Holiday Shopping Deals & Tips 2017 – Toys, Tech, Designer & Amazon Deals

Hi, Everyone, this is Ann. Welcome to my channel. I hope you had a really nice Black Friday weekend You got everything you need? in case you think you missed the Black Friday deal The good news is that there’s still plenty of deals to catch on December, especially when it comes to clothing jewelry shoes But what should you buy on December and when should you buy ? You know holidays coming up and shopping can be really Overwhelming so I made this list for you to help you score the best deal on December in no time. if you are interested continue watching So the first thing you should buy are gift cards December is the best month to stock some gift cards you will probably see itune card $100 worth fall for as low as $84 and last year target have 10% off on all the gift cards and of course ,if you are the Amazon Prime member, reload $100 and you get $10 off. As far as where you should buy gift cards, my Recommendation is gift card granny It’s an online retailer website and allows you to search through numerous gift card website And you can either purchase the cards for discounted price Or sell at the faced value. The second thing is to buy designer Apparel. My favorite online store is called Gilt They have this 40% sale on top of the clearance . I got this Chanel fringed jacket Its said to be super trendy next year and normally they’re really expensive I got this 50% off so if you like those kind of tweed jacket or fringe jacket, It’s a good time to buy. The third is toy. We already saw some toys on sale on black friday, but normally toys especially like lego They normally go on huge sale on the second week of December and Then normally are from either target or Toys R Us To make your life easier you can always sign up their emails so you get notified every time There is a sale. I recently got this Cozmo from Best Buy because right now best buy has the best price and it is The coolest robot ever because he can recognize your face Your name and even my my dog’s face, and cozmo can play games.give high-five Fist bump and he is pretty smart, and it will make a pretty good family gift And if you’re looking for a specific designer brand, normally, they’re not on sale. What I always do is shop internationally, I like to look at those international based websites such as FARFETCH, fashion matches, selfridges. Same item, but the price can be totally different I recently get this pretty valentino garavani Totally different price, and they save me a couple hundred dollar And For a holiday gift ideas almost all the online store have this some sort of gift sections. Neiman Marcus has a variety of gift ideas But you know sometimes you just not sure that what size or what color fits best i recently come across this Pretty awesome ideas at neiman marcus website. It’s called gift now Basically if you see an item you want to buy instead of choosing buy now you choose gift now And you put your friends or family members email address there and you pay for it They will receive the email immediately and choose the size and everything themselves so it’s stress free for you And it’s pretty thoughtful Another gift idea that everyone will love is cookies You know the December 4th is actually the national cookie day Which means a lot of place to give away free cookies and whole foods always celebrate it, and they’re selling freshly baked chocolate chip cookie at a special price of like 25 cents each It’s through Tuesday. december 6th, so you should check it out Also, amazon starts this twelve days of deals on December so make sure you check their daily deals. I installed Amazon assistant on my browser and it Notifies me every time there’s a good deal and another good part Is that every time if i am checking out an item, if Amazon has it, it automatically shows me the amazon price So I don’t need to look through different web browsers to compare the prices And that’s about it Let me know what is your best buy so far and you liked my video, don’t forget to give it a thumb up and subscribe

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