What’s up guys! Lew here, back with an other video. And today is Black Friday! And if your like me, the last thing your thinking about doing is going out, in some crowd and trying to save 14 cents on a bag of chips. No! That’s not me, that’s not you, were smarter than that, were on the internet. Today we have, I believe, 14 total deals. It might be a little bit more, might be a little bit less. Before I even get to all those deals is a deal from my good friends at DBrand. I’ve been talking about them for a while here on the channel, in fact, I use their products. I have one of their skins on my S6 Active right now and… I just launched a podcast. Can I say something about podcasts real quick? Jack, do I have a minute? WELL I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAYS! I’ve been bumping into podcasts that are fake You start downloading a few episodes, and then you’re like, “No this can’t, this doesn’t seem like it really happened.” Then you go and Google the damn thing and it’s fictional. I’m reeled in. DBrand You can really customize the appearance of your device Whether you have an iPhone, or a Nexus, or a Galaxy S6, or really even MacBooks and game consoles. Right now, today Everything on the entire site is 30% off, But that’s not even the whole story. Because there’s gonna be a giveaway as well for one lucky person who buys a fresh skin for their device. If you head over to There’s a clip, there’s a video explaining it all. You are gonna be coming to hang out with me And we are gonna go to the allstar game together The NBA Allstar Game and we’re gonna sit courtside! Marques is there as well. MKBHD. He’s also coming. You gotta watch the clip. Head over to the link in the description [Blows] Let’s head over to Amazon. They’ve got the UE Boom also known as Ultimate Ears. For 99 bucks if you caught my video on this you know This thing creates beautiful sounds. Now you do need to buy the white one. It’s the last one left available at $99 SO if you’re cool with the white color. 99 dollars for the UE Boom. That’s easy. That’s an easy choice This is another speaker. We’re in the speaker department right now This is the Eton Rugged Rukus. This one is solar powered with bluetooth. It has a solar panel on top that charges it but also charges all your other devices. You can be outside washing the car, charging up your phone, playing back some music. 47 bucks. Regular 130. Gold box deal of the day. It’s two different sets of headphones. My recommendation out of these two is the Sennheiser HD 598. These are incredible headphones for 95 dollars. Regular price listed at 250. What! On the left hand side we have the Bose SoundTrue headphones 74.99. Regular 179. We’re gonna keep it in the headphone department These are the Extra Bass bluetooth headphones from Sony. They’re a 100 dollars off for BASSHEADS. People who want to raddle their skull Not about style here. It is all about…BASS! Move off of headphones and into storage, everything from Sandisk is on sale whether that means a $59 internal SSD or a flash drive, micro SD card slot You can see a 128GB micro SD for 39 bucks 128GB USB 3.0 flash drive for 28 bucks. Let’s move over to the world of power I think everybody who has Playstation 4 should have one of these It’s a little dock for charging up your controller so you don’t forget to charge them and you don’t have cables going everywhere. You just find a little home for that. Clip it on No problemo So it’s $22.99 regular $35. It will charge 2 controllers. Keep your controllers charged without even thinking about it Another power device. It has a little stand, 5 USB ports, 50 watts, 10 amps Can charge tablets, phones, and with the little stand there You can keep your device nearby at night. You can keep juice by the bed and who doesn’t want juice by the bed? Apple Juice…Orange. This thing I love. It is a pivoting powerstrip. It’s small.This big. $14.99. I’ve talked about it before some surge protection, 3 outlets that pivot. The you get 2 USB ports as well Plus it supports 2.1. Up until this point this is my favorite powerstrip surge protector to take with me and it’s only $14.99 This one is in here because it’s just INSANELY cheap. A laptop backpack with a dedicated laptop pouch For $12.99. I don’t know? It’s made by Targus though, great reviews, and $12.99! Go tell your parents you need lunch money And buy a backpack. I don’t know what you’re going to do with the food. You’re probably gonna need the food That’s not. Ok don’t do that A hat. A knit beanie hat for the winter which has a bluetooth headset built into it? WHAT! Comes in a bunch of different colors. Regular 50 bucks for $29. It’s just in the hat Ears are warm and toasty. Every body is asking me about TV’s. I just wanna say something. I’ve been messing around with the 4K OLED stuff you know that. You probably caught the video. If you didn’t you should go back and watch it OLED…IS CRAZY! It is so much better to my eyes Then the stuff previously available. Now, we actually have attainable OLED for a reasonable price If you are looking to make an upgrade for a televeision for the next 10 years, you should seriously consider it These are not the best deals in the world. I’m talking about a $5000 TV for the 65 inch model BUT If you can do it. If you can step up to the 4K OLED You’re about to change your life. It’s gonna be state of the art for a long time If you can afford one of these, go for it. If you can’t and you must have a TV I did pick something fairly affordable over here. A 43 inch 4K LED TV from LG and this is $397. If you just want to get something in 4K so you can watch Unbox Therapy videos in 4K you can do this TV right here for $397 But DON’T forget what I’ve told you. If you’re all about that bleeding edge see if you can reach into that bank account and make something happen out of that OLED Flip a couple burgers if you have to. Do it all in the name of OLED ALRIGHT! That wraps it up. Don’t forget the DBrand thing. Go watch the clip. The clip is crazy Maybe I’ll see you at the NBA Allstar game. Get yourself a skin. Alright. That’s it later guys.

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100 thoughts on “HOLIDAY TECH DEALS

  1. i need a new phone, like for real. im messing with a third party only phone and most of the time the third party apps dont work.

  2. We get it, dbrand is sponsoring everyone on youtube. We can just add them in to videos like these by default at this point.

  3. please give me an i phone i need it really bad i swear if you give me an iphone i will make onethousand youtube acounts and subscribe to uHELP ME PLEASE IF U WILL i live at 800eastmoorestreetlot44 PLEASE

  4. Downloaded SportsFit next week on IOS store, if you are into fitness, sports πŸ’₯πŸ€πŸˆβšΎοΈπŸŽΎπŸš΄πŸŠπŸΏ guys it's free.

  5. Hey hope your doing well!!I would ❀️❀️❀️ an iphone 6s plus gold color pleaassse! I never had an iphone!:/


  7. I like black! I want the black iphone 6S please! πŸ˜€ also I luv ur channel! its how I find out about awesome tech!

  8. Hello…!!
    I m Sahil from India I saw ur iphone giveaway ad I m ur big fan …
    and I need that iPhone because I don't think have enough money for that …so ..let see what happens….

  9. Jack i have been watching all the videos and best ever unboxing i had ever seen πŸ™Œ
    Had your i phone give away stopped? If not please also send me one. I can't afford one

  10. I've got a Triple DBrand Giveaway of the Three Winner's Choice Live on My YouTube Channel Now. Sponsored by DBrand themselves. πŸ™‚ Good Luck!

  11. I will buy all this videos I TRUST U ☺️
    MR.Lewis ☺️

  12. Great Review πŸ™‚ You inspired me to start a review channel a while back πŸ™‚ Any support or feedback would be nice πŸ™‚

  13. dbrand?Β WORST SHIPPING SYSTEM EVER. LOU you endorsed the wrong thing in a way they didn't deserved! I ordered on November 29th and its december 12th today!! ORDER NOT RECEIVED YET!

  14. Lu, you have some credibility. I have been following you for a while.
    Stop advertising for a full of shit company.
    Dbrand is a rip off. In my case they took the money and never delivered the product.
    You owe this much to your followers.

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