look along the rare wall most of the uh…floor joist metal joist hanger is installed at the end of the junction with the ledger uh… three or four areas where that’s not the
case if would get over to the forty five degree angle of sanctions to the left and right sides of this
uh… oh bay window bay door area part of the
basement you see that these floor joists uh… aren’t adequately secured they just been totally all end to the ledger so we gonna ask the builder to install metal joist hanger both in this location

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8 thoughts on “Home Inspector Atlanta GA Reveals Deck Floor Joists Need Supported l (678) 279-5796 l CALL US!

  1. obviously you inspect, but have never built a deck with that type of 45. Yeah, they sell those hangars, but you can never nail the inside of them, so they are pointless. 45 hangars are a complete waste, try actually doing some of the work you are failing. Funny how you find "failures" that are holding just fine. You text book junkies need a bit of real world experience before you inspect.

  2. The 45 hangers CAN be installed. The acute side flange is extended to get out of the corner and the holes are slotted allowing the nails to be driven at an angle. It's no big deal.

  3. @bdarflinger Well, sorry rookie, but treated lumber such as 2×10's can go from 8 3/4 to 9 5/8. Only a dipshit would put hangars on before joist. My hammer is an 18 year old estwing, pretty common head size. I don't think you understand, have you tried to fasten a 45 hanger on the inside after the joist was up? Sorry but common sense should tell you that you can not sink a nail on the inside of a 45 like that, does your hammer have a pointed head that tapers at a 45? You make no sense.

  4. @cember01 Where do you get your hangars? If you your hammer has a 1 1/4 wide head, than the nail hole would have to come out almost 2" from the inside, meaning it would need like a 2.5-3" flange on the acute side. I guess our lumber yard doesnt like us, because I have never seen a 45 hangar with a 3+" flange for a 2×8 joist. I have a feeling they make them, but they are 10$/each. If you look at the decking on top, and have just a little common sense, you realize there is no need for hangars ther

  5. this did not need hangers at all , what it did need was presure blocks between the joist.
    BTW , just how do you propose to install a ledger to these joist?? Too many jokers on here..

  6. Lol, first off none of those hangers for a deck should be secured with nails. EVER!. Second while a couple more hangers would be nice and should be there at least it wont compromise this deck enough for it to fall off. 98% of the joists had metal hangers and that is good, especially with jokers nailing them on. Go look up the cause of deck failures. In almost all cases they were nailed. Lag bolts, heavy duty screws are the only way to go.

  7. I see the bolts holding the ledger board to the house, but shouldn't there also be bolts on the wall to the left? (the one that comes out at a 90 degree angle to the rear ledger board).

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